Wharton Professor Barbara Kahn Examines WalmartGoogle Partnership

first_img Wharton School marketing professor Barbara Kahn shared her insight on the brand new partnership between Walmart and Google on Wharton Business Radio. Kahn was generally positive about the partnership, asserting that it was necessary for Walmart to acquire a tech platform to keep up with online competitors like Amazon.“People feel competing against Amazon is a very tough proposition, and I want to see competition there,” Kahn said. She was optimistic about the partnership, particularly because Walmart is committed to having a multitude of items available for voice shopping with Google Assistant. According to Kahn, “The firm that owns the shopping list is the firm that has a big advantage…In the future, as the home becomes more connected and people become more used to talking to Alexa or Siri in building their shopping lists, you really need to be in that game. It’s forward thinking.”Kahn debated with Mark A. Cohen, Director of Retail Studies at Columbia Business School, who favored a much less hopeful outcome for the partnership. “It is a positive step, but it’s a baby step that I would say doesn’t necessarily lead anywhere,” Cohen said, “The intersection of Walmart’s customer base and Google’s users is so small that this is likely to be insignificant.” Cohen also mentioned that Google Express in itself has yet to develop a sizable customer base, so may not be particularly useful in helping Walmart compete with online platforms.As far as increasing e-commerce sales, Walmart has been steadily improving its track record. In fact, the company posted a 60 percent growth in this area for the July-ending quarter. This trend is due to its recent purchases of online retailers like Jet.com.Though Kahn agreed with some of Cohen’s concerns about the partnership, she held that Walmart’s prices can compete with Amazon’s, and there are a considerable number of people who are shopping using platforms like Google Assistant. Last Updated Sep 7, 2017 by Jillian MarkowitzFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail regions: Philadelphia Wharton Professor Barbara Kahn Examines Walmart/Google Partnershipcenter_img About the AuthorJillian MarkowitzView more posts by Jillian Markowitz RelatedWharton Talks Marketing Lessons Learned from Payless Publicity StuntWhat would you do and what would you think if you paid hundreds of dollars for shoes that sell for less than $20? That’s the dilemma that faced a select group of social media influencers who were invited to a private launch party for Italian shoe designer Bruno Palessi. What…December 17, 2018In “Featured Home”Getting Paid: The Highest MBA Salaries in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia: The City of Brotherly Love—or shove, depending on which out-of-town sports jersey you might be wearing out in public. Jokes aside, Philly’s rep as the “City That Bombed Itself” or a town Vice once described as “an entire population of high school dropouts unite[d] in their worship of a…August 1, 2017In “Featured Home”Best Business Schools for Marketing: Part IThis article originally appeared in its entirety on clearadmit.com The “four Ps” (product, price, place and promotion) and the “three Cs” (customers, competition and company) may not have become completely passé, but there’s some serious shifting taking place in the world of marketing. Companies must reach global audiences of consumers,…April 8, 2016In “Featured Home”last_img read more