No deal on National Government says SLFP

He said that if there is such an agreement between the SLFP and UNP then the UNP should make the agreement public. The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) says it has not agreed on forming a National Government with the United National Party (UNP) after the Parliament elections.Opposition leader and SLFP member Nimal Siripala de Silva said that the UNP is attempting to mislead the public by claiming the SLFP and UNP will form a National Government even after the election. Nimal Siripala de Silva said in a statement that the goal of the SLFP is to contest the next Parliament election with the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and form a UPFA Government. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Suspected Rohingya Muslims detained by coast guard

Walakuluge told the Colombo Gazette that there were seven women and 16 children below the age of nine, including a 15 day old child and four month old child on the boat. More than 1 million Rohingya live in apartheid-like conditions in Myanmar‘s Rakhine State, where many in the Buddhist majority consider them interlopers from Bangladesh. (Colombo Gazette) He said that two Indians were also arrested. The coast guard detained 32 suspected Rohingya Muslims who fled India by boat, Navy Spokesman Lieutenant Commander Chandima Walakuluge said.He said the boat was detained in the Northern seas and was brought ashore to Kankesanthurai (KKS). read more

Officials of Iraqs Independent Electoral Commission finish UNbacked training

The seven Commissioners and a Chief Electoral Officer – who had been selected in an open, UN-led process – received training on a range of issues, including the standards and principles of credible elections, approaches for dispute resolution and voter registration. Other areas covered were the registration of political parties, voter education campaigns, and procedures for polling, counting and tabulating results.Presenters included staff of electoral institutions from around the world – Argentina, Mauritius, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, the United States, Yemen and the occupied Palestinian territory – as well as UN experts and staff from other international organizations.The training was provided by the UN in partnership with Mexico’s Federal Institute of Elections.The Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq has exclusive jurisdiction over the organization, management and oversight of the balloting scheduled to be held by 31 January 2005, and throughout the subsequent transition. read more

UN launches sustainable development network to help find solutions to global problems

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) will work with stakeholders including business, civil society, UN agencies and other international organizations to identify and share the best pathways to achieve sustainable development, according to a UN news release. This initiative is part of the work undertaken in response to the mandate on post-2015 and the outcome of UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), which took place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, in June.The Solutions Network will be directed by Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and Special Advisor to Secretary-General Ban on the global anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It will operate in close coordination with the High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda.“The post-2015 objectives will help the world to focus on the vital challenges of sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network will be an innovative way to draw upon worldwide expertise in the campuses, universities, scientific research centres and business technology divisions around the world,” Mr. Ban said.The High-level Panel will advise on the global development agenda beyond 2015, the target date for achieving the MDGs, and it will hold its first meeting at the end of September, in the margins of the annual high-level debate of the General Assembly. It is expected to submit its findings to the Secretary-General in the first half of 2013, and those findings will inform his report to Member States.The eight MDGs, agreed on by world leaders at a UN summit in 2000, set specific targets on poverty alleviation, education, gender equality, child and maternal health, environmental stability, HIV/AIDS reduction, and a ‘Global Partnership for Development.’According to the news release, given that politics around the world too often focuses on short-term issues while governments often lack the timely information needed for long-term sustainable-development strategies, it is essential that scientists and technology experts outside of government support the development of long-term analyses, demonstration programmes and development pathways. The SDSN is expected to provide an independent global, open and inclusive process to support and scale up problem-solving at local, national and global levels.“In the 20 years since the first Rio Earth Summit, the world has largely failed to address some of the most serious environmental and social problems pressing in on us,” Mr. Sachs said. “We can’t afford business as usual. We need to engage the academic and scientific community, and tap into worldwide technological know-how in the private sector and civil society, in order to develop and implement practical solutions.”Substantial emphasis will be placed on collaboration across countries to analyze common problems and learn from each other’s experiences. The network will accelerate joint learning and help to overcome the compartmentalization of technical and policy work by promoting integrated “systems” approaches to addressing the complex economic, social and environmental challenges confronting governments. read more

Jamie Oliver ruffles farmer feathers with chicken runin

first_imgHowever, Oliver and his friend Jimmy Doherty took the scheme to task on Channel Four during last week’s edition of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast. Over film of Red Tractor-reared chickens in a large shed, Doherty said: “Most of these birds never go outside and have little space to move about. Although some barns have natural light, perches and pecking objects this isn’t a requirement.” Michael Gove, the Environment secretary Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, told farmers that food standards would not fall after Britain leaves the European UnionCredit: Andrew Parsons / i-Images Jamie Oliver, the celebrity chef, has risked opening a battle with Britain’s farmers after he said that he would refuse to eat chicken that has been produced to the “Red Tractor” standard.The restaurateur inflamed countryside opinion by giving his unvarnished opinion on “Red Tractor chicken” to viewers of his weekly cookery programme, saying “I personally would not feed it to my kids”.The comments came as Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary, told the National Farmers Union conference this week that food standards would not fall after Britain leaves the European Union.There are fears that after Brexit the UK will sign a trade deal with America to allow cheaper, chlorine-washed chicken to be sold in British supermarkets.Most chickens in the UK are reared to the Red Tractor standard, which the farming industry insists “means your chicken has met these robust and responsible production standards and is traceable back to independently inspected chicken farms in the UK”. The comments received short-shrift from farming leaders. Minette Batters, the president of the NFU, said the scheme “means that we have the highest standards of food safety of environmental protection. The Red Tractor is a mark of food safety.”She pointed out that the scheme helped families on lower incomes buy food confident that it had been created to a high standards. She said: “There are a lot of people on tight budgets and they must not be disadvantaged in all of this. It is about making sure we can provide quality affordable, safe, traceable food to everybody regardless of budgets, regardless of background.” Oliver added: “Chickens are bred to grow fast with a high ratio of meat to bone, but this makes them heavy so they can struggle to walk… I think people would be shocked by the reality of what we are buying.”Doherty asked: “You wouldn’t eat Red Tractor chicken?” Oliver replied: “I personally wouldn’t feed it to my kids.” Doherty then said: “The Red Tractor label does guarantee a consistent basic standard for welfare and hygiene so we know our food comes from a trustworthy and safe source.“But is that minimum standard high enough? If you look at Red Tractor, they deal with welfare but they deal with everything from pesticide use to conservation to health and safety to traceability so having a bottom standard that covers all of British farming for me is really important.”The pair then said that they would rather British chicken was produced to a “higher welfare” standard “with labels such as RSPCA-assured”.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Minette Batters was this week elected president of the National Farmers’ Union Doherty’s criticism of the Red Tractor scheme marks an about turn. In 2013 he fronted an advert, saying: “Now more than ever it is important to know where all your meat comes from and I think the easiest way to do that is to trust the Tractor.”A spokesman for Doherty said: “Jimmy’s comments on Friday Night Feast clearly state that he believes the Red Tractor Label does guarantee a consistent, trustworthy and safe level of food welfare, traceability and hygiene in the UK. So he does not move from his previous position.“All industries in any sector require basic standards and regulations. That said, Jimmy also believes that these basic standards are just the foundation and should always be improved upon for the good of animal welfare.“That is exactly why Red Tractor already provide guidelines for higher welfare schemes such as free range and organic.” Minette Batters was this week elected president of the National Farmers’ UnionCredit: Mike Kemplast_img read more

A hero in every family

first_img“My pappou will always be my biggest hero,” says Nicolaos Demourtzidis, whose documentary Istoria encourages us all to look deeper into the eyes of those who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. The Adelaide producer is not a typical 30-year-old. With his Greek heritage truly embedded and inspired by his late pappou Elias, Nicolaos has created a feature-length film about how Elias and his family were impacted by Alzheimer’s.Compelled by Elias’ suffering from the disease, Nicolaos journeyed back to Greece with him to delve into his earlier life, and particularly Elias’ experience of the civil war.“My pappou was my best friend until the day he left us. He was a big storyteller and a very wise man,” Nicolaos tells Neos Kosmos. Elias migrated to Australia in his early thirties after losing both parents to tragic deaths during the war. Like most Greek migrants of his generation, Elias worked hard and achieved success both personally and professionally. For his family though, Elias was more than that. He was the man who was holding the answer to all the family’s wonders.“I still remember being a little boy and jumping excitedly on my bike just to go meet pappou and fall in love with his stories.”As the years passed, Nicolaos saw a noticeable change in Elia’s behaviour and mental clarity. Seven years ago, Elias was diagnosed with dementia. Watching the disease taking over, Nicolaos felt the need to learn and share his family history. “It took a lot of courage to share my family’s story,” says Nicolaos.“But I am a big believer that you should do good, when you can, and in my heart I feel that this is a good thing.” Holding on to his pappou’s soul while his mind and body was dying, Nicolaos, who studied cinematography, decided to take him back to where it all started. “Against all the odds and doctors’ advice not to travel, when I suggested a trip to Greece, my pappou said ‘Πάμε τώρα’ (‘let’s go now’).” Filmed in South Australia as well as the Florina village of Pelargos where Elias came from, the three-man crew was made up of David Ockenden (director/producer), Brad Halstead (director of photography) and Nick Demourtzidis (executive producer). “It wasn’t easy to film in Greece due to Elias’ condition, but I felt that this is where my pappou needed to be in order to put to rest the emotions and have closure,” says Nicolaos, who admits that after that last trip to Greece there was no further mention of going back home again. “We never told pappou about his disease,” says Nicolaos.“It gradually came to a stage where we literally ‘lost’ him. The way I look at it is that I was extremely blessed to meet my pappou through all the stages of his life; as an adult, and as a happy child.”The premiere of Istoria was held in Adelaide on 11 October at Palace Nova East End Cinemas. Reaction to the film was profound, with 750 people walking from the theatre with eyes full of tears and gracious smiles. “There are moments in life where we walk between the realm of reality and dreaming. This is where I was for the premiere,” says Nicolaos, who hopes that people will walk away from the film carrying the message of remembering their ancestors and upholding what they went through. “Forty hours of raw footage of my pappou is not enough but all I hope for is that through Istoria, I can take people on an emotional journey and inspire the youth to get closer to their grandparents. There is a hero in every family. Just ask.” Nicolaos is working closely with Alzheimer’s Australia, which plans to screen Istoria in Melbourne and Sydney in the next few months. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

La Californie secouée par un séisme de magnitude 57

first_imgLa Californie secouée par un séisme de magnitude 5,7Californie, États-Unis – Le sud de la Californie a été touché par un séisme de magnitude 5,7 sur l’échelle de Richter hier soir à 21h26 heure locale (04H30 GMT, 6h30 en France). Le séisme a été ressenti jusqu’à Los Angeles et son épicentre a été repéré à huit kilomètres d’Ocotillo, une localité située près de la frontière entre les États-Unis et le Mexique, à environ 200 kilomètres de Los Angeles.Une dizaine de répliques ont suivi, dont certaines ont atteint une magnitude de 3,2 et de 3,9. Aucune victime n’est heureusement à déplorer. Même si des immeubles ont tremblé à Los Angeles ainsi qu’un stade à San Diego, aucun dégât matériel n’a été recensé pour l’instant. Le 15 juin 2010 à 12:53 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

West Hams vicechairman compares Sterling to Best

first_imgDue to his great level with Manchester City, Raheem Sterling has even gotten comparisons to George Best from West Ham’s vice-chairman.The level of performance that Raheem Sterling has been showing off in the last couple of months is on the level of legendary Irishman George Best, at least that’s what West Ham United’s vice-chairman wrote on her weekend column for The Sun.Karren Brady has been writing for The Sun for some time now, but she wasn’t even at a proper age to remember Best playing at his best during his golden era at Manchester United.Based on the assumption that she watched countless videos of the former winger, we can assume that her comparisons are a tad weak because Best is considered one of the most talented players in Manchester United’s history.The player who gets compared with him has been Cristiano Ronaldo, Sterling still has a lot to work in order to reach that same level of performance but he does share a few characteristics with the former Red Devil.Both are wingers, both have a slippery dribbling style that drives defenders crazy, and both of them are incredibly fast when they accelerate in reduced spaces.Brady wanted to praise Sterling’s capabilities by doing this comparison, but she did no favors to the player with this added pressure.“Sterling had a bad start in life. His father was murdered when he was two and he became a father himself in his early teens,” wrote Brady for The Sun.“He was picked up from QPR and by 17 he was making his debut for Liverpool. There, he was often perceived as a greedy, precocious brat and one always quick to fall over an opponent’s knee.”“Outrage built when Sterling, no doubt advised by his agent, rejected a reputed £100,000-a-week wage at Liverpool.”“He’d already committed several of those wild things that kids do, like buying expensive cars, when their pockets bulge with money and the leeches gather round. He stubbornly persisted with his desire to move to City,” Brady added.“And while I am unaware of the full reasons why, I’m sure a player who trains so steadfastly and prides himself on having gifts enjoyed by only the best footballers — super-quick feet, the balance of a tightrope walker and speed — isn’t driven purely by monetary rewards.”Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.“As a footballer, he’s reaching towards the level of George Best. And the comparison shouldn’t embarrass a player who still has untapped potential,” she concluded.2️⃣0️⃣ and counting!@ManCity have now gone 20 games unbeaten in the #PL (W17 D3), since a 2-3 defeat against Man Utd in April#MCIBOU— Premier League (@premierleague) December 2, 2018What we can say about Raheem Sterling, is that he is one of the most important offensive players that Pep Guardiola has at his disposal.The Citizens just completed a 20-match unbeaten run with their latest victory against Bournemouth this Saturday and Sterling was right in the middle of it, but Manchester City does have quite a few players to choose from when you want to pick a single one who can be considered the leader of this group.Raheem still hasn’t proved that he can perform at a top level during a match against one of the biggest clubs in the world, he needs to score one or two goals against Barcelona or Real Madrid in order to earn that comparison with ‘Georgie’.It’s not that we don’t believe the kid can pull it off, it’s just that we won’t believe any of these claims until we can actually see some proof that he is capable of such massive achievement.We are barely getting to the half of the season, the real challenge will come after March when the titles will start getting decided in all competitions and Sterling will want to stay in form during that period of time. Let’s see if he can pull it off.Man City ace Raheem Sterling only outdone by Eden Hazard this season…he is reaching towards George Best level | @karren_brady— The Sun Football ⚽ (@TheSunFootball) December 1, 2018What do you think about Brady’s bold comparison of Raheem Sterling with legendary Georgie Best? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Steel pipe in the way of Seattle tunnel machine

first_imgSEATTLE — Experts say they’ve at least partially solved the mystery of what’s been blocking a massive tunnel-boring machine beneath downtown Seattle for the past month: a steel pipe.The $80 million, five-story-tall machine, dubbed “Bertha,” is digging a new path for state Route 99, one of the region’s primary north-south arterials. But it became stuck Dec. 6, 60 feet below Seattle streets. In the ensuing weeks crews have probed, sifted and speculated in an effort to figure out what was causing the delay.Much of the city got in on the act. Some fingered a giant boulder. Students in a fifth-grade class wrote essays with their best guesses, including the remnants of a train left under the ruins when the city rebuilt after the Great Seattle Fire of 1889.Ivar’s restaurant, a local institution known for its publicity stunts, promoted the idea that it was a 70-foot “clamosaurus” that escaped the restaurant’s founder in 1937.The real answer is less exotic, and only a little less baffling: an 8-inch-diameter steel pipe that the state Department of Transportation already knew about.last_img read more

Pike to host town hall Saturday in Battle Ground

first_imgTown HallWhat: Town hall meeting hosted by State Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas.When: 10 a.m. Saturday.Where: Battle Ground City Hall, 109 S.W. First St., Battle Ground.State Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, will host a town hall meeting Saturday on a bill that could give cities and counties more control to raise taxes and fees for transportation projects.Pike is jointly hosting the meeting with the city of Battle Ground, which recently opted to create a transportation benefit district — a quasi-municipal corporation that functions as a separate entity with the authority to charge taxes and fees. The revenue from the charges would go toward transportation and infrastructure improvements, and the bill could be somewhat of a game changer for transportation benefit districts.In short, the measure — House Bill 1593 — would allow cities and counties to establish transportation utilities to fund a variety of transportation projects. It would also enable cities and counties with transportation benefit districts to eliminate their “separate entity” status and impose vehicle fees up to $50 — and a sales and use tax at a rate of up to two-tenths of 1 percent. Battle Ground Mayor Shane Bowman recently testified in support of the bill in Olympia. The measure would give cities and counties more control over their own transportation funding, he said.last_img read more

Scam artists reportedly stole 19 million worth of iPhones

first_img Tags Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? Mobile Security Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 Share your voice Apple 0 Post a comment Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors See All • The iPhone XS Max could fetch hundreds of dollars on the black market. CNET A New York crime ring that allegedly stole hundreds of iPhones over the past seven years has been busted, according to Quartz. All told, the group reportedly got its hands on more than $19 million worth of the devices.Six people were charged in the case, which was filed by federal prosecutors in New York state in April. The complaint was just unsealed, according to Quartz. The felony charges range from mail fraud to conspiracy to identity theft.It’s not unusual for scammers to focus their efforts on Apple’s iPhones given the device’s high price tag, which can run as much as $1,450 per phone. Just a couple of months ago, a pair of Chinese engineering students studying in Oregon allegedly conned Apple out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by exchanging counterfeit iPhones for new ones. And last year, another New York group was nabbed for allegedly stealing more than $1 million worth of iPhones.The group that was most recently caught reportedly ran a scam in which some members used stolen identities to pose as cellphone subscribers. With fake IDs and debit cards they’d allegedly go to mobile phone stores across the US and say they wanted to upgrade their phones to a new iPhone. Then they reportedly shipped the iPhones back to the crime ring’s New York headquarters. People there would allegedly sell the iPhones on the black market.The cellphone subscribers whose identities were stolen ended up being charged for the upgraded phones, according to Quartz. The crime ring reportedly signed the victims up for monthly payments, so that they wouldn’t notice the charges right away.  Court filings didn’t specify how many people were allegedly affected and how many phones were reportedly stolen, but in one incident 250 phones were discovered in dozens of packages being sent to New York. The crime ring was ultimately busted by an unnamed person who worked at an overnight shipping service and became suspicious of all of the packages being sent out of state that weren’t addressed to a physical business or home address.A trial is pending for the six people charged in the scam, according to Quartz. They all pleaded not guilty and were released on $100,000 bonds.Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment. reading • Scam artists reportedly stole $19 million worth of iPhones Applelast_img read more

Govs pipeline proposal raises eyebrows

first_imgKeith Meyer took over as the new president of the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. in June 2016. Photo courtesy of AGDC.The state is considering a dramatically different approach in its effort to build a natural gas pipeline.After more than two years of working with the big three North Slope oil companies, state officials are proposing Alaska take a larger stake — or take complete control of the project.And that plan is raising some eyebrows.Download AudioThe Alaska LNG project, as currently planned, is massive. People working on it call it a “gigaproject” — a giant gas treatment plant on the North Slope, an 800-mile pipeline down to Cook Inlet, and then a huge liquefaction facility in Nikiski — all to fulfill the decades-long dream of tapping the state’s gas reserves and shipping it to market.Estimates have pegged the cost at $45 to $65 billion dollars.Under the current plan, the state would split that cost with its three partners: ExxonMobil, BP and ConocoPhillips.So the question becomes: if the state takes full ownership, who would pay?Keith Meyer is the new president of the state-owned Alaska Gasline Development Corp. He said, not Alaska.“Just because state owns more doesn’t mean it has to invest more,” Meyer said.The idea is to bring in outside investors to finance the project — anyone from customers in Asia to large pension funds.“It is an infrastructure project,” Meyer said. “If we do this correctly, and put some good contracts in place, this will be very attractive to infrastructure funds and investors.”Meyer said the new approach was prompted by discussions with the state’s partners this winter, when the three companies indicated that with low oil prices cutting into their cash flow, they might not be ready to move ahead next year as planned.Asked Meyer if any company wanted to pull out entirely, Meyer said, “Pull out, I would say no. Change the pace of investment, yes…But everybody, without exception, wants this project to happen.”But the administration sees any delay as potentially fatal.Right now, the LNG — or liquefied natural gas — market is over-saturated, with prices a fraction of what they were a few years ago. Many analysts predict that oversupply will subside by the early 2020s.When it does, Meyer said, the state needs to be ready, or competing projects will fill the void.“We need, as a state and as a project, we need to hit that window,” he said. “We need to be in service in that window.”But the idea has its skeptics.“A lot of people get hurt jumping through windows that aren’t open,” said Larry Persily, an oil and gas advisor to the Kenai Peninsula Borough and longtime observer of the state’s pipeline efforts.Persily said there is some consensus there will be more demand for LNG early next decade. But it’s impossible to say exactly when — and for the state to focus on that window may not make sense.And, Persily said, while many LNG projects do bring in outside financing, the sheer size of Alaska’s project makes that approach daunting.“If you’re looking at $30-, $40-, $50 billion of investment to go out and raise in the market for an LNG project,” he said. “That would be the largest LNG project financing ever put together in the world.”Is the state capable of marshaling that kind of effort? That’s the question raised by Anchorage Republican Cathy Giessel, who chairs the Senate Resources Committee.“The most obvious and first concern is how do we afford it?” Giessel said in a phone interview Wednesday. “The secondary concern is, who has the expertise to step into a greater role?”Giessel said she doesn’t believe that either the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, or its citizen board, have the experience to oversee a project like this.And she says she doubts the Senate would support the plan, from what she knows of it so far. That’s not much — Giessel said the administration hasn’t shared any details with lawmakers.As for companies, ExxonMobil, BP and ConocoPhillips all replied to questions with brief emailed statements. Exxon and BP wouldn’t discuss their negotiations with the state.But ConocoPhillips confirmed the administration has floated the idea of a state-owned pipeline.“We can confirm that the State has proposed a state-controlled project and conversations to better understand the proposal have begun,” spokesperson Natalie Lowman wrote in an email. “Regarding our perspective on these conversations, right now we are evaluating all options.”last_img read more

Google appears to have leveraged Android dominance in India Antitrust watchdog

first_imgVisitors pass by the logo of Google at the high profile startups and high tech leaders gathering, Viva Tech,in Paris, France May 16, 2019.ReutersGoogle appears to have misused its dominant position in India and reduced the ability of device manufacturers to opt for alternate versions of its Android mobile operating system, Indian officials found before ordering a wider probe in an antitrust case.A 14-page order from the Competition Commission of India (CCI), reviewed by Reuters this week, found Google’s restrictions on manufacturers seemed to amount to imposition of “unfair conditions” under India’s competition law.Reuters reported last month that the CCI had launched a probe in April against Google for its alleged abuse of Android’s dominant position to block rivals, but the contents of the directive detailing the initial assessment upon which that investigation was ordered have not been previously revealed.The Indian case is similar to one Google faced in Europe, where regulators imposed a $5 billion fine on the company for forcing manufacturers to pre-install its apps on Android devices. Google has appealed against the verdict.By making pre-installation of Google’s proprietary apps conditional, Google “reduced the ability and incentive of device manufacturers to develop and sell devices operated on alternate versions of Android”, the CCI said in the order. “It amounts to prima facie leveraging of Google’s dominance”.Asked for comment, Google referred Reuters to its statement last month, in which it said Android had enabled millions of Indians to connect to the internet by making mobile devices more affordable. Google looked forward to working with the CCI “to demonstrate how Android has led to more competition and innovation, not less”, the company said at the time.The CCI did not respond to a request for comment.While the order, dated April 16, called for a wider probe against Google, the watchdog’s investigations unit could still clear Google of any wrongdoing.The amount of any fine that could be imposed on Google if the CCI rules against it was not clear.ANDROID DOMINANCEAndroid, used by device makers for free, features on about 88 percent of the world’s smartphones. In India, about 99 percent of the smartphones sold this year used the platform, Counterpoint Research estimates.In the EU case, regulators said Google forced manufacturers to pre-install Google Search and its Chrome browser, together with its Google Play app store, on Android devices, giving it an unfair advantage.In the Indian case, Google argued that Android was an open source platform and pre-installation obligations were “limited in scope”, the CCI order said.The CCI said that complainants in the Indian case – which according to sources involve more than one person – have alleged that Google engaged in abusive behaviour similar to the kind outlined in the European case. They said Google was engaged in anti-competitive practices “with the aim of cementing Google’s dominant position”.Google’s “impugned conduct may help perpetuate its dominance in online search markets while resulting in denial of market access for competing search apps”, the CCI said in its order.The investigations arm of the CCI should complete the wider probe in the case within 150 days, the order said, though such cases at the watchdog typically drag on for years.The CCI also said the role of any Google executive in alleged abuse of the Android platform should also be examined.The investigation is not the only antitrust headache for the Mountain View, California-based company in one of its key growth markets. Last year, the CCI imposed a fine of 1.36 billion rupees ($20 million) on Google for “search bias” and abuse of its dominant position.Google appealed against that order, saying the ruling could cause it “irreparable” harm and reputational loss. That appeal is still pending in an Indian tribunal.last_img read more

No major impact on supply of medicines despite ravaging fire BCDA president

first_imgKolkata: A devastating fire that engulfed Bagree Market on Sunday will have no major impact on the supply of medicines in the state, said Bengal Chemist and Druggist Association (BCDA) president Sankha Roychoudhury.Around 25 wholesale medicine shops have been completely gutted but the extent of the loss is yet to be confirmed. According to Roychoudhury, it would take some time to ascertain the loss as all the electronic gadgets including the computers which keep a record of the total stock of medicines were completely damaged. Bagree Market has wholesale markets of medicines which supply various important drugs including that of cancer to various places. People get medicines at a much cheaper rate.Though a huge amount of medicines has been destroyed in the fire, it would have no major impact on the market as most of the wholesale shops are situated in Mehta Building, BCDA president said. The electricity connection of the Mehta Building has been disconnected since the fire incident took place at Bagree Market.Roychoudhury apprehends that if the electricity connection in Mehta Building is not restored within the next few days, it may have an impact on the supply of medicines. Many of the important drugs need to be refrigerated and if the load-shedding continues, it would certainly affect the supply in medicine, feels the BCDA president. He also assured that their organisation will extend all possible help to the people whose medicine shops have been damaged in the fire.”As many as 25 shops have been completely destroyed in the Bagree Marketfire. We have already spoken to the distributors to find out a way if compensation could be arranged as many people are facing huge losses. It has become little difficult to ascertain the extent of the damage as all the computers have been gutted,” Roychoudhury said.”There is nothing to worry as of now and it would hardly have any impact on the medicine supply as we have enough stock of medicines in Mehta Building as it houses the maximum number of wholesale medicine shops,” Roychoudhury added.last_img read more

2 separate road mishaps in city none injured

first_imgKolkata: The city witnessed two separate road accidents on Sunday morning that could have turned fatal had they taken place in the rush hours.It was around 4.40 am when a private car hit a light post on Southern Avenue. Though there was no report of any injury, the police took the car to the police station. The preliminary investigation revealed that the driver of the car had lost control and the vehicle hit the light post. The front portion of the vehicle was damaged. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe driver of the car had, however, managed to escape from the place soon after the accident. The police are trying to ascertain the exact reason behind the accident. The investigating officers are also trying to find out whether the driver was in an inebriated state. Another accident took place near Zoological Garden at Alipore in which a car moved onto the pavement after the driver suddenly fell ill. According to the police, it was a narrow escape from a major accident as the car moved onto the pavement that remains congested in the rush hours. The car was headed towards Vidyasagar Setu from Chetla side. There were two persons sitting on the rear seats of the car. They found that the driver was feeling unwell and soon he lost control on the vehicle and it went up onto the pavement. The passengers sprinkled water on the driver’s face and he was finally taken to hospital in another car.last_img read more

Apples iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus to Be Available in More Than

first_img 2 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now » Apple is betting that its recently released iPhone 6 or larger iPhone 6 Plus will be on many (oh-so-many) holiday wish lists this year. The Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant wants to make those wishes come true. It says the phones will be available in more than 115 countries by the end of the year.By the end of October, Apple says the new iPhones will arrive in 36 additional countries and territories across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa — reaching 69 countries and territories. The remaining 46 or so countries are expected to be added in the weeks that follow, making this Apple’s “fastest-ever” rollout of an iPhone.Related: Apple Sells 10 Million iPhones in First WeekendThe iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are already available in this long list of countries:The U.S.AustraliaAustriaBelgiumCanada DenmarkFinlandFranceGermanyHong KongIrelandIsle of ManItalyJapanLiechtensteinLuxembourgNetherlandsNew ZealandNorwayPortugalPuerto RicoQatarRussiaSaudi ArabiaSingaporeSpainSwedenSwitzerlandTaiwanTurkeyUnited Arab Emiratesthe United Kingdomthe U.S. Virgin IslandsAnd for those Apple fanatics that just can’t get enough Apple news, here’s the company’s planned roll out through the end of October:Friday, Oct. 17: China, India and MonacoThursday, Oct. 23: IsraelFriday, Oct. 24: Czech Republic, French West Indies, Greenland, Malta, Poland, Reunion Island and South AfricaThursday, Oct. 30: Bahrain and KuwaitFriday, Oct. 31: Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Guam, Hungary, Iceland, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, South Korea, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and ThailandRelated: 11 Things Android Phones Can Do That The iPhone Still Can’tcenter_img October 13, 2014 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more

Police arrest two in Cozumel kidnapping case

first_imgThe State Prosecutor General’s Office, through the Special Prosecutor’s Office in Investigation of Kidnappings, initiated the investigation against the two identified by their initials as LXPC and MSD. Police say the kidnapping occurred January 16th in the colony Adolfo López Mateos after a report of deprivation of liberty against the two men. The report says the victim was taken aboard a gray van against their will. Cozumel, Q.R. — Two people are being investigated for an alleged kidnapping on the island of Cozumel. In press release, police say they have arrested two men for investigation into the kidnapping of a person last Wednesday. If found guilty, they could be sentenced to between 50 and 90 years in prison. The identity of the victim has not been released. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Cheap city break Spot of winter sun Get inspired

first_imgCheap city break? Spot of winter sun? Get inspired for your next trip, be it a weekend escape or a few days away, somewhere new or an old favourite, with these great value flights – all starting at less than £46 return.1. Dublin from £20Ok, it’s cliché, and the Guinness Storehouse at St James’s Gate may lack the atmosphere of city centre pubs, but when in Dublin, as they say. And its Gravity Bar bar offers one the best views of the city. You’ll find yourself in this rooftop bar at the end of a tour through the production, history and famous advertising campaigns of Dublin’s most famous export.Find a hotel in Dublin 2. Warsaw from £38Whether you want to spend your spare time checking out the city’s cultural attractions, or simply drinking as much Tyskie as possible while still getting let back on the plane, one essential Warsaw experience is a visit to a ‘milk bar’. They’re not bars that serve milk, but old style Communist-era restaurants knocking out great value grub. Try Bar Mleczny Zlota Kurka, one of the most famous in the city.More: 8 best things to do in Warsaw ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 5. Bremen from £36Get your Christmas market kicks in Bremen, which hosts one of the most popular on the Continent. It’s on right up until 23 December, if need to pick up some last-minute gingerbread. Or go for a rock-bottom bargain break in the New Year, when the city will be much quieter. Be sure to explore the Schnoor – an old fishing quarter now brimming with cool cafés, shops and galleries.More: 11 of the best Christmas market city breaks for under £60 4. Turin from £40Next to Neapolitan pizza, Turin’s Fiat 500 has got to be one of Italy’s most famous exports. Four wheeled icons are not all that Italy’s fourth largest city specialises in. Visitors flock to the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist to gaze upon the Turin Shroud, believed to bear the imprint of Christ’s face on his way to the cross. Take a break from all that racing around with a gelato (it’s winter? whatever!) from Pepino, the first parlour to put ice cream on a stick and dip it in chocolate to make… choc ice.center_img 6. Malaga from £34As anyone who’s visited will tell you, the quickest way to the coast of the Costa Del Sol is to head straight from Malaga airport down the N340. But while the Malaga car rental desks are the first port of call for those desperate to reach the beach, out-of-season visitors to southern Spain should stop right there to explore Malaga itself.More: 10 best things to do in Malaga: a local’s guide 3. Riga from £26Don’t be put off by its attractiveness to stag partying Brits, for the more civilised attractions of Latvia’s capital are coming to the fore. Riga has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its world-class collection of Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) architecture. Take a trip to the top of St Peter’s Church for an incredible 360 degree view of this Baltic beauty. RelatedCheap flights for less than £100Flight route Current estimated price Newcastle to Warsaw, Poland £28 London to Rome, Italy £46 Birmingham to Geneva, Switzerland £52 Liverpool to Berlin, Germany £53 Edinburgh to Amsterdam, Netherlands £83 Bristol to Copenhagen, Denmark £8910 quick getaway flights for under £40Did you know that in the UK, the highest level of monthly rainfall occurs in October? Which begs the question of why on Earth you would want to stay here when you could book a flight to one of these ten places for less than the cost of a video…6 flights for under £35Six flights, six destinations, six ideas for autumn and winter breaks to suit even the smallest of budgets.last_img read more

Shanghai China – Reported by Elite Traveler the

first_imgShanghai, China – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineAbout 250 of China’s business elite will attend this year’s Hainan Rendez-Vous—Asia’s premier private aviation exhibition—traveling, of course, via private jet.Taking place over April 1 to 4 on the tropical island of Hainan, the exhibition—now in its second year—showcases the world’s most exclusive private jets and provides a platform for both buyers and manufacturers. It is Asia’s only business-to-VIP customer aircraft show, and the only show in the region where manufacturers actually fly in attendees. The event is expected to draw roughly 8,000 ultra affluent guests.Hainan Rendez-Vous will also feature a yachting exhibit and shows for luxury properties and brands, with more than 15 top-name companies participating. Jets on display will include the Hawker Beechcraft 900XP, the Embraer Legacy 650, the Dassault Falcon 7X and more. A series of educational seminars and workshops on key topics in aviation will run at the Visun Marina in conjunction with the exhibition.Visit read more

Fuel tax cut would cost around €57m

first_imgA joint party proposal to cut fuel tax by five cents per litre will cost the state around €57m, the House finance committee heard on Monday.The proposal, tabled by the leaders of Disy and Diko, Averof Neophytou and Nicolas Papadopoulos, is opposed by the government, which wanted to cut the tax on income from interest rates from 30 per cent to 17 per cent instead.That would have cost some €45m.Finance Minister Harris Georgiades said there were also environmental reasons.Observers say the cut in fuel tax essentially undermines the state’s plan to cut road tax for low emission vehicles.MPs heard on Monday that the Disy-Diko proposal will be put to the vote on Wednesday afternoon and will come into effect immediately.The five-cent reduction in tax on petrol, diesel, and heating fuel will cost the state €48.4m — €57.5m including VAT.The state stands to lose €28.1m from petrol, €21.9m from diesel, and €7.5m from heating fuel.You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityEarthquake insurance that fits your future plansCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Will Take Your Breath Away. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more