A few tips to teach you how to identify the quality of the Links


of each site is limited, for instance the weight of each site is 100 points, but your site exchange Links has exceeded 30, then the average Links can only get weight more than 3.3 points, and no more than 10 friends of the chain website can get 10 points on average the weight, I think in 3.3 and 10 of the two weights, most.


in the process of our webmaster daily business website, Links has become a part of our webmaster webmaster is essential, because no matter is possible to enhance the weight of the website, make your website can have a front rank in Shanghai in search of love, or to enhance Google’s PR value, our website can the lack of Links support, but the site is not an exchange of friendship with casual thing, but it is not only just to find a website exchange Links on the line, because of good quality Links can not only help us improve Google PR value, but also can help improve our website under the weight of a love of Shanghai, the poor quality of the Links will drag on our website is no good, so we can find the webmaster exactly how high quality Links. ? to solve this problem, I according to exchange his own experience and summarizes some little experience, now I share in this in the end is how to tell each other a few Links quality read more

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may be as long as the direction, efforts will not be wasted. To my surprise, inadvertently, I found my website weight

How to change the site title like

is too busy to slobber every day I can not attend, in order to put the keywords ranking up as soon as possible, to make up the site traffic. To hear him talk after my heart suddenly sank.

I according to him, pick up confidence, adhere to the update to reduce the number of the day, a day to update a. So imperceptibly in over a month, I found that my article was collected. Too happy. So, over the past two months. Website update more quickly, one day an update. The search engine comes very frequently. read more