Tite: “Neymar is the technical leader and Casemiro, the competitive one”

first_imgTite and Fernando Kallás.RAFA APARICIO (DAILY AS) “Our project is to win the Qatar World Cup,” said Tite With seriousness and conviction. “People talk a lot about Copa América and the Olympic Games but We are going to start the qualification for the 2022 World Cup now and this is our main objective“, Juninho complemented with the same firmness of his coach. Both have very clear things: next summer’s tournaments will serve to start forming the squad he hopes to bring to Qatar and so that younger players can acquire a baggage.“For me, it is better that a kid arrives to face a challenge like the one from Belgium with more experience and filming. Without taking away the responsibility of playing a Copa América or an Olympic Games, these two tournaments this year can serve as a platform to develop the youngest within the base of the national team thinking about the World Cup, “explained Tite.RAFA APARICIO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Tite and Juninho give Alejandro Elortegui the Brazilian shirt 10 dedicated to AS.RAFA APARICIO (DAILY AS) Own namesReinier: “He has played little in Flamengo, but they remind me a lot of Giovanni, a powerful midfielder who played in Barcelona in the 90s. High, strong, that sets the pace. But I don’t have a definitive evaluation of him. He is still very young But he is a very intelligent footballer, he has the vision to leave his teammates in front of the goal with just one touch, he works very well with the combinations and the walls, the pivot work, he has a 360º vision, and he has a lot of goal. It smells like a goal. It ends well with both feet. “Philip: “He has an extraordinary head. Very intelligent. Great character and personality. He started with me in Corinthians. The Felipe that I am seeing in Atleti is the one I expected to see in Porto. Felipe started playing football very late. He was a player of volleyball. He has a beastly drive. His last two games, against Valencia and Liverpool, were perfect. Very safe. Up and down. “Militão: “It is very good but I would like him to play more. Playing so little is a problem. But he is a player of impressive speed and technical ability. He is tremendous one on one. He will improve a lot even in the contact physical. In the air balloon, it has to improve. “Alisson: “Alisson has the perfect biotype. Tall, long arms, strong, agile, technical. He comes from the Taffarel school and there are no exaggerated jumps, fireworks. He is discreet, sober, safe. I would not know if he is the best goalkeeper of the world, but perhaps he is the best-fit goalkeeper today. “Coutinho: “Coutinho needs affection, to be talked to and pampered. His personality is a bit weak. A little fragile. You don’t have to be paternalistic. We have to understand how to get the best out of each player. The players are different and you can’t treat them all the same way. But you need fairness in the treatment of the locker room. “Firmino: “Firmino is the Brazilian Benzema. His technical ability is impressive. He can play half-point, hitch. It goes through a great moment.”Marcelo: “We have a very direct relationship. I called him twice and he got injured. And in this period Lodi and Alex Sandro grew up.” Tite’s head is at once in two places, in that hard defeat in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia Belgium and at the next World Cup event in Qatar 2022. In Belgium because then he was eliminated when he played “his best match in the tournament” and in Qatar because he sees there the great possibility of make up. The Brazilian coach has been this week of visit in Spain and took the opportunity to have a meeting in the drafting of AS. Accompanied by the exrojiblanco Juninho, coordinator of the canarinha, the technician had an informal conversation where he talked about present past and future of the Brazilian national team and of his main figures, many of whom play in our League.center_img Casemiro: Tite’s voice in the fieldCasemiro is a constant in any conversation with the Brazilian coach. The Real Madrid is his trusted man: “The technical leadership of Brazil is Neymar. At the key moment, everyone looks at him. Because he solves it. Casemiro is the competitive leader. The tactical leader. He knows exactly the functions of the game and we just need a look to understand each other. “Tite opens a smile when he talks about the Real Madrid player: “Casemiro played ten in Brazil. When he delayed his position in the field, he grew. The first player in the center of the field has to be a specialist in this function. The domain of the sector, the position and the function that Casemiro has is impressive. He adds the technical part, the touch and thanks to that the plays are created fluently. Before Celta his first three passes were first. He makes the game go by. He is an intelligent player, of the highest intellectual level. And he takes care of himself as an athlete. The food, the life, the night. He knows everything has its moment“.Lodi is another player who has Tite’s attention. Atlético’s side started with Brazil in the victory against South Korea and deserved several praise from the coach: “It may be the substitute for Marcelo. His growth since he arrived is tremendous. I was surprised that he adapted so quickly.”.Neymar and injuriesAbout Neymar, Tite’s only concern is injuries. That is why it did not seem bad that the PSG decided to reserve him in the last matches to arrive before Dortmund: “I understand the situation. Neymar has had a history of injuries. In the last Champions he was injured, he did not play and the PSG was eliminated And now the French league is going to play, which is practically won? I understand that the club does not want to risk being injured by its most important player. “The hard defeat against BelgiumTo talk about elimination with Tite is to remember that hot afternoon of July 6, 2018 in Kazan, when he lost to Belgium (1-2). A defeat that seems to haunt him like a ghost that still takes his sleep at night: “It was a great game. Very high level. In my 48 games with Brazil, it was when we finished more and better. It was the best game we played in the World Cup. And we were eliminated. We were wrong several times in strategy moves. That really hurts. We had three opportunities to define the game in plays with a stopped ball. I was 15 days waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares. It hurts much”.RAFA APARICIO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>TiteRAFA APARICIO (DAILY AS) Although I recognize that it is a strategy that can generate critics towards his work: “That is to say that you are going to take younger players and people are already starting to talk that what you are looking for are excuses just in case you lose. It’s not like that. When you are Brazil, the responsibility to win always exists. But what We must understand that there is a greater objective and this objective is to win in Qatar 2022. And for that we need to have players ready for a World Cup. ”Vinicius, Rodrygo and Lodi: the futureAmong these young people are Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo and Renan I gave it, They already had their chance to go with the absolute. “Vinicius and Rodrygo are players who are going through a stage of maturation and development. They are very young players with different characteristics. Rodrygo is essentially technical and intelligent. Finest. Vinicíus is a band player, more than individual plays and less combination, a dribbler. Very high speed. Wildest“defined Tite.“I am not worried about Vinicius’ problems with the goal. Because he is still a very young footballer and he needs to develop in the finalization because he is a virtue that he did not have when he played in Brazil. People have to understand that he is a developing player“, he explained, before telling how his experience was with both in the last calls.“Ferguson said that before talking to a player you have to understand the reality in which he lives. So I talked a lot with Casemiro. Before the game against Peru, when I planned to put Vinicius, Casemiro told me: ‘Orient him well, Mr.. Talk to him well, make everything he has to do very clear and explained, mainly on the defensive side because he needs guidance. Vinicius has a good character, a good attitude, is charismatic. He is always open to learn and improve, but you have to teach him things. He needs to be oriented. Talk to him, he will listen to you. So I talked to him and everything phenomenal, “Tite revealed about the week he spent with ViniciuIt’s last September.“Rodrygo is a little different. He has very well defined tactical perceptions in his head. I remember talking to him the first time and the second he knew exactly what I wanted. I was all clear. They are different player styles and do not compete for the same position in the selection. They complement each other and you can use them as you need, “Tite said.last_img read more