Becker surrenders to Federer: “He is the most successful tennis player in history”

first_imgNonetheless, Becker believes it is very tough to examine Federer with the gamers who shined in earlier many years. “When you ask me for the better of all time, it’s tough as a result of tennis was performed in the 70s, 80s and 90s on totally different surfaces, so you possibly can’t at all times with numbers how good a tennis player is. “ Boris Becker gave his opinion on the struggle between Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic for changing into the finest tennis player in historical past after his command of the ATP circuit in the final 15 years.The German surrendered to the determine of Roger Federer and to the intensive report that the Swiss has concerning Nadal and Djokovic. “When you have a look at the numbers, Roger Federer is the most successful player in historical past.”last_img read more

Tite: “Neymar is the technical leader and Casemiro, the competitive one”

first_imgTite and Fernando Kallás.RAFA APARICIO (DAILY AS) “Our project is to win the Qatar World Cup,” said Tite With seriousness and conviction. “People talk a lot about Copa América and the Olympic Games but We are going to start the qualification for the 2022 World Cup now and this is our main objective“, Juninho complemented with the same firmness of his coach. Both have very clear things: next summer’s tournaments will serve to start forming the squad he hopes to bring to Qatar and so that younger players can acquire a baggage.“For me, it is better that a kid arrives to face a challenge like the one from Belgium with more experience and filming. Without taking away the responsibility of playing a Copa América or an Olympic Games, these two tournaments this year can serve as a platform to develop the youngest within the base of the national team thinking about the World Cup, “explained Tite.RAFA APARICIO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Tite and Juninho give Alejandro Elortegui the Brazilian shirt 10 dedicated to AS.RAFA APARICIO (DAILY AS) Own namesReinier: “He has played little in Flamengo, but they remind me a lot of Giovanni, a powerful midfielder who played in Barcelona in the 90s. High, strong, that sets the pace. But I don’t have a definitive evaluation of him. He is still very young But he is a very intelligent footballer, he has the vision to leave his teammates in front of the goal with just one touch, he works very well with the combinations and the walls, the pivot work, he has a 360º vision, and he has a lot of goal. It smells like a goal. It ends well with both feet. “Philip: “He has an extraordinary head. Very intelligent. Great character and personality. He started with me in Corinthians. The Felipe that I am seeing in Atleti is the one I expected to see in Porto. Felipe started playing football very late. He was a player of volleyball. He has a beastly drive. His last two games, against Valencia and Liverpool, were perfect. Very safe. Up and down. “Militão: “It is very good but I would like him to play more. Playing so little is a problem. But he is a player of impressive speed and technical ability. He is tremendous one on one. He will improve a lot even in the contact physical. In the air balloon, it has to improve. “Alisson: “Alisson has the perfect biotype. Tall, long arms, strong, agile, technical. He comes from the Taffarel school and there are no exaggerated jumps, fireworks. He is discreet, sober, safe. I would not know if he is the best goalkeeper of the world, but perhaps he is the best-fit goalkeeper today. “Coutinho: “Coutinho needs affection, to be talked to and pampered. His personality is a bit weak. A little fragile. You don’t have to be paternalistic. We have to understand how to get the best out of each player. The players are different and you can’t treat them all the same way. But you need fairness in the treatment of the locker room. “Firmino: “Firmino is the Brazilian Benzema. His technical ability is impressive. He can play half-point, hitch. It goes through a great moment.”Marcelo: “We have a very direct relationship. I called him twice and he got injured. And in this period Lodi and Alex Sandro grew up.” Tite’s head is at once in two places, in that hard defeat in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia Belgium and at the next World Cup event in Qatar 2022. In Belgium because then he was eliminated when he played “his best match in the tournament” and in Qatar because he sees there the great possibility of make up. The Brazilian coach has been this week of visit in Spain and took the opportunity to have a meeting in the drafting of AS. Accompanied by the exrojiblanco Juninho, coordinator of the canarinha, the technician had an informal conversation where he talked about present past and future of the Brazilian national team and of his main figures, many of whom play in our League.center_img Casemiro: Tite’s voice in the fieldCasemiro is a constant in any conversation with the Brazilian coach. The Real Madrid is his trusted man: “The technical leadership of Brazil is Neymar. At the key moment, everyone looks at him. Because he solves it. Casemiro is the competitive leader. The tactical leader. He knows exactly the functions of the game and we just need a look to understand each other. “Tite opens a smile when he talks about the Real Madrid player: “Casemiro played ten in Brazil. When he delayed his position in the field, he grew. The first player in the center of the field has to be a specialist in this function. The domain of the sector, the position and the function that Casemiro has is impressive. He adds the technical part, the touch and thanks to that the plays are created fluently. Before Celta his first three passes were first. He makes the game go by. He is an intelligent player, of the highest intellectual level. And he takes care of himself as an athlete. The food, the life, the night. He knows everything has its moment“.Lodi is another player who has Tite’s attention. Atlético’s side started with Brazil in the victory against South Korea and deserved several praise from the coach: “It may be the substitute for Marcelo. His growth since he arrived is tremendous. I was surprised that he adapted so quickly.”.Neymar and injuriesAbout Neymar, Tite’s only concern is injuries. That is why it did not seem bad that the PSG decided to reserve him in the last matches to arrive before Dortmund: “I understand the situation. Neymar has had a history of injuries. In the last Champions he was injured, he did not play and the PSG was eliminated And now the French league is going to play, which is practically won? I understand that the club does not want to risk being injured by its most important player. “The hard defeat against BelgiumTo talk about elimination with Tite is to remember that hot afternoon of July 6, 2018 in Kazan, when he lost to Belgium (1-2). A defeat that seems to haunt him like a ghost that still takes his sleep at night: “It was a great game. Very high level. In my 48 games with Brazil, it was when we finished more and better. It was the best game we played in the World Cup. And we were eliminated. We were wrong several times in strategy moves. That really hurts. We had three opportunities to define the game in plays with a stopped ball. I was 15 days waking up in the middle of the night with nightmares. It hurts much”.RAFA APARICIO & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>TiteRAFA APARICIO (DAILY AS) Although I recognize that it is a strategy that can generate critics towards his work: “That is to say that you are going to take younger players and people are already starting to talk that what you are looking for are excuses just in case you lose. It’s not like that. When you are Brazil, the responsibility to win always exists. But what We must understand that there is a greater objective and this objective is to win in Qatar 2022. And for that we need to have players ready for a World Cup. ”Vinicius, Rodrygo and Lodi: the futureAmong these young people are Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo and Renan I gave it, They already had their chance to go with the absolute. “Vinicius and Rodrygo are players who are going through a stage of maturation and development. They are very young players with different characteristics. Rodrygo is essentially technical and intelligent. Finest. Vinicíus is a band player, more than individual plays and less combination, a dribbler. Very high speed. Wildest“defined Tite.“I am not worried about Vinicius’ problems with the goal. Because he is still a very young footballer and he needs to develop in the finalization because he is a virtue that he did not have when he played in Brazil. People have to understand that he is a developing player“, he explained, before telling how his experience was with both in the last calls.“Ferguson said that before talking to a player you have to understand the reality in which he lives. So I talked a lot with Casemiro. Before the game against Peru, when I planned to put Vinicius, Casemiro told me: ‘Orient him well, Mr.. Talk to him well, make everything he has to do very clear and explained, mainly on the defensive side because he needs guidance. Vinicius has a good character, a good attitude, is charismatic. He is always open to learn and improve, but you have to teach him things. He needs to be oriented. Talk to him, he will listen to you. So I talked to him and everything phenomenal, “Tite revealed about the week he spent with ViniciuIt’s last September.“Rodrygo is a little different. He has very well defined tactical perceptions in his head. I remember talking to him the first time and the second he knew exactly what I wanted. I was all clear. They are different player styles and do not compete for the same position in the selection. They complement each other and you can use them as you need, “Tite said.last_img read more

Hutchison: “Salah, in the most basic things, is really bad”

first_imgLiverpool have seen the military ride that was their season stopped in the last few weeks. Discharged from the Champions League by Atlético de Madrid, from the FA Cup by Chelsea and after having lost the unbeatenness in the Premier, at red they only have to sentence a League that, except for cataclysm, will end up taking their windows. However, the competition does not yet have a restart date, since it will depend on how the COVID-19 crisis evolves.And it is in the middle of this break when some critical voices are directed directly at Anfield. On this occasion, they were made by a midfielder who wore the Liverpool jersey in the nineties, the Scottish Don Hutchison. Hutchison is currently a commentator on Premier League matches on English television. And in these days without football, He took the opportunity to charge hard against Mohamed Salah. The sports media ESPN collected the following words from the Scot against the Egyptian attacker: “I see ‘Mo’ Salah playing every week and their numbers are scary. You see it and it does brilliant things, but in the most basic things it is really bad. The ball does not pass well even five meters away, he does not release the ball and tries to beat everyone from where he is. “Further, Hutchinson took the opportunity to compare it with one of the stars of Borussia Dortmund: Jadon Sancho. The English footballer has already been tempted to trade Signal Iduna Park for Anfield starting next season. In this sense, the former midfielder added the following: “you see Salah playing and you think ‘he is fine, he will surely have trained and Klopp and his staff will have tried to help him’, but in the most basic things he fails a lot. Despite this, their numbers are terrifying but if it was Klopp, an exchange between Salah and someone like Sancho would do it. “last_img read more

Guyana united in foreign policy since independence – UG lecture hears

first_imgBorder controversy caseBy Shemuel FanfairAfter the Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that Guyana submitted its memorial on jurisdiction to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the continuing border controversy case with Venezuela; several Ambassadors who represented this country have praised Guyana for being united in its stance on the issue. This was underscored at the University of Guyana’s (UG) Vice Chancellor’s 10th Renaissance Lecture held in the Education Lecture Theatre (ELT) on Monday evening.Director of the Foreign Service Institute, Ambassador Ronald Austin speaking at the University of Guyana (DPI photo)The University has been hosting a series of lectures that have covered wide-ranging issues, including strengthening the core pillars of academic advancement; engaging policy leaders to strengthen UG and the enhancing of the university’s educational entrepreneurship. Monday’s lecture dealt with Guyana on the International Stage with special focus on engagement at the 2018 United Nations (UN) General Assembly.Director of Guyana’s Foreign Service Institute, Ambassador Ronald Austin was one of several speakers who addressed the gathering which included peers, students from UG and teacher-training institution, Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) and other invited guests, including members from the diplomatic community. Ambassador Austin in his presentation highlighted that there has been “unity” in Guyana’s foreign policy, noting that there has been minimal change since the country gained independence from the United Kingdom in May 1966.“If you look at Guyana’s foreign policy since 1966 and as different Governments took over like in 1992 for example, there has been very little variation in the foreign policy perused by the different Governments and I think that is mainly because I think that every Guyanese understands that there is a threat,” he told the gathering.Ambassador Cedric Joseph also commented that this threat is real as he joined in praising Guyana for filing the memorial with the ICJ on Monday. He noted that the Commonwealth of Nations is another body Guyana can use as an avenue to advance its case as it has done at the Caribbean Community (Caricom) and the United Nations (UN). Speaking on Guyana’s gains at the UN, Joseph praised fellow Ambassadors for their work in pushing this republic on the international stage, noting that Guyana was a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council on two occasions, from 1975-1977 and in the early 1990s.The UN Security Council has five permanent members, namely; the United Kingdom, China, France, Russia, and the United States. There are also 10 non-permanent members which serve for a term of two years. These are elected by the UN General Assembly. This Security Council could play a crucial role if Venezuela ever decides to take any military action against this country, should the World Court uphold the 1899 Arbitral Agreement and rule in Guyana’s favour to keep the boundaries in place.In fact, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge told Guyana Times in January that Government is prepared to call on the UN Security Council if Venezuela ever moved to invade Guyana. He had said that it would mean that the Spanish-speaking country would be breaking the zone of peace based on the same agreement that was brokered and sanctioned by the United States.Venezuela has opted against participating in the legal proceedings filed by Guyana in the border controversy matter and is claiming that the ICJ lacks jurisdiction to preside over proceedings. However, in a statement that Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge released and later presented to the National Assembly on Monday, it was outlined that Guyana’s submission to the world court aims to have ICJ validate an arbitral award that settled the international boundaries in 1899. This comes five months after Government filed a Memorial in June 2018 to resolve the border controversy after Venezuela refused to participate in proceedings. Minister Greenidge said Guyana has no doubt that the ICJ has jurisdiction to resolve the controversy which has undermined Guyana’s ability to develop its natural resources.As reported, the memorial states that Venezuela is not correct in arguing that the controversy must be resolved exclusively by friendly negotiations, a claim which Guyana says is not justified in the terms of the final 1966 Geneva Agreement to which both parties agreed. It adds that the boundaries were set out between Guyana and Venezuela in 1897 before October 1899 award.It was in January 2018, that UN Secretary General António Guterres chose adjudication by the Court as the means for finally resolving the controversy with Guyana filing its case in March of this year. In 2015, after US oil giant ExxonMobil announced its first of many oil finds that Venezuela renewed its claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s territory, the Essequibo region.last_img read more

Pine Pass open after avalanche

first_imgPhoto: This photo was taken Monday afternoon over the avalanche in the Pine Pass – Provided by Tech Helicopters of Prince George Drivers are still encouraged to check for road condition updates. – Advertisement -As of 4p.m., Highway 97 is now open in the Pine Pass.The road is now open to single-lane alternating traffic. Motorists can expect delays of up to 20 minutes.  Highway 97 at the Pine Pass, approximately 70 km south of Chetwynd, was closed by an avalanche on Sunday afternoon, which left the highway covered with as much as two metres of avalanche debris.Avalanche technicians mobilized overnight, assessed the alpine area by helicopter, triggered additional avalanches to clear the snow pack and determined the area is safe for workers and motorists.  Photo:  Another shot of the Avalanche in the Pine Pass – Provided by Tech Helicopters of Prince GeorgeAdvertisementlast_img read more

15 year old girl missing from Dawson Creek

first_imgKezer is described as Caucasian, 5’4” tall, 130 lbs, with short hair that may be dyed green or blue. She also has two nose piercings and a lip ring.Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact Dawson Creek RCMP at 250-784-3700.- Advertisement –last_img

BC Conservative leadership debate hits Dawson Creek

first_imgDoors open at 5:30 pm with dinner following at 6pm and cost $25 per plate.The debate begins at 7pm.All members of the public are invited to attend. – Advertisement – Admission is free of charge and donations are welcome.President of the British Columbia Conservative Party, Tom Birch says: “We have two exceptionally strong candidates in Rick and Dan,” and “These debates will not only showcase their abilities but underscore their very different visions of the party going forward. This is an exciting time to be a member of the BC Conservatives.”The BC Conservative leadership convention is scheduled for April 11, 2014 in Richmond.Advertisementlast_img read more

Man United 5-1 FC Midtjylland: 18-year-old Rashford lights up Old Trafford

first_img The 18-year-old replaced Anthony Martial after the Frenchman got injured in the warm up Teenager Marcus Rashford became the latest academy graduate to light up Old Trafford as Manchester United overturned their first-leg defeat to FC Midtjylland to reach the Europa League last 16.Rashford, 18, replaced Anthony Martial who pulled up in the warm up as Pione Sisto put the Danes ahead before an own goal from Nikolay Bodurov levelled it up on the night.Juan Mata missed a penalty but Rashford scored twice in 15 second-half minutes to send the Red Devils through and give Louis van Gaal a stay of execution.Ander Herrera got the fourth from the spot with Memphis Depay adding a fifth as they go into the draw for the next round which could see them up against Gary Neville’s Valencia.Murphy’s Law looked like it was striking again as, for the second Europa League game in a row, injury struck in the warm up.Last week it was David De Gea and this week it was Martial, who pulled out five minutes before kick off with a hamstring injury.Rashford – who only scored his first under-21 goal in December – came in for the Frenchman and had the first real effort with a shot at the edge of the area pushed away by FC Midtjylland goalkeeper Mikkel Andersen.However, it was the visitors who opened the scoring when Sisto danced through some dreadful defending from Daley Blind and Michael Carrick to slot past Sergio Romero.Memphis was looking particularly dangerous on the night and it was he who forced the equaliser in the 37th minute when his low cross was turned it to his own net by Nikolay Bodurov.Morgan Schneiderlin came close to scoring twice, first with an acrobatic bicycle kick before he saw his header rebound against the post.Moments later Mata had a chance to take the lead for the Red Devils after Herrera was fouled in the area, but the Spaniard’s weak penalty was well saved by Andersen.Herrera should have put United ahead after the break but his header went straight into the side netting following splendid work from Memphis.Just after the hour mark, Rashford did what Herrera couldn’t and put United in front after he followed in Mata’s cross to fire in for his first goal for the club.And Rashford doubled his tally in the 75th minute when he connected with Guillermo Varela’s cross at the back post to put the 18-year-old in dreamland.And Herrera made certain of the result at the death with a penalty after Memphis’ shot was handled in the area.Midtjylland’s right-back Andre Romer saw red late on for a second yellow card before man-of-the-match Memphis got a well-deserved goal with a great effort from the edge of the area as the clock turned 90. 1last_img read more


first_imgDonegal will play host to a major European Conference which will see up to 100 delegates from various European countries visiting Letterkenny over the course of three days in October 2014.This conference which is being hosted by Donegal County Council, is being organised by the Assembly of the European Regions (AER) in partnership with SmartCare and the ENGAGED network.It will attract policy and decisions makers from a range of European countries including France, Denmark, Italy, Turkey and the UK and will focus on E-health, Independence and Inclusion in the 21st Century. Seamus Neely, Chief Executive with Donegal County Council said that “securing this high profile conference is a great opportunity for Donegal and for Letterkenny and it is dealing with the theme of health which is very relevant to this region”. He added “this conference will see visitors from various European countries visiting the county and it is a great opportunity to showcase what Donegal has to offer as a place to do business, a place to visit and a place to live in. The Council is currently working with a number of key partner organisations in preparing for this conference and we want to make sure that all the delegates have a positive and memorable experience of their visit to Donegal”.The conference which takes place from the 20th to 23rd October is being organised by the Assembly of the European Regions which is the largest independent network of regional authorities in wider Europe bringing together nearly 230 regions from 35 countries along with 15 interregional organisations. It is a forum for interregional co-operation and a lobbyist for regional interests on the European stage.This conference will take the form of a 3 day political debate and a variety of seminars and workshops will provide a unique opportunity to share experiences, engage with regional politicians and officers from across Europe and promote further European interregional co-operation in the field of active & healthy ageing.President of the Assembly of the European Regions Hande Ozsan Bozatli will be in attendance over the course of the conference and one of the main highlights over the three days will be meeting with the Donegal Youth Council and sharing learning and experiences from projects and initiatives in Donegal, many of which have benefited from European funding programmes. To register for this conference visit DONEGAL TO HOST MAJOR EUROPEAN CONFERENCE was last modified: September 15th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:conferenceDonegal County Councillast_img read more

Football Fridays according to Proverb

first_img17 March 2010Popular South African rapper and reality show star Proverb dons a personalised football jersey – he’s number 1, naturally! – in support of Bafana Bafana, Football Fridays and South Africa’s 2010 Fifa World Cup™.Only number 1 is good enough for one of South Africa’s top musicians! (Photo: Proverb Music)The popular South African rapper and reality show star took time out from his busy schedule on 12 March to visit a Johannesburg printer, where he got his recently purchased Bafana Bafana jersey customised with his name – and the number 1.Proverb’s Bafana Bafana jersey being personalised by the experts. (Photo: Proverb Music)Football Fridays has been in touch with Proverb’s manager, who has promised more Football Fridays action from the musician. Watch this space!Football Fridays News Desklast_img read more