“My responsibility is to keep the financial health of the club intact”

first_imgLike any other company, Real Valladolid has stopped its economic activities, which will surely affect it in the future.: “We have to wait what happens with the competition, if they decide to play the remaining games, we depend on it. What we are talking about with our players is directly related to that. My responsibility is to keep the club with financial health intact. Our commitment to the evolution of the club is very great and maintaining a sustainable club is very important to us. I am sure that together we will find the best solutions. “Above any consideration is health, and Ronaldo knows that without that, the rest comes to the background: “We want to play to the end and maintain First Division status, but it is true that for this to happen, it has to give us total security for our players, employees and fans.. We are waiting for the government to end the quarantine and little by little things are clarifying; I personally don’t think we have any problems and for us the best thing would be to play the games until the end of the season, but we’ll see what happens. “The Brazilian insisted on the idea of ​​the time that the professionals will need once the quarantine is over to return to the competition at a reasonably good level: “It is a very new situation; the players are giving themselves to the maximum, following the plans that our professionals from food, doctors and physicists have prepared them, all with great responsibility. It is true that As they are high-level players, we will have to speak with all the entities, since the return to the competition cannot be immediate, it will take time for them to obtain the best physical shape and recover the level. All this right now is secondary, the important thing is to beat the coronavirus and from there we will find solutions to everything. “Ronaldo ended with a recommendation and a greeting: “Stay home and see you soon.” Regarding the club situationRonaldo said that “we are adapting to an unprecedented situation. We work from home, doing video call meetings, trying to keep our activity up to date. We continue to talk with all the soccer entities, with the League, the Federation, the AFE. .. trying to maintain normality, working from home because we cannot be stopped “.Everything is on hiatus and some of the Real Valladolid projects like the sports city also, according to the club president: “This situation is going to delay our plans a little; the sports city that we had planned to start its works in April, we will have to delay that start, but at the same time we continue the talks and the exchange of documentation with the city council and so we try to advance something in the procedures “.From the club the tests provided by the LFP have been rejected and Ronaldo insisted on the reasons: “It is a new situation for everyone and what we want is to transmit tranquility. From the beginning we wanted to closely follow our subscribers and seek solutions to problems for them, for the players and for the club’s employees. We are talking to the players and employees to find the best solution, but it is not up to us, we will see what happens in the next few days, maybe weeks … determined by the AFE, the LFP and the Federation. The most important thing for us is our people and we have rejected the covid19 detection tests because we understand that there are groups that need it the most. “ Ronaldo Nazario, president and owner of Real Valladolid, He addressed his fans through a video on the club’s website in these difficult days for everyone: “I am like everyone, living these moments of extreme difficulty, but also of extreme sacrifice for all, which is the only way in which we can fight this complicated adversary. We have to have a lot of patience and responsibility, since the best solution recommended by the authorities around the world in healthcare is to stay at home. I am doing it and most of the people are doing it with a lot of responsibility and we hope that we can beat this adversary as soon as possible. “last_img read more