Nova Scotia passes Tory bill proclaiming pregnancy and infant loss awareness day

first_imgHALIFAX – A private member’s bill proclaiming Oct. 15 as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day has been unanimously passed by the Nova Scotia legislature.The legislation was tabled this week by Tim Houston, the Progressive Conservative member for Pictou East.A similar bill was passed unanimously in Ontario in late 2015, proclaiming Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day on Oct. 15 and promising better resources, support and research on the issue.The Tory bill has received widespread support across Nova Scotia, including 28 municipalities that have agreed to proclaim the day.Houston says with the extra awareness and attention as part of the bill, the province can begin to provide women and families with the support and compassion they need “at such a difficult time.”last_img read more

Meg Mathews Designs Vegan Handbag Collection

first_imgRock ‘n’ roll socialite Meg Mathews has a lot on her (vegan) plate, from her work as a jewellery designer to her efforts as PETA’s celebrity liaison.But that didn’t stop her from teaming up with hot accessories label Wilby to design a new line of leather-free handbags. Available in black, pillar box red, mustard and electric blue, The Primrose Hill Set collection includes an oversize tote, a city bag, clutches and a backpack all made from eco-friendly cork and metal. A percentage of the sale from each bag will be donated to PETA.“I love fashion almost as much as I love helping animals, and my new Wilby line has allowed me to combine two of my greatest passions”, Mathews says. “I am proud to create eco-friendly handbags that will allow shoppers to find a chic new look without harming a single cow, sheep or any other animal.”All Wilby bags are made in the UK, and in line with Wilby’s motto – Mahatma Gandhi’s famous saying “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”. All handbags are made of eco-friendly, animal-free materials. Cows used for leather suffer immensely on crowded factory farms, where disease and deprivation of food and water are common. Painful mutilations such as tail-docking, dehorning and castration are all performed without any painkillers. At abattoirs, many cows are improperly stunned and skinned while they’re still conscious and able to feel pain. You can see for yourself by watching Stella McCartney’s shocking video exposé of the leather industry.In addition, tanneries use highly toxic mineral salts, formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives and various oils, dyes and finishes – some of which are cyanide-based – that can pollute nearby water and soil and make local residents sick.See more here.last_img read more

Former foster child who suffered sex abuse while in care suing Alberta

first_imgChris StewartAPTN NewsA man who grew up in Alberta’s child welfare system is suing the province for $11 million for sexual abuse he suffered while in care.Steven Morin says Alberta Child Services failed to protect him from a convicted sex offender.He says between the ages of five and nine, he was sexually assaulted – almost on a weekly basis.Morin says what should have been a safe foster home was instead, a place of fear and trauma.And the man who lived with his foster mother, John Edward Beaver, should never have been anywhere close to children he said.“This man came back into our home, and when he came back into our home, he continued to abuse us,” said Morin. “But not only did he continue to abuse us, the abuse towards me severely accelerated.“In the most horrendous disgusting ways you can think of.”Beaver had a conviction of possession of child pornography, and sentenced to six months in prison in 1999.(John Edward Beaver)Then he was back in the foster home where Morin and other foster children lived and the sexual abuse continued.Now, Morin wants Alberta Children’s Services to pay for failing to protect him.“How could they have missed this man? If he was not a foster parent, how could they have missed this? If he was a foster parent how could they again have missed this? Time and time again, they missed it. Missed it.” said Morin.Morin received a $35,000 dollar injury claim from an Alberta government fund for victims of crime. He said he was too young and foolish when he received the money. One month later, it was all gone.He spent it on alcohol and hard drugs to help numb the pain.He said he contemplated suicide.It took years to recover, a road he is still on.On September 10, Martin and his lawyer are attending a joint settlement meeting in court to decide whether a settlement is possible or whether the case should go to trial.Morin wants others who were abused to demand compensation as well.“If my lawsuit wins, then I’m hoping that setting the bar at eleven million, it’s going to show the government that we are not kidding around here,” he said.Beaver was charged with more than a dozen counts of sexual assault.But he would never stand trial for those charges. He died in his sleep in read more

Canadas big new trade deal How it could affect a far bigger

first_imgMONTREAL – The signing of a sprawling new trade pact involving two North American countries has revealed a rift in philosophy with the continent’s superpower and raised the question of whether those differences might complicate the NAFTA negotiations.Canada and Mexico joined the new Trans-Pacific Partnership as the three North American countries gathered Tuesday in Montreal for a week-long round seen as potentially pivotal in gauging the prospects for a new NAFTA after a contentious few rounds.The chief negotiators for Canada and Mexico brushed aside the idea that the TPP deal would affect NAFTA talks.“It’s pretty much separate tracks,” Canada’s lead negotiator Steve Verheul told The Canadian Press, while walking between meetings at the negotiating round in Montreal.“It has not come up here yet — so far.”Note the qualifier — yet.Some critics bemoaned the timing of a decision to dive into a new Asia-Pacific trade zone, when some of the deal’s basic principles run counter to those of the new, Donald Trump-led U.S. administration.Trump’s team professes to detest multilateral deals; it’s keen to restrict imports from Asia; and it withdrew from the TPP as one of the incoming president’s first acts in office — exactly one year earlier, on Jan. 23, 2017.Fast-forward one year later, Trump was back in the Oval Office making another announcement on trade with Asia. This time he held a signing ceremony to celebrate punitive duties on washing machines and solar panels, and singled out China as his target.He sounded optimistic about NAFTA.“NAFTA is moving along pretty well.” Mentioning his trade czar Bob Lighthizer, the president said: “If it doesn’t work out, we’ll terminate it. But I think you’re doing pretty well, Bob.”Some fear the bonhomie could hit a brick wall.On automobiles in particular, manufacturing jobs are a key Trump priority. The three countries have been hoping to make progress at this round, and Verheul confirmed he intends to suggest ways to help the U.S. meet some of its objectives.But on autos, the TPP runs in the exact opposite direction of Trump’s goals. He wants taller trade barriers, and fewer Asian parts; but TPP liberalizes auto-parts trade, meaning more pieces imported from Asia, including from countries not in the deal — like China.The current NAFTA allows 37.5 per cent of a car to come from outside the trade zone, before tariffs apply. Trump wants that cranked down to 15 per cent — but the new TPP zone moves dramatically in the other direction, to 55 per cent.One auto stakeholder called it inconceivable that Canada would sign a deal that does the opposite of what its No. 1 customer wants.“This could not be a dumber move at a more important time,” said Flavio Volpe of Canada’s Auto Parts Manufacturers’ Association. He accused the government of chasing a legacy item, without regard for how it might affect the far more important NAFTA negotiations: “We’re trophy hunting.”The U.S. buys three-quarters of Canada’s overall exports.And that’s precisely the point, according to defenders of the TPP deal. Pointing to that dependency on the U.S., several defenders said there’s a need for trade diversification. One senior federal source said it even helps Canada’s position at the NAFTA bargaining table, showing the U.S. that it will look elsewhere for partnerships, giving Canada greater leverage.“It’s better than worth it. It’s advantageous,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.“The U.S. does not respect weakness.”Another potential problem area is dairy: the U.S. wants more access to Canada’s closed market. TPP already opens it up a crack to foreign competition, and defenders of the system say it can’t handle any more liberalization.One Washington-based consultant who knows trade, and the auto sector, offered a nuanced view.Eric Miller said he’s thrilled the deal happened. But he acknowledged it could still create headaches at the NAFTA table. Miller, who worked for the federal government on the 2009 auto bailout, said it will complicate the conversation on auto parts.He predicted this will intensify the American desire for rules that extensively track the origin of pieces. This will raise costs for companies, in terms of compliance and possible fines, he added. And he said U.S. customs officers will have to keep a closer eye out for Asian components in Canadian shipments.“It will certainly make things more complicated,” Miller said. “(And) these NAFTA discussions (on autos) become all the more important.”That being said, Miller said the TPP deal is great for lumber exporters, livestock producers and many other Canadians and he believes it’s smart for Canada to diversify its trade.“I think it’s great news for Canada and Canadian exporters,” Miller said. “This helps to advance the cause of trade diversification … (and) I think it actually helps Canada’s leverage in NAFTA.”Miller added, “This sends a signal: that Canada has options.”Mexico’s chief negotiator agreed that the new pact made a broader point. Kenneth Smith Ramos denied that it would affect NAFTA, but he said: “It sends a signal that we can work together with Canada in the context of international trade negotiations.”last_img read more

Stormy thunder showers expected in Morocco

Taroudant- The National Meteorology Directorate issued a special weather warning on Friday forecasting storms and thunder for Saturday and Sunday, in several regions of Morocco.Unstable clouds are likely to cause significant thunder showers locally in regions including Boulemane, Midelt, Missour, Guercif, Errachidia, Taourit, Jerrada, Figuig Bouarfa and Taza during the period from 12:00 Saturday to 0:00 Sunday, said the National Directorate of Meteorology. A heat wave hit Morocco Monday to Thursday this week, with temperatures reaching 44 degrees in the southern region.  Temperatures of between 35 and 42 degrees were recorded in most of the regions of the kingdom. Edited by Elisabeth Myers read more

Security Council urges measures to curb illicit traffic in small arms and

Gravely concerned at the harmful impact of small arms and light weapons on civilians in armed conflict, the Security Council today called for measures to keep these arsenals from falling into illicit channels. “Bearing in mind the considerable volume of licit trade in small arms and light weapons, the Council encourages States to adopt legislative and other measures to ensure effective control over the export, import, transit, stocking and storage of small arms and light weapons,” said Ambassador Martin Belinga-Eboutou of Cameroon, the President of the 15-member body, in a formal statement, which also called for effective measures to verify the end-users of these armaments. “Arms-exporting countries are encouraged to exercise the highest degree of responsibility in small arms and light weapons transactions,” the President said, stressing the responsibility of all States to prevent the illegal diversion and re-export of small arms and light weapons. The Council welcomed the establishment of a UN group of governmental experts mandated to examine the feasibility of developing an international instrument to enable States to identify and trace illicit small arms and light weapons, according to the statement. The statement stressed the importance of further steps to enhance international cooperation in preventing, combating and eradicating illicit trading in small arms and light weapons, and called on States that have not already done so to establish a national register of arms brokers. “The Council urges States to impose appropriate penalties for all illicit brokering activities, as well as arms transfers that violate Security Council embargoes, and to take appropriate enforcement action,” Ambassador Belinga-Eboutou said. Welcoming the identification of arms traffickers who have violated international arms embargoes, the Council called on countries to impose appropriate penalties on all weapons dealers ignoring these bans. The statement also underlined the importance of pursuing “more vigorously and expeditiously” the application of arms embargoes in countries or regions threatened by, engaged in or emerging from armed conflict. At the same time, the statement noted that arms embargoes do not address weapons already existing in conflict areas, and reiterated the importance of carrying out disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programmes in post-conflict situations. read more

Highlevel UN team to leave for Nepal to discuss assistance for the

“Through consultations with all concerned, the mission will seek a common understanding of the nature and scope of responsibilities the United Nations could undertake in the peace process,” Mr. Annan said in a statement read out by his spokesman.The assessment team will be led by Staffan De Mistura, who until recently was the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Iraq. The team is scheduled to be in Nepal between 26 July and 3 August.In April, King Gyanendra reinstated Parliament following mass demonstrations across the country and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) – which has been waging an armed rebellion for the past decade – declared a three-month ceasefire, both moves that were praised by Mr. Annan.Also in Nepal, a senior UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) official today called on refugees from Bhutan to be patient, saying there was now increased hope that their 15 years in exile could be coming to an end.“Please have faith in us. We are doing everything we can to bring your plight to the attention of the international community,” UNHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Operations Judy Cheng-Hopkins told leaders of more than 18,000 refugees in a camp in the east of Nepal. Almost 107,000 people of Nepali ethnic origin fled from Bhutan in the early 1990s and now live in seven refugee camps in Nepal. UNHCR said that years of negotiations between the two countries have so far produced few results on their ultimate fate. read more

US job openings surged in June to record high

In this Thursday, July 27, 2017, photo, Omaha Public Schools Human Resources Information Systems Analyst Lori Sanders, left, assists Cheryl Bast, second from left, as she works on an application for a position with Omaha Public Schools during a job fair held at Omaha South High School in Omaha, Neb. On Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017, the Labor Department reports on job openings and labor turnover for June. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) WASHINGTON – U.S. employers posted a record number of open jobs in June, a sign that the solid hiring of recent months will likely continue.Job openings jumped 8 per cent to 6.2 million, the highest on records dating back to 2000, the Labor Department said Tuesday. Hiring fell, however, and the number of people quitting their jobs also dropped.The data suggest that employers have plenty of jobs to fill but are struggling to find the qualified workers they need. Typically, employers would offer higher pay to entice more applicants, accelerating wage growth. But the government’s jobs report for July, released Friday, showed that pay gains haven’t picked up yet.Job openings in construction and manufacturing rose sharply. They also increased in financial services, health care, and in state and local government. The number of open jobs in retail fell.The report comes after the government said Friday that employers added 209,000 jobs in July and revised its June figure higher to 231,000. Friday’s figures represent a net total of jobs added minus jobs lost, while Tuesday’s report includes overall hiring data.Tuesday’s data come from the Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, or JOLTS. They are more detailed and provide a fuller view of the job market than the monthly jobs figures.The JOLTS suggests that the economy is at or near “full employment,” when nearly everyone who wants a job has one and the unemployment rate mostly reflects the temporary churn of job losses and gains.If so, that has implications for the Federal Reserve: Businesses would be forced to lift pay and potentially raise their prices to cover the cost of higher salaries if the economy is at full employment.That could spur inflation. Fed policymakers have been hiking short-term interest rates partly because they mostly think full-employment has been reached.Yet on Friday, the government’s jobs report showed that many Americans have come off the sidelines and launched job hunts in the past year, and most have found jobs. These newly-employed workers weren’t actively looking for jobs in previous months and so weren’t counted as unemployed.That is a sign that more Americans are willing to work than the unemployment rate suggests, and indicates the economy isn’t at full employment yet. by Christopher Rugaber, The Associated Press Posted Aug 8, 2017 8:24 am MDT Last Updated Aug 8, 2017 at 9:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email US job openings surged in June to record high read more

St Lucia PM defends position on Citizenship by Investment Programme

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedSt Lucia PM dismisses UWI lecturer’s claim that businessmen as politicians are bad for societyAugust 16, 2017In “latest news”St Lucia to impose visa restrictions on VenezuelansAugust 15, 2017In “latest news”Allen Chastanet sworn in as new St Lucia PMJune 7, 2016In “latest news” (CMC) Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says he was “uncomfortable” with the wording of an opposition motion regarding the controversial Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).Prime Minister Allen Chastanet (Photo: CMC)The opposition legislators last week stormed out of the Parliament after the decision of the Speaker, Leonne Theodore-John, not to allow for the debate explaining that the motion would be deferred for a subsequent sitting of the Parliament.But she told legislators that she had written to the Member of Parliament for the Castries South constituency, Dr Ernest Hilaire on the issue.But an infuriated Hilaire complained that he only learnt of the change ‎when he arrived at the Parliament building last Tuesday and it was improper for a motion, which was circulated to members to be altered at short notice.Speaking at a news conference here on Monday, Prime Minister Chastanet told reporters with regards to the incident in the House last week, the Speaker was very clear.“At the right time the motion will come back before the House for debate, but from my perspective I don’t know how you debate a motion which is based on something that is not factual.“The wording of the motion in my mind was uncomfortable, it didn’t feel good going into the debate. Now those are things they want to bring up in the debate, they are free to bring it up in the debate but they can’t be written in a motion. The motion says whereas which suggests it is the fact.“There is no fact that suggests because we lower the price that the programme has jeopardised the reputation or undermined the security of this country,” Chastanet said.Chastanet told reporters that he would like to hear the positions of former prime ministers Dr Kenny Anthony and Professor Vaughan Lewis as to whether or not they support the position adopted by the opposition party on the CIP.Chastant said that he was surprised at the position adopted by the opposition St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on the CIP when the programme was started under its administration.“The Labour Party is attempting to suggest that because we lowered the prices that somehow this is going to make the country less secure. None of the regulations as it pertains to background checks has been changed.“In fact if anything they have been strengthened by new relationships we have gained through the regional security forces. So I want to assure everybody that’s the case. So I don’t understand the arguments they are making,” he told reporters.Last week, following the walkout, Opposition Leader Phillip J Pierre told reporters that “we believe that the government simply does not wish any debate on the Citizenship by Investment Programme and has refused to provide any information on the CIP as required by law.“The SLP believes that this latest move by the government is testimony to the vindictiveness and undemocratic nature of the UWP (United Workers Party) government and its desire to stifle free speech,” Pierre said.“We intend to continue to show the people of St Lucia that this government is vindictive, is dictatorial, it abuses power. If it can do that after less than one year in office, we can imagine what can happen when they are in power for a longer period,” Pierre said.St Lucia is among several Caribbean countries that have introduced a CIP aimed at luring foreign investors to the region. Under the programme, the foreign investor is granted citizenship if he or she makes a substantial investment to the socio-economic development of the island. read more

3DP deploys asset health at North American Coals Sabine mine

first_img3D-P and iVolve recently completed the initial implementation of a scalable, affordable, open platform asset health solution at the North American Coal’s Sabine mine in Hallsville, Texas. With five Kress coal haulers running, Sabine was looking for an affordable asset health solution that would provide management with real-time maintenance information and the necessary scalability as the mine requirements increased. Sabine decided that the 3D-P Maintenance Reporting System, powered by iVolve, would best meet their requirements. The deployment provided a solution that met Sabine’s requirements while staying within the budget. The open architecture of the 3D-P hardware provided the necessary flexibility required for the mine to evolve and integrate with the mine’s existing technology investments.Running on the 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint platform, the Maintenance Reporting System communicates with the truck’s on-board systems to extract the data it needs. Captured data is displayed in real-time both in cab via the on-board screen and to the remote operation centre using the iControl dashboard.iControl enables Sabine personnel to monitor, record and replay vehicles’ critical parameters including engine hours, fuel level, etc. Machine events are also captured and geo-stamped, and truck locations can be seen live.Installation of the on-board equipment on the first haul truck was completed in one day and the remaining truck installations, scheduled for March 2017, are expected to take half a day per machine.Following completion of the health installation, Sabine will be deploying the 3D-P Production reporting system to provide real-time monitoring and recording of all aspects of the haul truck production cycle including load cycle, load tonnage, load pass as well as center of gravity, material, queuing and loading states.“The 3D-P team was very professional, organized and helpful from start to finish. The efforts that went into coordinating the project were well above the norm. Customer service was clearly their focus prior to the sale, throughout the planning phase and especially during and after implementation. I sincerely look forward to working with the 3D-P crew again in the future” says Matt Hampton, Maintenance Manager at the mine.3D-P wireless connectivity makes the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality for mining. Through a complete range of wireless connectivity solutions, 3D-P ensures high performance of wireless networks and real-time access to critical production and asset health data, while 3D-P’s Intelligent Endpoint (IEP) product line provides powerful edge computing, for optimal management of operations.iVolve is an Australian based industrial technology company delivering real-time machine intelligence, enabling mines to make educated decisions to increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize risk immediately. The architecture of the iVolve solution is designed to allow individual modules to be deployed specific to each mine’s specific needs and allows for seamless additional functionality when needs and scale change.last_img read more

Grum botnet shutdown kills 20 percent of worldwide spam

first_imgOver the past couple of years, the good guys have posted several key victories over the purveyors of one of the Internet’s most nettlesome menaces: spam. Microsoft has been involved in three key shutdowns which saw the Rustock, Kelihos, and Waledac botnets taken offline.Today, another network has fallen: Grum, which infected around 120,000 computers worldwide. That might not seem like a significant number, but a single spam zombie is capable of pumping out a staggering number of messages every day. Grum accounted for as much as one fifth of the world’s spam.Like previous operations, a coordinated effort targeting the Grum command and control servers helped to quickly strangle the network. On Monday and Tuesday, servers in the Netherlands and Panama were taken offline. However, Grum’s criminal controllers fought back by quickly re-routing communications to six new servers in Ukraine. With help from Russian cybersecurity firm CERT-GIB and an anonymous researcher operating under the handle Nova7, those were taken out by mid-day on Wednesday.The zombie horde had dwindled to around 20,000 by this morning, and that number will continue to drop as they look for — and fail to receive — instructions from the CNC servers. Fire Eye Malware Lab researcher Atif Mushtaq notes that Grum’s creators don’t appear to have built in any sort of fallback mechanism. That means it’s not likely to reanimate and pollute our inboxes again any time soon — though there’s still plenty of other spam being generated by other networks.It’s a good day for the Internet, though, as the victory over Grum shows that the security community remains focused on eliminating one of our biggest bandwidth leeches.More at Fire Eye and PC Maglast_img read more

The 5 at 5 Tuesday

first_img Image: Shutterstock/Natalia Livingston By Aoife Barry Apr 4th 2017, 5:00 PM Share Tweet Email Image: Shutterstock/Natalia Livingston No Comments EVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you the five stories you need to know as you head home for the day.1. #BALLYDUFF A man has been arrested after an elderly man was killed in a collision involving a teleporter vehicle. The man, in his 70s, was pronounced dead at the scene.2. #FAI Members of Ireland’s women’s national football team were described as “the dirt off the FAI’s shoe” at a press conference today where they called for better working conditions.3. #ARMAGH A married couple were jailed for the sexual abuse of a vulnerable woman who they kept prisoner in their home for eight years.4. #MAURITIUS John McAreavey has offered a €50,000 reward in Mauritius for information on his wife Michaela’s murder in the country in 2011.5. #LUAS The Luas red line was closed for a time this afternoon after a person was injured in an incident between the Heuston and St James’s stops. The 5 at 5: Tuesday 5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock… Short URL 6,867 Views Tuesday 4 Apr 2017, 5:00 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Controversial Ronaldo bust swapped at Madeira airport

first_img Short URL The Ronaldo museum opened in 2013 and a year later it unveiled a 3.40 metres (10 feet) statue which also caused some mirth owing to its figure-hugging shorts.While his home island concentrates on his likenesses the real Ronaldo is busy at the World Cup. He notched a hat trick to earn a point against Spain a few hours after the airport bust was exchanged.- © AFP 2018 Controversial Ronaldo bust swapped at Madeira airport The original was swapped on Friday. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 33 Comments Share80 Tweet Email1 40,399 Views center_img Remember that Ronaldo statue?It’s now been replaced.Read👉— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) June 18, 2018 By AFP Cristiano Ronaldo statue at the International Airport in Madeira. Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesTHE CONTROVERSIAL BRONZE bust of Cristiano Ronaldo at the airport on Madeira which bears his name has been replaced.“This bust is much better than the other one, that’s what everyone thinks,” Hugo Aveiro, brother of the five-time Ballon d’or, winner, told the Diario de Noticias da Madeira newspaper.“A Spanish sculptor offered this new bust … so good that we decided to change it,” he added.The original was swapped on Friday at the request of the Real Madrid superstar’s entourage, according to local media.The original, by local artist Emanuel Santos, was unveiled 16 months ago at a ceremony to rename the airport after one of Madeira’s most famous sons, CR7 having been born in the capital Funchal.But it was widely mocked, not least for its grimacing smile.“The CR7 museum asked us to replace the bust in tribute to the athlete and we felt we ought to change it,” airport director Duarte Ferreira explained. Source: BBC Sport/Twitter Monday 18 Jun 2018, 9:30 PM Jun 18th 2018, 9:31 PM last_img read more

Di Francesco on race for the Champions League

first_imgRoma coach Eusebio Di Francesco believes that having many teams in race for the Champions League is an advantage for his side.While talking to the press about their chances at the Champions League, the manager said, according to Calciomercato:“The race for the Champions League? The fact that there are so many teams in it can only be an advantage. We are late compared to the others but this is an opportunity not to be missed and are three key points also in view of Parma. Now we need to lose as few points as possible,” he said.Rick Karsdorp, Roma, Serie AKarsdorp reveals he had too much stress at Roma Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The Dutch defender has been with the Gialorrossi since 2017, but he has not enjoyed his time in the Italian Lega Serie A.Roma will challenge Sassulo on boxing day and FC Porto in February and Eusebio believes his side is motivated by the pressure.“Pressure? It must be a pressure that motivates us. It is our job. When the results are not good we have to interpret the solutions to win points again that will be fundamental in the standings,” Di Francesco concluded.last_img read more

Tamil Nadu MDMK chief Vaiko files nomination for Rajya Sabha

first_imgChennai: Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party General Secretary Vaiko on Saturday filed his nomination for the Rajya Sabha elections as a DMK-supported candidate. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) Chief MK Stalin was also present on the occasion. On July 1, the DMK had announced names of its three nominees for the ensuing Rajya Sabha polls. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us Stalin nominated M Shanmugham of DMK and advocate B Wilson for the Rajya Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu to be held on July 18. The DMK had agreed to give one of its three Rajya Sabha seats to Vaiko, chief of DMK” as part of an agreement in the recently held parliamentary elections. Elections to the six Tamil Nadu Rajya Sabha seats is scheduled on July 18. In the 234-member Assembly, AIADMK has 123 members, DMK 100, Congress 7, IUML and Independent one each with two seats vacant.last_img read more

Stretch Of Yale Street Closer To Becoming Green Corridor

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Edel HowlinJonathan Smulian with the Houston Heights Association wants part of Yale Street be designated a “green corridor.”Some 500 trees line both sides of Yale Street in the Heights. They were planted by residents in 1987.“And with the street changing its character very quickly, we felt that we should try to get more protection for the trees which line the street,” said Jonathan Smulian with the Urban Forestry Committee of the Houston Heights Association.A couple of years ago, the group found a provision in the city’s code of ordinances that had never been used: It allows for the designation of a “green corridor,” where trees with 15 inches or more diameter may not be cut down without the approval of the city’s parks department and replacing them or paying a fee.The group collected signatures from commercial property owners along Yale between Sixth and 19th Street, a 1.6 mile stretch, to present to the city.Seventy-six percent were in favor of the designation, just enough to meet the “green corridor” criteria.On Wednesday, Smulian and other supporters spoke at a public hearing before City Council.Council member Karla Cisneros liked the idea. She said it could be the first of several green corridors in the city.“We also need to think about potential corridors that maybe don’t even have trees on them that would help us then link these thoroughfares and create this network through our city,” she said.Mayor Sylvester Turner seemed open to the idea but emphasized it has to come from the residents.“This is where the people in the community – people along the streets, the corridor – are asking us to do it and simply asking us to ratify something they already want,” he said.Turner said he will wait to present the Yale Street green corridor designation for a city council vote until two or three weeks from now to make sure more residents will have an opportunity to weigh in.The ordinance does not affect residential homeowners or trees on private commercial property behind a designated setback.Editor’s note: This story was updated with more information.  X Share 00:00 /01:48 Listenlast_img read more

Report In Harveys Wake Assisted Living Facilities Show Shortcomings in Emergency Preparedness

first_img X 00:00 /01:05 The AARP of Texas issued a report on how assisted living facilities in Texas failed to respond to Harvey and compiled a list of recommendations to improve emergency preparedness. Residents of Houston-area assisted living facilities faced harm, neglect and abandonment during Harvey, according to documents obtained by the AARP.  Sharecenter_img “In at least one instance, there was no staff in the facility and so residents were left to fend for themselves during one of the largest natural disasters this state has ever seen,” said Amanda Fredriksen, associate director of Advocacy for AARP Texas.In response to complaints, the AARP report recommends strengthening emergency preparedness requirements and enforcement for assisted living facilities in Texas. That includes ensuring fines to deter violations, improving requirements for response plans, requiring facilities to alert the Texas Health and Human Services Commission of damages or flooding and requiring inspection from the commission if a facility is, indeed, damaged. Fredriksen said better enforcement and requirements will protect the well-being and safety of seniors living in long-term care centers. “We would really encourage the agency that oversees them, the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), to look at the structure and the fines and enforcement there, and see if that needs to be changed,” she noted. According to Fredriksen, assisted living centers currently face less oversight than nursing homes since they are only regulated by the state. She hopes to work with lawmakers leading up to the next legislative session to beef up emergency preparedness requirements and enforcement. In its annual report, the HHSC also recommended improving emergency responses in assisted living facilities in the wake of Harvey. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listenlast_img read more

Renewables can fill 80 percent electricity demand in US in 2050

first_imgTransformation of the Electric Sector ( — In the United States, renewable energy sources could supply 80 percent of electricity demand in 2050 just by using technologies commercially available today. That is the word from a new report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Renewable Electricity Futures Study (RE Futures). The report offers a detailed focus on the extent to which U.S. electricity needs can be supplied by renewable energy sources, including biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, and wind. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further More information: Renewable energy costs falling: agency The lineup of renewable electricity technologies is discussed from a national perspective. The study’s overall position is that a future U.S. electricity system largely powered by renewable sources is possible and that further work is warranted to investigate “this clean generation pathway.“Reaching an 80 percent-renewables goal by 2050, says the study, will involve fifty percent of electricity coming from wind and photovoltaics. “The analysis treats a variety of scenarios with prescribed levels of renewable electricity generation in 2050, from 30% to 90%, with a focus on 80% (with nearly 50% from variable wind and solar photovoltaic generation).” A diverse mix of renewable energy resources, such as geothermal, solar, wind and wave energy, can support multiple combinations of renewable technologies. The results would be meaningful reductions in electric sector greenhouse gas emissions and water use. The study finds no geographical gaps in achieving the 2050 goal. “All regions of the United States could contribute substantial renewable electricity supply in 2050, consistent with their local renewable resource base.”Hydropower is the biggest renewable contributor, but hydropower plays less of a role over the next few decades. NREL suggests a growing role for offshore wind. NREL also says dedicated biomass power plants, as opposed to just feeding biomass to coal plants, are needed.The study is significant as the most comprehensive analysis of high-penetration renewable electricity of the United States to date. IEEE Spectrum comments that the study may also impact debates over renewable and their future. “The fossil fuel supporters who claim coal and natural gas will always be required to provide baseload power are standing on shakier ground all the time.”The study maintains that reaching the 80 percent goal is not insurmountable, but only if the right changes are made.”While this analysis suggests such a high renewable generation future is possible, a transformation of the electricity system would need to occur to make this future a reality. This transformation, involving every element of the grid, from system planning through operation, would need to ensure adequate planning and operating reserves, increased flexibility of the electric system, and expanded multi-state transmission infrastructure, and would likely rely on the development and adoption of technology advances, new operating procedures, evolved business models, and new market rules.” Citation: Renewables can fill 80 percent electricity demand in U.S. in 2050 (2012, June 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2012 Phys.Orglast_img read more

Hyundai enjoys record monthly sales Maruti Tata accelerate

first_imgHowever, Honda Cars India and Mahindra & Mahindra reported decline in sales last month reflecting “fragmented recovery” that the auto industry is witnessing. Market leader Maruti Suzuki India said its domestic sales increased by 8.6 per cent during the month to 1,06,781 units, as against 98,304 units in August 2014.Sales of mini segment cars, including, Alto and WagonR, increased by 8.6 per cent to 37,665 units as compared to 34,686 units in the year-ago month, MSI said in a statement. The company’s newly launched premium crossover vehicle S-Cross clocked sales of over 4,500 units during the month.  Also Read – Punjab & Sind Bank cuts MCLR by up to 20 basis pointsRival Hyundai Motor India saw its highest ever monthly domestic sales at 40,505 units last month as compared to 33,750 units in August 2014, up 20.01 per cent. “The growth has been led by the new SUV Creta, Elite i20 and i20 Active. While the Creta has done about 7,400 units, other models have also contributed to the overall growth,” HMIL senior vice-president (sales and marketing) Rakesh Srivastava said. Hyundai recorded highest-ever single month sales with a volume of 40,505 units and growth of 20 per cent over the last year, led by strong youthful product portfolio, he added. Also Read – ‘The great gold bull market has begun’Tata Motors’ sales of passenger cars in August were higher by 19 per cent at 9,814 units, as compared to 8,229 units in same period of last year. Its domestic passenger vehicles sales rose 2 per cent at 11,194 units as against 10,975 units in the same month of previous year.“The growth that we are seeing in the industry is because of the new models. If you take out the new models, industry growth will be in the negative,” Tata Motors President (Passenger Vehicles Business Unit) Mayank Pareek said. This is a concern as August is the time when usually sales start picking up, which hasn’t happened this time, he said, adding that the ‘pain areas’ of the industry were mainly dip in consumer sentiment and expectation of a cut in interest rates making customers postpone purchases. He further said that the narrowing gap between petrol and diesel prices has hurt demand for utility vehicles, which also had been affected due to the hike in excise duty. Honda Cars India reported 6.58 per cent decline in its domestic sales at 15,655 units in August, despite the launch of its new Jazz in July.Utility vehicle major Mahindra & Mahindra saw its domestic sales decline 3.10 per cent to 32,122 units last month as against 33,150 units in the same month last year.“While currently we are witnessing fragmented recovery in auto sales, we are hopeful that the upcoming festive season will provide a much needed fillip to the auto industry,” M&M Chief Executive (Automotive Division) Pravin Shah said.Ford India August domestic sales stood at 8,331 units, up 22.49 per cent, compared to 6,801 units in the same month last year, driven by robust sales of recently launched compact sedan Figo Aspire.Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) reported 1.29 per cent increase in its August sales at 12,547 units as compared to 12,386 units in the same period of last year. Commenting on the sales performance, TKM Director and Senior Vice-President N Raja said the growth can be partly attributed to the new Camry.Volkswagen sold 4,191 units in August, up 4.59 per cent, as compared to 4,007 units sold in the corresponding month of the previous year. In the two-wheeler segment, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) reported 1.86 per cent increase in total sales at 3,95,262 units in August.Yamaha Motor India reported 15 per cent increase in domestic two-wheeler sales at 61,440 units in August. Royal Enfield, the two-wheeler division of Eicher Motors, posted sales of 41,600 units in the domestic market, up 59.25 per cent, from 26,121 units in the same month last year. ptilast_img read more

Luxperience inspires Personal Travel Managers

first_imgLuxperience inspires Personal Travel Managers TravelManagers’ personal travel managers (from left) Melinda Rowe, Annalize Troost and Georgina Grandi inspired by their Luxperience experienceLuxperience inspires Personal Travel ManagersNine of TravelManagers’ personal travel managers participated last week in the invite only, specialist luxury global three-day business exchange Luxperience. The only Australian forum of its kind, Luxperience 2016 connected over 300 experiential, unique and inspiring luxury travel products directly to over 450 high-end experiential travel buyers.Personal travel managers participating in the Sydney based event were New South Wales based Melinda Rowe representative for East Jindabyne, Annalize Troost representative for West Pennant Hills; Victoria based Debbie Bean representative for Tarneit, Lea Burford representative for Torquay, Luke Vaughan representative for Kooyang, Melanie Carter representative for Scoresby, Michelle Levins representative for Forest Hill and Queensland based Georgina Grandi representative for Wynnum, Annette Fyfe representative for Victoria Point. TravelManagers Executive General Manager Michael Gazal also attended the Gala Awards dinner.Luxperience promised to connect travel buyers with the most innovative experiential travel experts in the luxury market and Grandi was definitely not disappointed.“The TravelManagers’ philosophy of providing exceptional personal service to create individual tailor-made client luxurious experiences resonates perfectly with Luxperience’s values. The luxury market fits with our ethos of bespoke travel arrangements and going the extra mile for our clients. I can’t wait to tell my clients all about the incredible new and exciting holiday experiences I’ve learnt about.”Troost found the event incredibly informative, being introduced to an extensive range of new suppliers and intriguing products.“I was extremely inspired with my one-on-one meetings with a huge range of specialist suppliers from all over the world. With just over a 50 percent increase in new suppliers attending this years’ event I was impressed by the amount of new boutique and specialist suppliers. It’s this type of opportunity to gain expert firsthand information and knowledge on luxury destinations all under one roof that allows us to really impress our clients.”A key part of Luxperience that resonated well with Rowe was the opportunity to exchange ideas and attend the Thought Leader Forum focusing on the latest trends in the luxury travel market.“The pre-scheduled appointments worked really well as I could meet with suppliers that suited my client and business needs. As personal travel managers we are constantly on the lookout to find innovative ways to interact with our clients and this includes more than just offering the very best in experiences and information. The value we can offer our top end clients comes in the form of keeping up with the latest trends and maintaining relevance as travel experiences and client needs continually change.”The final night It’s a Wrap Party brought to a close an extremely successful networking event with the 2017 dates and theme of ‘Through a New Lens’ being announced.Troost views her first Luxperience event an overwhelming success from both a business and networking point of view.“This event is a tribute to the travel industry, which simply could not survive without the conduit between supplier and customer. Events like these are vital to keep the travel experience personal.”The sixth Luxperience event is planned for 17-20 September 2017.“I’ve already circled these dates in my diary” laughs Grandi. TravelManagers Australiabecome a Personal Travel Manager here About TravelManagers Travel Managers operates in all Australian States and is a wholly owned subsidiary of House of Travel, Australasia’s largest independent travel company which has a forecast turnover of $1.5 billion for 2015. TravelManagers is a sister company to Hoot Holidays, also owned by House of Travel, and has more than 490 personal travel managers throughout Australia with a dedicated support team at the company’s national partnership office in Sydney. TravelManagers places all customer money in a dedicated and audited Client Trust Account which is separate from the general business accounts, ensuring client funds are only used for client purchases.Source = TravelManagers Australialast_img read more