Unveiling Powell Basin’s tectonic domains and understanding its abnormal magnetic anomaly signature. Is heat the key?

first_imgRifting of continental lithosphere leading to oceanic basins is a complex process conditioned by different factors such as the rheology and thermal structure of the underlying lithosphere, as well as underlying asthenospheric dynamics. All these processes, which finally lead to oceanic domains, can better be recognized in small oceanic basins. Powell Basin is a small oceanic basin bounded to the north by the South Scotia Ridge, to the east by the South Orkney Microcontinent, and to the west by the Antarctic Peninsula. It was formed between the Oligocene and Miocene, however, its age is not well defined, among other reasons due to the small amplitude of its spreading magnetic anomalies. This basin is an ideal framework to analyze the different rifting and spreading phases, which leads from continental crust to the formation of an oceanic domain through different extensional regimes. To identify the different boundaries during the formation of Powell Basin from the beginning of the rifting until the end of the spreading, we use different data sources: magnetic, gravity, multichannel seismic profiles and bathymetry data. We use seismic and bathymetry data to estimate the Total Tectonic Subsidence. Total Tectonic Subsidence has proven to be useful to delineate the different tectonic regimes present from early rifting to the formation of oceanic seafloor. This result together with magnetic data has been used to delimit the oceanic domain and compare with previous authors’ proposals. This method could be applied in any other basin or margin to help delimiting its boundaries. Finally, we analyze the role that an asthenospheric branch intruding from the Scotia Sea played in the evolution of the magnetic anomaly signature on an oceanic basin.last_img read more

Grand time in Grand Forks

first_imgNo one forgets a memorable road trip. Whether you’re headed on a long journey to a concert or sporting event, there’s just something about packing a bunch of buddies into that old Chevy that makes the multiple-hour journey well-worth it. For me, that something is the uncertainty. You know exactly where you want to go, but you have no idea what’s going to happen along the way. Knowing I am quite the pucks fan, a colleague of mine once told me that I must make the nine-hour trek to Ralph Engelstad Arena — the palace of collegiate hockey — and the home of the Fighting Sioux.So without further ado, I present the captain’s log of my road trip to the most unique state in the good old U S of A: the great state of North Dakota.8 a.m. Friday. The Journey BeginsWe stop at Arby’s in St. Paul, Minn., and enjoy some mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers for lunch. One of the great parts about a road trip is seeing the sports paraphernalia change as you cross over into different states. There were probably only 10 people in the whole place, and half of them were wearing Vikings, Gophers or T-Wolves jackets. Wow, what a great decade to be a Minnesota sports fan.Along the way, I see a big sign for St. Cloud State University. I must say, until reading this sign I never truly believed that the school existed. I was always under the impression that St. Cloud State was a make-believe place that pretended to have a university just so they could have a WCHA hockey program.Somewhere in Evansville, Minn., we come across a BP gas station. While filling up the car, I notice the topless bar across the street, which was eerily similar to the Fratelli’s hideout in “Goonies.” Unfortunately, we were pressed for time; otherwise, we may have enjoyed some live entertainment. Then again, Friday was amateur night, so maybe it was for the best we passed on the opportunity.Around 6 p.m., we arrive at the hotel in Grand Forks. Now this wasn’t just your average motel, this was a Budget Inn Express. While we check in, we have a nice hockey conversation with the college-aged kid behind the desk, when I notice a sign that says, “$10 deposit required for pets.” I make a corny joke about paying the deposit for Brenner and get our key to the room.We drive over to our room, when I determine this is the type of hotel you either enjoy with a prostitute, or don’t make it out of alive. Or both.6:00 p.m. Arrive at Ralph Engelstad ArenaWhat I was told about the arena could not have prepared me for what I was about to see. Ralph Engelstad Arena is by far the most magnificent place to watch a hockey game in the country. Period.The arena’s beautiful concourses are layered with marble flooring, costing north of $5 million to install. Massive bars are located at both ends of the ice, providing unobstructed views of the action.I take a walk around the concourse and see the widest food selection I have ever seen at any arena — B-dubs, Subway, Dippin’ Dots, TCBY, Little Caesars and the standard Sioux Grill headline: an all-star cast. I, of course, stay true to my Badger roots and order the fish fry and cheese curds.I hear Steve Miller Band in the background, when I stumble upon a live band right in the middle of the concourse.If that wasn’t cool enough, there are dome hockey games outside a handful of sections. Basically, it’s the Kohl Center on steroids, and the whole place smells of rich mahogany. 7:15 p.m. PregameThe PA announcer does his best impression of Chicago Bulls announcer Tommy Edwards, and calls out the UND roster to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Part II,” while a laser show takes place on the ice. Oh, yeah, UND has ice cheerleaders who stand at center ice with pom-poms, while the players partake in their pregame warm-ups. Plain and simple, this is not your average college hockey arena.The National Anthem was delivered by someone who I determined to be Nick Carter’s plump older brother. The UND student section replaces “home of the brave” with “home of the SIOUX!” Very disrespectful and not cool at all.UND’s first power play came about five minutes into a scoreless game. Following the questionable call, Herb Brooks’ “our time” speech from “Miracle” is played on the jumbo-tron. Are you kidding me? “Miracle” in the first period? “Miracle” clips can only be played in the third period or overtime. Man Law.7:30 p.m. Game beginsA highly competitive first period took a back seat to the intermission entertainment, Buffalo Wild Wings’ Sling Shot Bowling. The good people at the Ralph attach a sling shot spanning the width of the rink before firing a sled-riding Sioux fan dressed in a chicken suit toward 10 massive bowling pins. Everyone loves the little Badgers at the Kohl Center, but this was just awesome.A three-goal second period proves to be the difference as the Badgers hold off a late third period push by UND for a 4-3 win.Shockingly, North Dakota has no nightlife, so I enjoy an episode of FSN’s “Final Score” (sports center for real sports fans) and head to bed.1:00 p.m. Wisconsin vs. MarquetteAfter an amazing 12-hour sleep, Brenner and I head to Suite 49 Bar and Grill to watch the game. The high-class restaurant was painted Badger red, much to the chagrin of the lone Sioux fan.I overhear the bearded Badger fan behind me. “What, no cheese curds? Are you freaking kidding me?”It was a good overall performance by Ryan’s squad, but for me, the most entertaining part of the game was the stat that showed how the in-state battle set a basketball attendance record for the state of Wisconsin. Gotta love those Milwaukee Bucks.6:00 p.m. Arrive at Ralph Engelstad Arena for Game 2Before entering the arena, we come across a parking attendant who informs us that in the old days, Sioux fans would throw dead badgers onto the ice when Wisconsin came to town. He probably isn’t the most reliable of sources, but I really want to believe that. 7:00 p.m. Game beginsMidway through the first period, a marriage proposal takes place on the jumbo-tron. The lady, of course, said yes, but judging by her facial expressions, it doesn’t look like the Sioux couple is destined for a happy marriage. That is, of course, if she doesn’t tell him “I just said yes not to embarrass you in front of 12,000 people,” when they get home. You have got to be the biggest moron to propose at a sporting event. Why don’t you just get your fiancé a hockey puck instead of an engagement ring?Jake Dowell scores the game-tying goal 13:07 into the first period on a shot from the top of the circle. That’s two goals from Dowell that weren’t rebounds in two games. To quote a former Packers coach who knew a thing or two about football, “What the hell’s going on out here?”The first intermission signals the return of sling-shot bowling. I’m so excited at this point my anticipation can only be compared to the Brewers’ sausage race at Miller Park. This time around, the emcee finished the competition by saying, “Incredible! Just like the deals at Buffalo Wild Wings!” Real smooth, buddy.In the third period, the Badgers score three goals in a period for the second straight night, in a thrilling 4-2 comeback victory. I am the only one in the arena who does not throw my complimentary glow-stick on the ice. 11:00 p.m. Post game mealAfter writing my sidebar story, Brenner and I head to Taco John’s for some late night food. In one weekend I have eaten Arby’s, Subway, Little Caesars, fish fry, cheese curds and Taco John’s. Can you say man boobs?7:48 a.m. Drive homeWe pack up the car and prepare for the journey home as Brenner feels the wrath of my late night Taco John’s. An uneventful drive turns into a joyous occasion when I find out the Giants are manhandling the Panthers. I decided I’m not watching Giants’ games until next season. The G-Men are 6-6 when I watch and 1-0 when I don’t. You do the math. Coincidently, as we cross into Madison, “Truckin'” by the Grateful Dead comes on the radio. I turn it up just in time for the best part: “Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.” I could not have said it any better myself, Mr. Garcia. Well folks, that’s all I got. Thanks for reading the Herald over the past semester, and please continue to do so. It has truly been a pleasure presenting my take on anything from Tiki Barber to female athletes, but come January I’ll be headed to the Land Down Under for what will surely be an academically grueling semester in Sydney, Australia.My apologizes to all New York, ESPN, Bud Selig, Brett Favre, Yankees and A-Rod haters who had to put up with my “East Coast bias” all semester, but hopefully I gave you all a unique perspective on the sporting world.Cheers, mate, and drink a Foster’s for me.last_img read more

Tennis team has eyes on season ahead

first_imgAfter snagging its first Pac-10 Championship last season, the USC women’s tennis team again boasts a top-notch roster for this upcoming season.The team will have six returning players this season, with the addition of two freshmen, Valeria Pulido and Danielle Lao.Ace · Junior Maria Sanchez returns a volley against an opponent last year. Sanchez is ranked No. 17 in the ITA Preseason Rankings for singles, and ranked No. 47 in doubles alongside freshman partner Valeria Pulido. – Eric Wolfe | Daily Trojan“Even though we lost two key players, we gained two very young and talented girls,” sophomore Alison Ramos said. “We have a really strong recruiting class and I’m excited to see the huge impact they’ll have on our success.”Coach Richard Gallien, who will be entering his 15th season with the Women of Troy, said the team worked out and competed in tournaments throughout the entire summer.“We had no off-season,” Gallien said.USC finished 21-3 overall last season after a run to the NCAA Second Round, placing them ninth in the nation. Gallien said he hopes to build on the success again this year, but that it might take some adjustments.“With these new faces and our returning players, we will need to see how all the pieces fit in order to find the right combinations,” Gallien said.Just this month, three women on the singles and two doubles teams earned ITA Preseason Rankings. Junior Maria Sanchez holds the highest ranking on the team with the No. 17 spot in singles. Senior Sarah Fansler has been ranked at No. 30 and Ramos has been ranked at No. 53. In the doubles mix, Fansler is paired up with her teammate from last season, junior Lyndsay Kinstler, as the No. 26-ranked doubles team, while Sanchez and Pulido together are ranked at No. 47.“Preseason ranking doesn’t mean a whole lot — it’s just a number,” Sanchez said. “We still have to go out and compete with the same teams regardless of our ranking.”USC’s No. 1 doubles team graduated from the roster last year, so the Women of Troy will need to work on filling the slots for their three doubles teams. Ramos describes this as the “one and only obstacle” for the team right now.“The doubles point is really important in every match since it determines which team carries the momentum,” Ramos added.Either way, the team — which has one of the longest seasons of any team on campus because of individual tournaments in the fall followed by team tennis in the spring — will kick off its fall competition this weekend. Four of the Trojan players will compete in the Cal Nike Invitational at Berkeley this weekend while the remaining players will begin a two-week long tournament, the 2009-10 Riviera/ITA Women’s All-American Championships.Newcomer Lao will start her tournament play Saturday in the pre-qualifying round at the Los Angeles Tennis Center. The next rounds will be held at the Riviera Country Club. Fansler and Ramos will begin play on Oct. 6 and Oct. 7 in the qualifying rounds while Sanchez will play on Oct. 8.Gallien said he was looking forward to the season ahead.“Tennis is [a] strange sport. It’s not like we have a new defense to put in this year.” Gallien said. “But every season is different, which makes it very exciting. As long as we repeat how much energy we put in last fall, then the energy and enthusiasm will carry over to this upcoming season and we’ll be ready when the season goes.”last_img read more