The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is too big to have a demo

first_imgThe video above gives an interesting interview with Craig Lafferty, lead producer working on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at Bethesda.During the interview we get to see a load of in-game footage and a bunch of information from Lafferty about how the game is being developed and what we should expect to be playing come November. However, there is one negative he brings up around the 4m40s mark: we won’t be getting a demo of Skyrim to play, ever.AdChoices广告Those who loved previous Elder Scrolls games will probably scoff knowing their pre-order is already logged with their games retailer of choice. But for gamers new to the series, a demo really helps when considering putting down $60 on an unknown title.In this case though, we can forgive Bethesda for not supplying one. The reason Lafferty gives for there being no demo is purely down to the sheer size and complexity of the game. To ship a demo would mean gigabytes of data being uploaded by them and then downloaded to PSN, Xbox Live, and on their own web servers for PC games. It’s just too big to make it feasible. On the flip side, that size will most likely translate into many hours lost exploring in the massive Skyrim world.So while big downloads of demos or otherwise are not going to happen, Lafferty has confirmed there will be DLC. In fact, he states in the interview that he doesn’t want to talk too much about what they left out of the game as that content usually appears later. That to me hints at multiple DLC packs with some worthwhile content and features unlocked at a later date.Even though there’s no demo, we are bound to see a lot of HD gameplay footage appearing from Bethesda over the coming months. The official release date is set as 11.11.11 and you can already pre-order your copy.via Gameplanetlast_img read more