Govt covers housing fees for hinterland teachers – Harmon

first_imgIn light of reports that teachers who are seconded to the hinterland have to pay for their own accommodation, Minister of State Joseph Harmon has rubbished such reports, claiming that once a teacher is sent in the hinterland to perform duties, the Government takes care of it.“Once they come from the coast to the hinterland, there is supposed to be State accommodation provided unless teachers refuse the accommodation provided,Minister of State, Joseph Harmonthey will have to pay the cost for wherever they choose to stay”.In a letter published by Guyana Times, it is alleged that the head teacher of Saxacalli Primary School was required to pay 10 per-cent of his salary as rent for the teacher’s living quarters that he is temporarily occupying.It was also highlighted that hinterland teachers would use their own computers and printers to complete tasks for the school without getting a stipend from the Government for using same. In some instances, the Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) is concerned that the aforementioned situation could lead to some teachers returning to the coastland.As such, the PTA has called for the matter to be investigated and dealt with at once since it believes if teachers return to the coastland, it will add to the already fragile situation where the hinterland schools lack teachers.Meanwhile, Regional Executive Officer, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) Gavin Gunga denied that hinterland teachers have to pay for their own money for their accommodation. When further questioned, he reiterated that “No, they do not have to pay anything.”last_img read more