How to sign up for Facebooks new Graph Search and why youd

first_imgToday, Facebook announced a new search feature that Facebook advocates might say could rival Google’s search in some fashion. However, at the press conference Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that the new search tool, dubbed Graph Search, is “not web search,” with the main difference being that Facebook’s Graph Search is more personalized, and — as one would expect from the social networking giant –more focused on social connections.Graph Search will focus on people, places, and interests, with Facebook photos added into the mix. The beta version of the engine demonstrated a more natural way of speaking when looking for search results, rather than simply entering in specific keywords. The current about page uses the example of “People who like Cycling” as a starting point in the search, which returns people who have that listed as an interest. Then, “who live in my hometown” is added onto the end of the initial search, and Graph Search filters those results accordingly. Another example is the search term “music my friends like,” which is something you couldn’t really type into Google and get accurate results from.In a feature people who are prone to internet stalking are sure to appreciate, the new search engine allows you to more easily sift through pictures and receive tailored results. The examples given are “photos I like,” “photos before 1990,” and “photos of my friends in New York,” which are helpful ways to search when looking for something specific.Facebook has a partnership with Bing, so any results that somehow can’t be found with Graph Search will be pulled from Bing.If you’d like to sign up to test the new Graph Search (which is currently in closed beta), make sure you’re logged into Facebook, head on over to this link, then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the button. Easy peasy.last_img read more