Sport tourism not affected by crime

first_imgDespite the recent increase in violent deaths across the country, various local sports administrators say that they do not believe that crime has had a significant effect on sport tourism or the ability of their sporting associations to attract foreigners to the island for competitions.Jamaica Volleyball Associa-tion (JAVA) president Rudolph Speid said that three international volleyball tournaments will be hosted on the island this year. One of these will be at the Ocho Rios Bay Beach in St Ann and the others at venues that have not yet been decided, but Speid said that one of the three will be an indoor tournament to be played in Kingston.He told The Gleaner that crime has never been a worry when planning the staging of these competitions and it would not this year, despite its recent increase across the island.”We don’t find any problems with hosting these tournaments because in volleyball, once you say ‘Jamaica’ everybody wants to come,” Speid said. “Our main problem is really the cost, not the crime.”The Jamaica International Badminton Championships is one tournament held over the last two years in Kingston that has brought athletes and spectators to the island from across the world. Jamaica Badminton Association General Secretary Antonio Bell said that like the previous two years, the body has no fears about hosting this year’s event at the National Indoor Sports Centre in March.”We take it (crime) into consideration, but it doesn’t impact our plans directly,” Bell said. “Just like when travelling anywhere in the world, we advise our visitors to be aware and alert. We have ensured, nonetheless, the required security is at the international tournaments we host.”Bell agrees with Speid that Jamaica’s reputation for tourism is a big enough pull to attract foreigners for local tournaments.”Rio was hyped as a hotbed of crime, but people still poured in (for the 2016 Summer Olympics). If people want to come, nothing will stop them.”OFFICIAL FIGURESMontego Bay United Football Club president Orville Powell said that although he could not say whether crime was keeping foreign sports fans away from Montego Bay, as he did not have official figures, he believed that it affects turnout at local games.”There must be people that want to come to games but stay at home because of curfews in their areas,” Powell said. “Sometimes you may find disorder and disturbances in the stadium that may be a deterrent to persons as well, but other than that, I really can’t say.”The Montego Bay Sports Complex will host Group C of the Caribbean Football Union Club Championship later this month, and Powell said he haDalready met with the Montego Bay police about ensuring that the venue WILL BE properly secured for the games.last_img read more

Stabroek Market gets solar powered lights

first_imgThe Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), over the past few weeks, has installed 12 solar powered street lights around the Stabroek Market square area.The eastern facade of the Market was also outfitted with energy-efficient lights.According to GEA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Mahender Sharma, the project cost $9,611,000.“This project is in keeping with the Government of Guyana’s ‘Green Initiative’, which is in keeping with the Agency’s vision to provide reliable energy in an environmentally, socially and sustainable framework,” Dr Sharma noted.Head of the Project, Kenny Samaroo, explained that LED technology was more efficient than fluorescent (CFL) technology, and the change would result in an almost 50 per cent reduction in energy consumption.Moreover, Samaroo noted that based on the existing street lights tariff, the 12 solar powered street lights will result in annual energy savings of about 4205 kilowatt hour (kWh), resultant annual cost savings of about $184,170 and 2523 kilogram of avoided CO2. The computed simple payback period, when compared to a similar installation using utility powered 80W LED lamps, is six years.The second component of the intervention will result in annual energy savings of about 19,710 kWh, resultant annual cost savings of about $1,321,950 and 11,826 kg of avoided CO2. The computed simple payback period is 1.6 years.“The initiative was in keeping with the Agency’s mandate to carry out research into all sources of energy, including those sources presently used in Guyana, for the generation of energy and securing more efficient utilisation of energy and sources of energy…,” Samaroo explained.Another component of the project was the replacement of the 750 compact fluorescent lamps that lined the eastern facade of the Market, with 7-Watt LED bulbs.The lights are controlled by a light sensitive circuit, which switches the lights on in the evenings and turns them off at dawn. As part of the energy conservation features of the initiative, the technology dims the lights by 50 per cent when motion is not detected and it returns to 100 per cent brightness when motion is detected.One advantage of the systems, Samaroo added, is that the lights are not powered by the utility, thereby avoiding the use of fossil-based energy from the grid and the associated costs.The GEA will continue to monitor the installations and provide technical support and maintenance.last_img read more

Uniting the nation through prayer

first_imgHeld under the theme “Let Us Unite Together In Praise And Fellowship”, “March for Jesus 2018” returned in grandeur on Saturday as hundreds of participants from multiple Christian denominations gathered at Parade Ground, Middle Street, Georgetown as they sought to unite the nation of Guyana in prayer.Speaking with Guyana Times, Reverend Dr Raphael Massiah said, “I think the principal goal we have in our mind is that this march will exempliCamp Street was one of the many stops the marchers graced with their presence (photos by Timothy Jaikarran)fy the unity that this nation is capable of, we have a wonderful nation and under God once we achieve unity, anything is possible. Guyana will able to achieve everything that God has destined for us to achieve.”The gathering of the faithful saw participants swaying through the streets of Georgetown as they danced and sang hymns. They later assembled at JubileePark (D’Urban Park) on Homestretch Avenue.Saturday’s march came just two days before the 2018 hosting of Local Government Elections (LGE) and event organiser Reverend Dil Mohamed when asked about the timing of the March, expressed that it was focused on one thing only and that was “lifting up the name of Jesus” throughout the city, in a time that needs revival so that people can know that “the power of God can affect every area and bring about change”.This year’s “March for Jesus” was sponsored by the Georgetown Ministers Fellowship and the wider Christian community in Guyana. It saw persons from all walks of life and cultures as they joined to proclaim their faith.last_img read more

Breaches in sea defence at Mahaica raise concerns over flooding

first_imgRapid erosion of the sea dam in the Mahaica, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) area now threatens over 25,000 acres of farmland.Regional Chairman Vickchand Ramphal pointing to one of the breaches in the river defenseUp rooted mangrove cased by the force of the seaBlockage along the Bellamy CanalOne of the breaches in the sea defenseRegional Chairman Vickchand Ramphal has expressed concern saying that Government seemed not to be paying attention to his appeals despite the sea defence being breached at more than one point.Ramphal told Guyana Times the situation was deteriorating on a daily basis. He said that three months ago he visited the area and having made several observations he contacted the Civil Defence Commission (CDC); the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA); and the River and Sea Defence Board. He said at the time there was just a little overtopping, but the situation has changed significantly now.The powerful force of the sea has been uprooting the mangroves and with no permanent sea defence, both the farming and residential areas between the Mahaica and Abary Rivers are under threat, he pointed out.Several sections of the shore have no remaining mangroves as protection from erosion and to break the force of the waves penetrating against the fragile sea dam.Ramphal noted that currently there were several breaches and the sea dam was also eroding.“At some points when the water comes up, there is a lot of overtopping and it gets into the main drainage canal which is the Bellamy. If the Government does not allocate the necessary funds to have this problem resolved as early as possible, it can be devastating for the farmers who are cultivating wit in this area,” Ramphal explained, stressing that approximately 25,000 acres were being utilised by scores of farmers for rice and other crops.The farmers can suffer tremendous losses if the problem is not fixed urgently. According to the Regional Chairman, the Bellamy Canal – which runs adjacent to the sea dam – serves as a drainage canal for the entire area. Silt deposits, as a result of overtopping, have blocked sections of the canal, increasing the risk of flooding.Ramphal noted that even the Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary Agriculture Development Authority (MMA\ADA) was officially informed of the situation.“And so, it is my expectation that this matter be looked at and we have the Government coming in as early as possible and making the necessary allocations so that we can get this entire area fixed,” he said.According to the Regional Chairman, while all of the Government agencies seem to have given little attention to the situation at Mahaicony, there has been some volunteer work which has prevented a total floodout.According to the Chairman, there is need for a holistic approach whereby all of the necessary material gets to the site.He has explained that the project has been advertised with more than six weeks elapsing and the contract has not been awarded.“We need to have this being done as early as possible, because as the rain continues it will be more difficult for contractors to bring in their material, because the entire embankment is earth and also the access dam to get to the area is muddy,” the Chairman emphasised.last_img read more

Another smuggling attempt thwarted at Lusignan Prison

first_img– items include cellphone, cigarettes, cannabisRanks of the Joint Services stationed at the Lusignan Prison have once again foiled another attempt to throw illicit items over the penitentiary’s fence. This most recent incident occurred sometime around 02:15h on Tuesday.According to Director of Prisons (ag), Gladwin Samuels, an unknown individual was seen by Police and prison ranks on duty at the North-eastern section of the holding area at the East Coast Demerara penitentiary. At the time, the suspect wasThe items that were found outside the Lusignan Prison after ranks foiled plans to throw them over the fenceattempting to throw a black plastic wrapped parcel over the fence.Samuels further reported that the ranks opened fire at the individual, who made good his escape. However, in the process, he dropped the parcel.“Checks were conducted by both Police and prison ranks of the adjoining village and access roads. Unfortunately, the individual escaped,” the Prison Director noted.Nevertheless, he noted that upon examination of the area, 10 taped parcels were discovered along with a camouflage hat and short camouflage pants.Samuels said the parcels, when opened, contained a total of 1002 grams of narcotics, a large quantity of tobacco leaves, four cellphones without SIM cards, one charger, one earpiece and 33 packets of Bristol cigarettes.This incident comes less than a week after Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan expressed his disgust at the recent series of attempts to smuggle contraband and the discoveries of various illicit items at several prison facilities across the country, saying that steps are being taken to curb this practice.“It’s like the abnormal seems to be the rule there, you know and we are trying as much [as we can]. I now have to get technological about it. You’d have to get scanners at the door that can pick up these things because I don’t think you can collude with scanners but… these scanners are very expensive and I hope people are not going to bypass the scanners too, that’s another problem but we’re gonna have cameras to ensure that the people will be seen who try to bypass,” the Minister told reporters last week.Furthermore, he went on to recognise that the lack of proper management at these facilities is probably contributing to the increasing instances of smuggling attempts and the discoveries of dozens of contraband within the system.Two Saturdays ago, an inmate at the Lusignan Prison was caught with a cutlass and a knife. This was followed by an attempt to throw several parcels of marijuana over the fence at the New Amsterdam Prison the same day.These incidents come on the heels of ranks of the Joint Services unearthing over 60 illicit items during a three-hour routine search at the East Coast Demerara penitentiary days before.Following these incidents, the Prison Director had reiterated pleas to the public to cease such acts.“I wish to encourage members of the public to desist from introducing contraband into the prison as it is a criminal offense that can lead to imprisonment and it also affects the security of the prison,” he appealed.The smuggling of contraband items remains a perennial problem within the prisons system and while authorities have been working to curb the practice, several prison officers have been caught facilitating the illegal trade, which is said to be a “big business”.last_img read more

Finalists to be decided on Sunday

first_imgBCB/Skyy Vodka 20/20 Cricket Tournament…The Number 69 village on the Corentyne Coast in Berbice will come alive when the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) hosts the Semifinals of the 2018 Skyy Vodka 20/20 Cricket Tournament this Sunday, September 30.Kevin SinclairIt has been a while since top level cricket has been played in the Upper Corentyne area, and fans are expected to flock the venue to see their two teams battle against the two top cricket clubs in Berbice for a place in the final.Upper Corentyne will battle with Albion Community Centre Cricket from 9:30 hours, then Skeldon Cricket Club goes up against the mighty Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets from 13:30 hours.Over the last decade, Albion and Rose Hall Town have dominated Berbice Cricket, but they will have to be at their best to get past the two home teams who normally favour the shorter version of the game.Albion will be led by West Indies ‘A’ Player Gudakesh Motie, and he will be supported by Jonathan Foo, Kandasammy Surujnarine, Ritesh Umrao, Kevin Umrao, Gourav Ramesh, Antonio February.Gudakesh MotieThe Upper Corentyne Team does not possess any cricketing stars, but the team is known to play as a collective unit under the inspirational leadership of the level headed Lakeram Latchman. He is expected to receive good support from Rishi Persaud, Munesh Lallu, Devin Baldeo, Naeem Yacoob and Devendra Budhoo.Skeldon is well known in Berbice for surprising major teams who underrate them. Players like Junior Blair, Sherain Murray and Victor Pedro must step up if their side is to have any chance against a rampant Rose Hall Town team.Rose Hall recently defeated Albion Community Centre to win the BCB Patron’s Fund 10/10 Title. The youthful team is led by former National Under-19 Captain Shawn Pereira, and he boasts the likes of Eon Hooper, Kevin Sinclair, Junior Sinclair, Kevlon Anderson, Jason Sinclair, Keon Sinclair, Sylus Tyndall, Jonathan Rampersaud, Andy Naidu and Vidal Crandon.Jonathan RampersaudBCB President, Hilbert Foster, is urging cricket fans in the Upper Corentyne area to come out and support the match. He also noted that it was the first time that two teams from the Sub-Associations were able to reach a BCB Tournament semifinal stage.The tournament is sponsored by Ansa McAl (Guy) Ltd under their Skyy Vodka Brand.last_img read more

Water now receding in Dawson Creek: Mayor

first_imgAnyone that needed help was reached and help was provided. The city evacuated about 60 houses due to flooding last night and this morning.Things are starting to subside. We`re just hoping that water continues to recede. You`re never sure when you have that much rain in the region how it might flow into communities but we think we`re over the hump right now.The rainfall warning ended earlier for the Peace Region. Now, it is all about cleaning up what mother nature left behind. 8th street in Dawson Creek after the flood - June 16, 2016 - Josh Ballantyne 8th street in Dawson Creek after the flood – June 16, 2016 – Josh Ballantyne 8th street in Dawson Creek after the flood - June 16, 2016 - Josh Ballantyne 8th street in Dawson Creek after the flood – June 16, 2016 – Josh Ballantyne 8th street in Dawson Creek after the flood - June 16, 2016 - Josh Ballantyne 8th street in Dawson Creek after the flood – June 16, 2016 – Josh Ballantyne DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead says the city is optimistic the worst has come and gone and they can now focus on damage assessment and recovery.Speaking with by phone, Bumstead said they have been told water is now receding.Creeks and waters have crested and we`re seeing that it is starting to recede. We are starting to see the effects for our residents now who are seeing the water leaving residential areas. The sewer system is now flowing properly and all that back up is gone. We`re hopefully on the downhill now.Bumstead says it is now in the phase where in the next couple of days, they will try to asses how much damage has taken place and what the city needs to do to clean up and asses any infrastructure issues.- Advertisement -The city is mainly concerned about transportation issues right now according to Bumstead. He said 4 of the major roads that connect them are currently lost and the North and South quadrants of the city have been cut in half. They need to determine what they have for damage and losses.Bumstead said today was mainly about public safety. He referred to when the fire fighters realized last night that the water was rising and they smartly moved one of the fire trucks to the south side of town just to make sure they would have fire fighting equipment on that side of town if it was needed.Advertisementlast_img

‘Rooney wants to RETIRE at Man United’, striker’s agent tells talkSPORT

first_imgWayne Rooney’s agent, Paul Stretford, has EXCLUSIVELY told talkSPORT that the Red Devils captain is happy to end his career at Old Trafford, if the club still want him.The England striker penned a new four-year extension deal with United in 2014, worth £300,000-a-week, tying him to Old Trafford until 2019.But that has not stopped speculation surrounding his future at the club, especially given his slow transformation from out-and-out frontman to a deeper midfield role.Rooney has more than once been linked with an exit after repeatedly falling out with former boss Sir Alex Ferguson, with the latest reports emerging during the legendary manager’s final season in charge.The striker then signed the new bumper deal a year later, after David Moyes patched up his relationship with the club, though he has since been linked with lucrative moves to the mega-rich Chinese Super League and the MLS.But, speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast ahead of Rooney’s testimonial match at Old Trafford on Wednesday, Stretford insists his client is keen to retire a United player.Stretford told talkSPORT: “The very best players who perform at the highest level will always be subject to speculation from the biggest and best clubs.“Undoubtedly there has been speculation and undoubtedly there have been enquiries.“But from Wayne’s point of view, he was determined to stay at Manchester United and agree a new contact, and that’s evident by the fact that he’s still here going into his 13th year at the club.“Wayne has gone public in stating that he intends to see out his current contract.“Should Man United make it clear they want him to stay beyond [2019], I think we’ll be sitting down very quickly and ensuring that will happen.”last_img read more


first_imgWe would like to take this opportunity to thank our thousands of readers from Stranorlar to Sydney and from Buncrana to Boston, a very Happy Christmas.Forgive us if we don’t update your favourite local online read as often as we usually do today. We’re planning on breaking the world turkey-sandwich eating record in between watching hours of television!We hope you all have a great day! A CHRISTMAS CARD FROM DONEGAL DAILY TO YOU! was last modified: December 25th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Christmas cardDonegal Dailylast_img read more


first_imgThe County Childcare Manager is urging all early childhood services in Donegal to apply for the new After-School Scheme aimed at providing up to 6,000 afterschool childcare places for children in primary school. The initiative announced in December’s budget will commence in September 2013. A pilot scheme will start in early 2013, with a small number of places initially available. The places will be targeted at low-income families and will support parents to avail of employment opportunities. These places will be provided to Childcare Providers by way of an extension to the current Childcare Employment and Training Support (CETS) Programme administered by Donegal County Childcare.Avril McMonagle said that although the new After-School Support Scheme is a welcome development as an extension of supports to parents, she also added an air of caution in relation to the wider context of the scheme regarding its child-centredness.“The new after-school places are specifically targeted at unemployed parents moving into low-income employment and would appear to be primarily a labour market scheme as opposed to an initiative that puts children’s welfare first.“This is evident as there is no indication that the scheme will include quality measures, such as the regulation of after-school care including Garda vetting, qualification or training requirements for staff”. Avril added that it is imperative that this public investment is validated by ensuring that all afterschool care is brought under the regulatory framework to ensure the protection of both children and afterschool providers.Current Service Providers who wish to register their intent to participate in the new Scheme can do so by downloading an expression of interest form from the DCCC website, the DCCC Facebook page or by emailing the office on Completed forms should be returned to DCCC no later than 25 January, 2013. DONEGAL CHILDCARE MANAGER URGES SERVICES TO APPLY FOR NEW AFTER-SCHOOL SCHEME was last modified: January 11th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Avril McMonagleCounty Childcare Managerlast_img read more