Companions to the Rescue in Ninth Doctor Comic

first_img HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Stay on target How much would you pay to learn the secrets of the last great Time War?The Doctor’s memories are up for auction by a hoggish tech tycoon hoping to make “the biggest deal of all time.”Representatives have come from far and wide—Harrigain High Command, Church of the Evergreen Man, Shreekers, Cybermen—to place their bids. But the Time Lord’s consciousness is not the only thing under attack.The evil (and somewhat naive) Addison Delamar, perhaps in a nod to Bill Potts, is tricked into working for the Cybermen—intent on obtaining the formula for war, and deleting anything that gets in their way.With Rose and Tara otherwise occupied, it seems this may be the end for the Doctor.As the world around them burns, the leather-clad time traveler begs the Cyberleader to stop, or billions will die.“Their deaths are irrelevant. The stratagem is proceeding as planned,” the cyborg says. “The alien factions will destroy each other in order to recover your secrets. Secrets which will serve the Cyber-race.”The bidding is now open (via Titan Comics)Companions Tara and Rose, meanwhile, are locked in a network of memories, being shunted from one recollection to another at warp speed—a tough tactic to pull off in a static comic book. Reunited with Captain Jack Harkness (not that oddly wearing what looks like a Conan the Barbarian costume), the trio must contend with IRL villains and aberrant memories.The story, written by Cavan Scott, gets a bit dicey when the system, apparently overwhelmed by “a redundant timeline” shuts down, depositing Rose, Jack, and Tara by the Doctor’s side.Blaming himself for the chaos, the Time Lord gives the solicitants exactly what they want.“I’ll give them the Time War,” he declares. “All the pain. All the suffering. All the fear. All the regret.”Enough grief broadcast into their heads to send the Harrigain, Evergreen Man, Shreekers, and Cybermen back to whence they came. There’s just one more loose end to tie up…The latest from Titan Comics says goodbye to Tara Mishra (for now, at least), and hello to a new set of adventures for the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Captain Jack Harkness.Written by Scott, with art by Cris Bolson and Adriana Melo, “The Bidding War: Part 2” is on sale now for $3.99.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more