Road clearing: ‘Kaps’ required to make monthly report

first_img* implement a displacement strategyfor those affected by the operation The first submission is on March 3,said DILG-Iloilo provincial director Teodora Sumagaysay. The report must state the barangay’sweekly road-clearing accomplishments (inventory of road obstructions that wereremoved) from Feb. 16 to March 1 or 2. Provincial governors are also directedto ensure the compliance of city and municipal mayors and conduct regularinterface with the mayors to discuss the implementation of the directive. Theyare likewise tasked to ensure that provincial ordinances and issuances are inline with the DILG directive on the road-clearing operation. Local chief executives who will failto comply with the order will be given a show cause order. DILG gave barangay captains 75 days oruntil April 30 to clear roads in their respective jurisdictions. In Memorandum Circular 2020-027 on thecontinued implementation of the presidential directive to clear roads ofobstructions, DILG spelled out the role of village chiefs: “All Punong Barangays shall be in charge ofthe conduct of road clearing operations in barangay roads and minor public-usestreets within their jurisdictions, as well as the maintenance of other localroads turned over by the city or municipal government.” Further, stated the DILG memo, “theyshall harmonize barangay ordinances with this directive, collaborate andcoordinate with the Mayor in regards to road clearing, and undertakeinformation dissemination campaigns in their respective barangays. Reports onbarangay compliance shall be submitted monthly to this Department.” Their response will be used to determineif administrative charges will be filed against them. * enact or review existing ordinancesin relation to the road-clearing operation * establish a grievance mechanism inwhich citizens can report unremoved obstructions, provide suggestion, or voiceout implementation concerns * conduct an inventory of roads withintheir jurisdiction * rehabilitate cleared roads ILOILO – Barangay captains must submitto the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) monthlyaccomplishment reports on road-clearing operations. Also, rehabilitation of the clearedroads should also be maintained by the villages./PN “We recognize that the barangays havethe No. 1 responsibility in keeping their roads obstruction-free so under RoadClearing 2.0 we will assess the performance of the barangays and fileappropriate charges if necessary,” said DILG secretary Eduardo Año. Memorandum Circular 2020-027 alsomandates local government units (LGUs) to: The clearing operations now includelocal and tertiary roads. City and municipal mayors are expectedto monitor compliance of barangays in the road-clearing efforts of the nationalgovernment.last_img

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