Regional tourism to prosper as result of Olympics

first_imgUK Tourism Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland Edinburgh, Scotland Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T The 2012 London Olympic Games will provide the backdrop for a boost in regional tourism throughout the United Kingdom, according to a new study. Skyscanner research found that the Olympics will not only contribute to an increase in inbound tourism but see foreign visitors plan trips into regional destinations, Business Wire reported. Skyscanner chief executive Gareth Williams was impressed by the figures dictating travellers choosing regional UK hotspots for travel around the Olympics. “It’s great to see that so many international tourists are planning to take advantage of the low cost fares on offer to visit other parts of Britain during the Games,” he said. The news came after traffic management plans were implemented in London and a Rail Summit was held to build on extra services during the Games.VisitBritain projected little to no increase in tourism to the UK this year, despite the massive pulling power of the Olympic Games. According to the report, North West of England and Scotland will profit most from foreign visitors during the games, with Australians and Canadian’s flocking to these areas.Northern Ireland will also welcome more visitors during the Games, with Canadian’s showing huge interest in visiting the country.last_img read more