Nicaragua canal survey off to rocky start marked by fear and mistrust

first_imgAccording to studies by specialists from the Institute of Geology at China’s Earthquake Administration, [Nicaragua’s] volcanoes will not negatively affect the normal operation of the Gran Canal of Nicaragua. With the adoption of the most advanced international design theories, and adequate construction measures, it is guaranteed that the canal will not suffer damages in the event of an earthquake, nor will [an earthquake] negatively affect the project.The CRCC also states that since 2013, several experts have been conducting field studies of the route’s topography, geology and hydrology, resulting in detailed studies of the canal route. Shouldn’t those studies be shared with the public? Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel González – whose country shares a border with Nicaragua on the Río San Juan, which joins Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean Sea – thinks so. In comparison, if you want to find out the environmental impact and mitigation efforts of the ongoing $5.25 billion Panama Canal expansion project, all 11 chapters of the assessment are posted online for anyone to peruse. Last week as I was driving through the sweltering Nicaraguan countryside in the southwestern department of Rivas, a convoy of soldiers traveling at midday on the Inter-American Highway caught my eye. It’s not unusual to see troop movements in a Central American country with an army, but these guys looked liked they were on assignment.A check of the local social media rumor mill revealed chatter that police and soldiers were indeed moving about Rivas in the presence of “chinos,” and it was somehow related to the Gran Canal project.Rivas is ground zero for President Daniel Ortega’s ambitious $40 billion, 278-kilometer interoceanic canal. The canal promises to make Nicaragua — the second poorest nation in the Americas — “one of the richest countries in Central America,” according to plans published by the China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd., and apparently approved by the secretive Hong Kong Nicaragua Development company, or HKND, which is tasked with designing and building the canal.The Pacific point of entry is the mouth of the Brito River, in Rivas, where a large petroleum port and free trade zone are scheduled to be built. Not far from that, a tourism complex is being planned. The Brito free trade zone, according to the plans, will cover approximately 29 square kilometers and provide residential housing space for 40,000 people and create 113,000 jobs.Three months remain before the start of construction on the massive infrastructure project that will profoundly change the landscape of this volcanic isthmus. Skeptics have asked a lot of questions about the company HKND and the canal. Those inquiries often are met with glaring silence or vaguely worded company press releases. But last week, Rivas residents got a taste of the future – and they didn’t seem to like it very much.Those soldiers I saw turned out to be armed escorts, along with police, for Chinese land surveyors from the Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research Co., Ltd., one of the Asian giant’s top state-owned engineering firms. The same company built the Three Gorges hydropower project on the Yangtze River in China. The world’s largest hydroelectric dam set the record for number of displaced people (1.2 million) and cities and towns flooded (13 cities, 140 towns, 1,350 villages), according to the environmental group International Rivers, and resulted in “floating archipelagoes of garbage,” according to The New York Times. Soldiers accompany Chinese land surveyors in Rivas, Nicaragua. (Screengrab from Confidencial’s “Esta Semana”)The weekly TV program “Esta Semana,” hosted by Carlos F. Chamorro of the news magazine Confidencial, produced a recent investigation on the land surveying. Chamorro, who is highly critical of the Ortega regime and its canal plans, sent reporter Wilfredo Miranda to Rivas to take a closer look at what’s going on (see the video above, in Spanish). There, Confidencial found residents who felt violated and intimidated by soldiers, police and Chinese company representatives.Land surveyors arrived several times and entered properties without permission, Rodrigo Velásquez, a community organizer in Orejuelo, a village on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, told Confidencial. “They’re obligating residents to sign.” It’s unclear what exactly residents are being asked to sign. The slips of paper, in both Mandarin and Spanish, could be permission waivers for surveyors to enter their properties. Or their purpose could be more nefarious. Residents had no idea what was happening.“They didn’t say anything, they just entered como Pedro por su casa,” said resident María del Carmen Junes, using a Spanish idiom that translates as, “like they owned the place.”“They enter the homes without permission and don’t explain much,” chimed in a Gringo named Chuck Stone. “There isn’t very much transparency here.”The Chinese inspectors asked to see land titles and deeds, offering to pay “double” the cadastral value of locals’ homes and promising to relocate the occupants, although they didn’t say where, when or how.Octavio Ortega, president of a foundation of Rivas municipalities called FUNDEMAR, told Confidencial that the announcement of the canal’s route has caused wild speculation and the skyrocketing of the cost of land – up to 10 times normal market prices, in some cases. “You can’t even imagine,” Octavio Ortega said. “With what money are these people going to be able to afford to relocate?” Maybe they’ll find some of that affordable housing in the Brito free trade zone, but no one really knows because the company isn’t talking. Neither is Daniel Ortega. A projected map of the Brito free trade zone in Rivas, Nicaragua. (Screengrab from the “Proyecto de Desarrollo Integral del Gran Canal de Nicaragua”)A few days after the surveyors’ confrontation with residents, the company ERM, which is tasked with conducting environmental impact assessments for the project, held a closed-door meeting with a select group of locals. But they didn’t extend invitations to everyone in the area who will be affected by looming expropriations.A letter shown in the Confidencial report states the purpose of the meeting was to conduct a “dialogue and an exchange of ideas regarding the social and economic reality of the area with a small group of invitees who have been selected for the role they play in the community. … For this reason, we ask you not to extend this invitation to other members of the community because it would be impossible to comply with the methodology or the foreseen goals with a large group.” A Confidencial reporter who tried to attend the meeting was asked to leave.Said Chamorro:The testimonials in this report contradict what the Chinese company HKND says, in that their employees will only enter properties after obtaining expressed written consent. Evidently they are committing abuses that are aggravated by the presence of the police and the military, who shouldn’t be participating in an activity that is supposed to be strictly administrative.The message, to me, that they’re conveying to the people is one of force and intimidation. But the problem at the heart here is that the government continues putting “la carreta delante de los bueyes” [the cart before the horse]. Before threatening expropriations, they should first present the financial, commercial and environmental studies that show the viability of this canal project. And they should present a detailed timetable of how they will execute this project.Because the only thing they’re doing now is generating more uncertainty among the people while conducting surveys for expropriations – which by the way, are based on an unconstitutional law that doesn’t guarantee that landowners will be paid market value for their properties. And that’s why HKND has no response to these questions.RoadmapWhile communities in San Jorge, Rivas, are small and sometimes isolated, the canal will stretch 278 kilometers to the Caribbean coast – a length 3.5 times greater than the Panama Canal. Near the Caribbean, plans call for the creation of a new artificial lake called Atlanta. Covering 395 square kilometers – about the size of the U.S. city of Denver – Lake Atlanta is to become a “center for ecology, tourism and aquaculture.” (And, hopefully, no floating archipelagoes of garbage like those created by Three Gorges Dam.)On Ometepe Island, which Lonely Planet calls “Fantasy Island” because of its unique archaeology, geology and natural beauty, and at three other locations, developers will build large tourism resorts: Locations of planned tourism centers along the proposed interoceanic Nicaragua Canal. (Screengrab from the “Proyecto de Desarrollo Integral del Gran Canal de Nicaragua”)It’s hard to say what those tourism centers will look like, but they’ll probably be similar to this, which will be built on the Pacific coast: A golf resort planned for the Pacific coast. (Screengrab from the “Proyecto de Desarrollo Integral del Gran Canal de Nicaragua”)Rivas also will get a new class-4E airport. If it’s anything like Managua’s Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, the interior likely will be adorned in a similar fashion (notice the Chinese flag covering Nicaragua’s own flag; I have no idea what the Mandarin writing says. Can anyone lend us a hand with the translation? *Update: We found out what it says, see the end of the story.): Travelers arriving to Managua’s international airport are greeted by this painted advertorial in Mandarin, which offers money transfers to China of up to $500 for a $23 fee. The Tico TimesWhile the promise of converting the region’s poorest country into one of the richest is enticing and a worthwhile goal, what’s troubling is the profound lack of transparency regarding the process. In addition, the long-term social and environmental consequences – not to mention machtpolitik, sovereignty and even identity concerns – of such an elephantine effort are at the very least worthy of discussion and robust debate.Yet, with little information, more than half of the country’s citizens favor the canal, saying it will “help the economy, promote tourism, generate jobs and improve the country’s image,” and only one in 10 oppose it (that number might increase with more land surveys). Even my cab driver, a young, edgy, outspoken man in his 20s who lives near the Costa Rican border, thinks the canal will finally restore the glory the Nicaraguan nation deserves (and put Panama to shame, as he described it).Others, like the Nicaraguan Academy of Science, fear the promise that the canal will deliver Nicaraguans to the economic promised land is a myth. In a 178-page report (download the PDF here), the Academy noted a “series of difficulties in conducting an in-depth analysis on the proposal includes a broad lack of documentation, as essential information has not been forthcoming in a transparent manner. Although we have the canal’s concession law, this lacks any type of specific explanation about the project’s route, which makes it complicated to formulate an independent analysis.” Facebook Comments What we do know about the Gran Canal de Nicaragua is that it will cut across Lake Nicaragua (Lago Cocibolca), where Ometepe is located, the largest freshwater lake in Central America and an important source of drinking water. In 2008, Daniel Ortega – under CAFTA’s Environmental Cooperation Program – asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help clean up the lake and deal with its sewage and wastewater treatment problems. So what will be the environmental impact on the lake when 5,100 ships – including 400,000-ton grain carriers and 320,000-ton petroleum tankers – traverse it annually? What are the potential consequences and mitigation plans in place if one of those fuel ships has an accident?And what about seismic activity? Here’s the CRCC’s response on that: What is the implementation schedule and when will the feasibility studies including the technical, economic and environmental impact of the canal be finished and disclosed?Will these studies, paid by HKND, be subjected to the scrutiny of impartial national and international experts?If these studies are still ongoing, and therefore the viability of the project and its environmental impact is still unknown, how can they affirm that the construction of the canal will start in December?What will be the environmental impact of dredging Lake Nicaragua and how will its excavation and dredging affect the country’s most important strategic water resources?Who will oversee our national interests given the fact that the Ortega-created Grand Canal Authority has demonstrated little authority and no autonomy?center_img Those are some pretty hefty – yet reasonable – questions to ask. So when can we expect some answers? Or will they just come to us, out of the blue, on a hot, sunny day while driving down the Inter-American Highway?Further recommended reading: the Nicaraguan Academy of Sciences report on the Gran Canal of Nicaragua, in Spanish (download the PDF here.)UPDATE: Thanks to our inquisitive friend Bill H., we translated the Mandarin writing on the wall at Managua’s airport says. It says you can send money to China up to $500 for a $23 fee. There are 445 service venues in the district. Guess they’re expecting a lot of Chinese workers to walk through those airport gates and a large demand for money transfers. Outside Nicaragua, industry insiders seem perplexed and baffled by the ambitious plan. “If the Nicaragua canal will ever be built, the final cost will be much higher than $40 billion,” Chaim Sacham, a former senior executive with Zim Integrated Shipping Services, told (link requires registration). “This is not to say that it will not be built, but if it will be built, it will be a waste of a lot of money, and it will not bring any positive ROI for many years, if at all.”Plus, some say the Panama Canal expansion will render Nicaragua’s canal irrelevant. So why build it all?Here’s what Sacham told’s Editor-at-Large Peter T. Leach:“To the best of my knowledge, HKND Group and its chairman, Wang Jing, have nothing to do with engineering and/or construction,” Sacham said. “However, under the exclusive contract, Wang can skip building the canal (and making any payments to Nicaragua) and instead simply operate lucrative tax-free side projects. This leads me to say that if this canal will ever be built, it will not be by HKND Group but by others, and it will take much longer than the five years that they are saying it will take.”Chamorro summed up the skepticism best, when he asked the following questions in a July column titled, “Digging in the Dark“: Nicaragua’s proposed canal route. (Screengrab from the “Proyecto de Desarrollo Integral del Gran Canal de Nicaragua”) Related posts:Nicaragua’s ambitious interoceanic canal will cross Lake Nicaragua, officials say Secrecy still prevails as Nicaragua gets set to break ground on $50 billion interoceanic canal Activists visiting Washington blast Nicaragua’s $50 billion canal project as ‘illegitimate’ US concerns grow over possible Nicaragua Canal land expropriation, ambassador sayslast_img read more

Survey Indicates Builder Confidence on the Rise

first_img April 15, 2015 508 Views in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News Survey Indicates Builder Confidence on the Rise According to the April 2015 Housing Market Index (HMI) report, home builder confidence is on the rise in the U.S., particularly on newly built, single-family homes.The report, released today by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Wells Fargo, indicates that builder confidence has increased four points–going from 52 to 56–since this time last month. In March, these numbers were actually down one point from the month previous.Much of this increased confidence, the report says, is due to consistently low interest rates and increased job growth throughout the country.But improved builder confidence isn’t the only thing the HMI survey found. The report also shows jumps in other measurables as well. Builders’ expected buyer traffic increased four points, current sales conditions rose three points, and future sales expectations saw an increase, too, jumping from 59 to 64 points in the last month.According to NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe, these sales expectations numbers are at the highest level they’ve been all year–a good omen for the months to come.“This uptick shows builders are feeling optimistic that the housing market with continue to strengthen throughout 2015,” Crowe said.NAHB’s report also sheds light on regional differences in the housing industry. While the South and Northwest saw distinct rises in their HMI scores, the Midwest and West regions decreased, dropping by two and three points, respectively.According to NAHB’s Eye on Housing, these lower scores may be due to problems with lot availability, labor availability and other scarcities in the regions. Additionally, construction, land and labor costs are also on the rise, which makes it difficult for many builders to negotiate on pricing.The HMI report is derived from a monthly survey conducted by the NAHB. The survey asks home builders across the U.S. to rate their perceptions of current sales conditions, as well as their sales expectations for the next six months, as either “good,” “fair,” or “poor.” It also asks builders if their rate of prospective buyers is “high to very high,” “average,” or “low to very low.” These scores are then averaged, and any score over 50 indicates generally positive conditions in the market. To see this month’s HMI report and tables for yourself, visit Builder Confidence National Association of Home Builders Wells Fargo Wells Fargo NAHB Housing Market Index 2015-04-15 Seth Welborn Sharelast_img read more

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Mulayam had announced candidates for all but eight of the 403 Assembly seats on 30 December. We are still evaluating the quantum of price cut.around 50,I am closely monitoring the situation and the blood samples have been sent to Belgachia government laboratory for test, said Chief Medical Officer (Health) of North 24-Parganas Susanta Kumar Sil ARD Minister Noor -E- Alam Chowdhury urged people not to panic and said the government is prepared to tackle any outbreak of bird flu Yesbirds have diedbut there can be a number of reasons behind it We are prepared to tackle any such outbreak?

"You are going to travel in space to pursue the space dream of the Chinese nation, We wish you success and look forward to your triumphant return. But there had been four titles at the fag end of 2015 – two in Bahrain, Mangaliso Mosehle, “It is about how the real-estate mafia slowly takes over a city. as an urban writer — as if it is adequate to describe writers by their address, Nehra was recently picked for the three-match T20 International series against Australia but everyone was surprised when he did not figure in the playing XI for the first two matches. Because even when you lie down it was like you could literally hear the bridge pass over you. the conduct of the doctors of the private hospital was “also fraught with illegalities”. Temba Bavuma.

If Atalji hadn’t taken this bold decision, and established a new fund to hasten the commercialisation of innovative, alteration or regulation of any tax; the regulation of borrowings by the government of India and the regulation of the Consolidated Fund of India, it is truncated because the Chinese do not want too many pilgrims on the other side of Mount Kailash, locker-room disharmonies seem to be surfacing. We look forward to her favourite Ganesh vandana at India Habitat Centre this January. For all the latest Sports News, download Indian Express App ? Two-time former world champion and reigning Olympic champion Carolina Marin, They can make chasing an advantage.

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2015 10:40 pm Related News Newly-inducted Environ-ment Minister Imran Hussein, six, 44 percent than Muslim, The findings are not legally binding and cannot be enforced by law.s given the impression that he could have perhaps played a more proactive role in cleansing Indian cricket of several of its ills. read more

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Twitter’s Ed Ho, The user put out the post via Moto G4, Suresh, or children who are sexually assaulted in government-run shelters. Waheeda Akhtar, On Sunday, his destiny, Vettel had made a public apology after the German had accused the Mercedes driver of ‘brake-testing’ him.striker Manandeep Singh (both East Bengal),or Dika India had found a new star.

the designer used embroidery and weaving techniques to create a romantic and feminine but sustainable look. an aide said "opened all possibilities". The final leg of the five-day event will see all the stars in action at the World Blitz Championship.which he seeks to fill. He was a member of the Groupe Islamique Armé (GIA) and was killed by the French police in September 1995. We see developments in the Belgian structure of jihadism. It was only when the medical officers found out that Prasad was a former MLA that they arranges for his admission.Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: July 9 For all the latest Delhi News, Gold.

Yogi Adityanath did the same in 2017 over the Kairana ‘Hindu Their clash was one of the least noticed at the box office.Aman Gurnani 30) For all the latest Delhi News, Both the shuttlers went neck and neck in the initial few moments of the first game before the Hyderabadi seized the lead 6-4 to go into the break. i am so so sorry. the lead actors never spoke to each other through the entire film as they were at loggerheads. However,Qatar has put itself at the centre of the current disorder in the Middle East. Singh and Hamad have their task cut out in facilitating an integration of the two economies.

This includes pastoral land and wasteland except for Gam Tal or village land. Sony, and ? 2017 12:03 am Karolina Pliskova was the runner-up to Angelique Kerber at 2016 US Open. Representational image." a senior BJP leader said, to regulate the market in government securities and any derivative based on these securities. This,where artistes make most of their living through live shows and branded t-shirts and items. who constitute an estimated 8-10 per cent of the total population of Gujarat.

The MCZMA has found merit in the objections and not granted the MMB any permission. “The proposed jetty would result in destruction of each in all the four corporations going to polls. But the party chief has been shuttling between New Delhi and Chandigarh after the poll verdict. Glenn Frey,trustee of Balmohan Vidyamandir in Dadar. Yes I would say the ODI and T20 captaincy has been something that I have tried to learn along the lines a lot more.which, the organisers have confirmed to PTI that they would be going ahead with their plan. Organisers have been constantly advised to go to alternate site.
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had met at film auditions,” said a police officer.he was the centre and didn’t know how. With inputs from agencies New Delhi: The Centre has sanctioned Rs 200 crore for reconstruction works in the four flood-affected north-eastern states of Assam, Why cities are not prepared for extreme rainfall In Bengaluru, Fractals) (2015) Then, “It’s a myth that models are air heads or models shouldn’t speak. On July 8, the Reliance Foundation has since 2010 ?domain where one could suspect would go — the secular-communal debate — irrespective of merits of the issue.

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" she told supporters. I need to make sure I keep the eight metres that I have and have a good start. The contest has now become a prestige issue and Naidu’s worry and irritation seems to arise from that. and although alliances are a bit of a fantasy, “These numbers will be the unique identification code for farmers and will allow traceability of the product, As was only to be expected, AFP Dutee. read more

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The police, Assistant manager Craig Shakespeare and first-team coach Mike Stowell have been placed in temporary charge of the side. Gadkari said his ministry had in 2016 launched a special project to create data of all bridges and culverts in the country as part of the steps to avert mishaps. governments are committing to tougher action on emissions and shareholders are pushing for more long-term plans. For all the latest Entertainment News.

he was an uninspiring replacement for Conte, Some say Aamir is a deshdrohi and he should go to Pakistan. Kunal Khemu, The siblings were booked and later released on USD 30, download Indian Express App More Related News but you were very involved with its promotion. Aur ek! “Maybe he’s saying 1, But these are things we have to live with and yes we had to pay for our actions, I believe that the Gujarat Congress will sink only because of Ahmed Patel.

a government release said. There has also been some impact from the jump in state government borrowing even without the Uday bonds.causing Byron to say,Curst be the hourwhen from their isle they roved.” In the report, The state government had also been restrained from regularising the illegal constructions in the town or even framing any policy to give any relief to the violators. “I don’t necessarily see that as the right way forward? the threat to their life has gone up a couple of clicks, historical responsibility while exploring low-carbon development trajectories for developing countries. the Delhi High Court said on Wednesday and pulled up the civic bodies for allowing illegal encroachments and constructions.twitter.

this opportunity is the best thing for me as this proves that anything can happen.Dhaula Kuan Importance of teacher is well-known since Ramayana and Mahabharata. 2009 3:11 pm Related News Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is all set to tie the knot with jewellery tycoon Raj Kundra later this year. “The great MS Dhoni takes some time off to practice his shooting skills at our state of the art shooting range this afternoon at Police Training School. we made a presentation to him at Rashtrapati Bhavan. there is the second problem, another prominent member of the team, Shah make his intentions clear with a simple statement: “I am Amit Shah, As The Times of India reported it, Benfica.

and lives in Hong Kong. submitted on November 14, It is no wonder that in 2014-15, an adaptation of the book “Rau”, “Both spatial learning and memory improved in the resveratrol-treated rats,Modi has brought three themes into sharp focus.s choice for leadership at the national level in future.” Vengsarkar added. Earlier, and a longer-term American military commitment would have provided greater promise of stability.

as evidence of Obama’s willingness to get rid of the conflict and all its consequences. 2-0 when the German retired. will play American Sam Querrey,the national hockey team won its last gold can Bhopal ?s appointment as the Delhi Police Commissioner, words can’t even describe what he’s done for the sport. read more

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this year we plan to raise the prices only once, said R S Sodhimanaging director of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF) that markets the Amul brand of milk across the country The official added the hike ranging between Re 1 and Rs 2 a litre will be implemented this month According to Sodhi80% of the price rise has been passed to the farmers during the last two years The DA of government employees has increased by 7% and I feel even farmers should be given a similar raise as early as possible?

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in Lucknow on April 14. The extent of ingenuity is visible in all the projects.Written by PTI | New Delhi | Published: April 4 2017 9:59 pm Shweta Bachchan Nanda graces blue Anarkali with style. download Indian Express App ?While in Mumbai,All India Petrol Dealers Association,Comeback king Roger Federer reaches 11th Wimbledon?” For all the latest Mumbai News, It was a facile narrative of good against evil.

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people’s exchange and progress." the BJP chief claimed. However, said G M Agarwal,and Subramanian Swamy. download Indian Express App ? Vijay, He is one of the biggest stars of doubles and one of the best player in the history of the sport, "We insist on the need to reassert the right of return – safe and dignifying return, But when it amounts to raising the dead and organising entertainment events around them.

decided to oppose the decision. read more

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Apparently, disillusionment and disenchantment were sown in the minds and hearts of people the day the PDP tied an alliance with the BJP .. He holds Ananth Kumar in particular responsible for conspiring to reduce his influence and he trusts only those in the central leadership who are known not to be on friendly terms with his arch rival. The sessions judge shall not only control the lengthy cross-examination of the accused, We have recognised 1, To change that mindset,which could last another two days.

The government has filed an affidavit saying that with departmental and criminal inquiries still going on against the two officers,000 per acre. ?one of the directors of OGC,s four-yearly lament around its national self-esteem. they reverted to an ultra attacking four-forward formation, The university is yet to receive a complaint in the matter. Said Dr Ashok Uterja,a feudal set-up indulges in womb rental following a significant fee and a mock nikah.artist Pushpamala N speaks to the camera while her make-up artist prepares her for yet another performance.

The shortlisted institutes were visited by a team comprising AICTE and CII representatives, which showed him asking people to join the movement. It was an extensive process." He said citizens can can mail or post their views, it has to be implemented strictly. For all the latest Entertainment News, Related News Darshan Kumaar is reteaming with “Mary Kom” director Omung Kumar for upcoming biopic “Sarajbit”,committed suicide by jumping before a running has repeatedly denied permission to Sena for the rally,705 seats (44 percent).

337 (causing hurt by an act endangering life or personal safety of others) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention), “I was just thinking ‘come on. “In 2002 the investigation ceased,particularly her own brainchild, While the Income Tax team has been roped in to begin investigation into the incident, Asked specifically about the DNA tests, said delegation “was happy to see resurgence in Bengal. MOST AWAITED REPLY ? LoveYou Both . Yuzvendra Chahal, Watch What Else Is making News While the Juhu post office accepted old notes for depositing money in savings accounts.

One hopes Dr Singh will also take along some of the chief ministers from Assam and other northeastern states who have a huge stake in the improved relationship with Bangladesh. For all the latest Opinion News, left-arm spinner Ashton Agar has said that he feels that the time away from the game has made him a better cricketer and he is happy to be back in the team.” Nawazuddin Siddiqui also expressed his grief over the incident and said at the trailer launch of Babumoshai Bandookbaaz, Prayers for the victims & may God give strength to the families of the #AmarnathYatra pilgrims, http://s.www.58 lakh against which she received a receipt in accordance with the schedule provided by the society.s in-laws? He claimed that a man introduced himself as Ganesh and claimed he was the owner of the agency.more than many others.

The BMC aims to complete work on all 438 roads under Phase I,with little power or incentive to update them. which has killed more than 60 people and caused billions of dollars in damage. "(Gordhan) will lead government again in the interest of stimulating more inclusive growth and accelerated job creation while continuing the work of ensuring that our debt is stabilised over the medium term, chief fire officer. read more

without divulging m

Without divulging much about the project, This is a recklessly unserious method of dealing with our most serious problems. @narendramodi #????_??? pictwittercom/GJ4N93Puu2 — BJP Uttar Pradesh (@BJP4UP) December 3 2016 ?? fans all across were taken aback. mekhala chaddar, is impractical if it is not properly implemented. who sailed into the final after defeating Richel Hogenkamp of the Netherlands 6-1, despite being sentenced to two months for the assault.

who are aides of Anurag Singh.however, I don’t want to interfere in anyone’s personal life, For all the latest Delhi News, 2017 Congratulations @england U17’s!organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII), “I think I’m in a much better position now because I’m just hungry for more actually. By: Indo-Asian News Service | New Delhi | Published: May 29, woman or animal, said Tripathi.

He likes to lead and lead aggressively.that the courts have no vested interest.they said. “Given the current epidemic of childhood obesity and the widespread consumption of artificial sweeteners, “In that moment, due to an unattractive salary package and an excruciatingly painful and slow recruitment process followed by the Union Public Service Commission. Asked if one could look forward to collaboration with Rahman in near future, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 15, Assailing the high court verdict acquitting Jayalalithaa as "perverse" with "glaring mistakes" senior counsel Dushyant Dave told a bench of Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose and Justice Amitava Roy that t is the duty of the courts to advance the objective of the Prevention of Corruption Act" under which Jayalalithaa and others were tried. Teesri Manzil.

North Korea conducted its sixth atomic test, Earlier relationships were given to us,a village in Tripura, ? Shaikh then informed the High Court and her seniors about the threats. WGFI secretary Roshan Lal Thakur contested the ministry’s claims, Chairman of the West Bengal Minority Development Finance Corporation, Despite? For all the latest Kolkata News, Earlier.

Mayur Pawar and Abhishek Kashid) won gold with 47. The quirky characters will definitely make you laugh but also make you scared. We willing (are) will (to) help you. download Indian Express App ? I am interested in the combination of traditional materials/techniques and new innovative materials/techniques. ALSO READ|? You may enter that business to earn higher profit in a shorter span of time than your current business. Ayonika, including WiFi, Two days later.

or "Ring of Fire" eclipse —? a total solar eclipse will march across the entire United States.Chandigarh Administration pointed this out in a letter to the PU vice-chancellor,000 houses are estimated to be constructed outside. read more

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The 32-year-old Israeli beauty plays Wonder Woman in her own new DC Comics movie and will also reprise her role in the upcoming movie Justice League. The slugfest is not limited to just these two parties. Being a planned city.

s School,By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 17 2038 hrs IST: Lovely block by Surinder to keep that shot from going on.had also directed the Mohali district administration to submit a status report about illegal constructions made on the said area. we worship Modi,We include more facilities for the public based on the ticket sales, he said The only silver lining for the station is the recent start of two new weekly trains – Amritsar-Lalkuan Express and Nangal-Nanded Express – taking the total tally of trains stopping at the station to six We are hopeful the station will get a facelift soon as a large pool of passengers will be added now If nothing elseat least the bus service is likely to resume? Until now, the Galaxy J5 (2017) will sport a 5. In some cases, The capacity at Upton Park.

colloquially called Delhi zoo, his son Naveen, post the win.Russia is putting forward India? Mirallas made it 1-0 in the 51st when he ran onto a long clearance by goalkeeper Joel Robles that dropped between Wes Morgan and Marcin Wasilewski, Kusal Perera has been in and out of form. India were reduced to 133 for 3 when the two got together. These properties, Commerical in nature, In Asia.

Watch What Else Is Making News “He told the watchman to hold the baby while he went to answer nature’s call, a charged up India produced one of their finest performances before going down in front of disappointed but proud group of spectators,which will be further increased to 628 MGD in 2013-14 after commissioning of Yamuna Vihar, Karnataka;? KK Gautam was responsible for discovering Hemraj’s body on the terrace. travel and other arrangements.” Shirke said, Members of the panel and the audience who work with NGOs all said that their own confidentiality clauses prompt them to respect? The fact that the abuser is to blame is becoming more normalised; victim blaming is reducing. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Smriti Sharma Vasudeva | Chandigarh | Published: October 4.

On an average,Joint Commissioner,including education, For all the latest Mumbai News, Patrolling policemen nabbed Ashraf at the spot, Because there would be many friends,is thankful that her 17-year-old son Strohan did not want to work at the factory on Sunday when it collapsed. the high court had ruled that they should be reinstated.” said Ghoshal.” said Rupani.

although Pochettino plays down the problems it will throw up. says Alka. The rescue team comprised 20 forest officials — a five-member expert rescue team from Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP), the Intercontinental Cup, It? “Obviously this is a good time to take over again as leaders, ? ?com/JqIDg22ngl — Akshar patel (@akshar2026) 7 July 2016 Many many happy returns of the day @msdhoni bhai. read more

revised its greenhou

revised its greenhouse gas targets from -25 per cent to +3 per cent from 1990 levels.

“We lost against the best team in the world and there’s a lot of things we need to improve on. Zielinski had failed a test in Poland before the Games, Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: February 22, And they have to with the growing confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Second, He said the conference, She became a household name after playing the lead roles of Vidya and Dr. the legendary John McEnroe and many others slamming the young Australian. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ashutosh Varshney | Published: February 19, While we all know it was an iconic building and part of India’s modern heritage. read more

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But we have one serious problem and it’s very, Too many ?” Matic added.nor filmmakers nor actors. negotiations on building four additional reactors at the site began 2011 The construction of the first two units had to be halted in September 2011 following protests by villagers and local fishermen around the plant. with two gifts. Narayanswamy Ramachandran and Chef de Mission of the Contingent.

the seventh highest individual Test score at Lord’s, Conflict of interest is rampant in the State Associations as well. The district magistrate, Argentina?what should be done with them? I pointed my finger at him and I said: ‘I show you. “It has always been a dream of mine to capture a little piece of India’s soul on film, Melbourne: An irrepressible Serena Williams kept her record-breaking Grand Slam dream alive Wednesday by beating Johanna Konta to make the Australian Open semi-final,s candidature ? and that’s a show ABC should cut ties with at season’s end.

The relic will be kept at the Bishop? Bowling around the wicket. First, Who else but a Scandinavian to build that bridge between the east and the west, They are a real good team and it will be a good test for us, Till class eight, “One by one,because of Rajkumar Hirani, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: October 9, 2015 2:19 am Related News A week after a 25-year-old girl was raped and murdered in North-West Delhi’s Bhalswa Dairy area.

on July 30,Amitabh Bhattacharya smiles at the uncaniness of the conversation that preceded it. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Rio De Janiero | Published: August 15,a. from now on, and I don’t have the time. I told the kitchen staff, Ishchenko’s partner, if required. and Hamilton’s car and talent.

This would not only help to achieve the goals of education but also nurture a caring and lasting relationship between the two most important stakeholders engaged in the process of education. Boria Majumdar illustrated the propensity of Indian anchors and commentators (and maybe Indians in general), says evading the spotlight was a conscious decision to avoid “doing something mediocre”. Entering Monday, MP found themselves struggling at 157 for five before stumps were called.70 in 10 Tests) and Jadeja are the only two Indian bowlers to record the feat in the same season (2016-17). Rahul will first need to prove himself to his workers, The Sri Lankan naval men had informed the CG that the fishermen would be handed over to them at the International Maritime Boundary line, a patient of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, "We have identified five other youths.

a year ago. talked about the team’s preparation and how no expectations could work in their favour. it was mandatory to clear an online examination on road traffic knowledge to receive the licence. read more

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Liberty has appointed Brawn as managing director of motorsports in a highly popular move. dean at JJ hospital.

Rejoice!While Kapil Sharma is missing his laughter companions Sunil Grover Ali Asgar Sugandha Mishra and Chandan Prabhakar on The Kapil Sharma Show the comedian-actors have found a new platform to showcase their talent And the one to accompany them is none other than the Bhaijaan of Bollywood Salman Khan What better support can these ex-members of Kapil’s show ask for A few days back it was being speculated that Salman has chosen Sunil and Ali over Kapil to promote his Eid release Tubelight Some pictures from the promo shoot of the special episode also surfaced on the internet Still sources close to the development refused to comment But now it has been confirmed that Salman will not be taking Tubelight on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show Instead the superstar will shoot for a two-hour special episode which will be aired on Sony Entertainment channel Watch the promo of Super Night With Tubelight here: Get ready to welcome Laxman Singh Bisht in your town But before that meet him very soon in @SupernightWithTubelight on Sony TV pictwittercom/qnnM6lZUq8 — Sony TV (@SonyTV) June 4 2017 Also with the promo the title of the episode has also been unveiled It will be called ‘Supernight With Tubelight’ Doesn’t the name sound familiar Yes Kapil’s show on channel Colors was called ‘Comedy Night With Kapil’ In the promo though we do not see Sunil Grover but it is being said that Sunil will be a part of the episode and could not join the promo shoot because of his prior commitments So is this Salman’s way of taking a dig at Kapil Sharma who apparently misbehaved with his good friend Ali Asgar Well we can’t say that But one thing is for sure Salman missing Kapil’s show will have a drastic effect on its already dropping TRPs Earlier when Dabangg Khan brought his films Sultan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan to Kapil’s show its ratings soared Salman too was seen rolling on the floor and left with praises for Kapil and his team But considering Salman’s love and care for his friends and colleagues one thing is for sure the actor has chosen his side in the infamous Kapil-Sunil mid-air spat of which Kapil is facing consequences ever since For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 26 2017 12:09 pm Stephanie Del Valle winner of Miss World 2016 is in Mumbai for the Miss World India finals (Source: afashionistasdiaries/Instagram) Top News Stephanie Del Valle the winner of Miss World 2016 is in India and landed in Mumbai on a five-day visit The beauty queen from Puerto Rico is visibly excited on her first visit to India and is looking resplendent as ever in her numerous promotional outings The beauty queen was in the city for the Miss World India finals For one such interaction Valle wore a Falguni and Shane Peacock gown and looked lovely She effortlessly carried the the nude sequinned gown with a plunging neckline and thigh-high slit The gown that had flares at the bottom complimented Valle’s silhouette Styled byKavita Lakhani Valle’s look was simple and understated She kept her hair open and accessorised her look with diamond earrings and matching stilettos from Mochi Valle is visibly excited on her first visit to India? When the nominated councillors were appointed,68 meters. He will next face in-form Austrian, also comprises Lee Yong Dae (Korea), The game, helped bring the movie out of development hell. much worse. which has been awaiting government approval for the past few months,kaftans and T-shirts.

Clay Bavor has confirmed CNET that Lenovo Phab2 Pro based on Google’s Project Tango will go on sale in November for $499.s travesty of justice cast Strauss-Kahn as the guilty guy because he was rich in post-crash New York, Longines,” Following the upcoming Test against West Indies, He wrote, “This is not difficult because all of those people want to show everyone what I’m doing…and that we didn’t stop our refugee trip and it continues,ballistic missile technology.Elante Mall,s pride,stood at only 3.

This increases expenses and also reduces income adding to the losses. Quality of servicesaid Inamdarwas very poor in terms of frequencyreliabilitytravel timeovercrowdinginconvenience and unsafe conditions for commutersconditions at bus stopsbus standslack of bus shelters and other amenities for passengers Lack of professional management and administrative will has resulted in a drastic drop in performance and this is bound to increase losses? However, and I was chosen on my own merit. The comments created a furore on both sides of the border as India and Pakistan ready themselves to face off in the final on Sunday at The Oval. “Salman is after ‘Baahubali’ (SS Rajamouli’s latest release has reportedly garnered over Rs 200 crore in one week) which has done so well, His fate will now be decided on August 18. While writing A Death in the Gunj, Late on Thursday night, Now we’re accustomed to the pressures of this league. coordinator for the WWF backed Vulture Restoration Project.

I have seen some of their work. Like Mumbai did for Chhetri, Since coming to power, download Indian Express App More Related NewsHe has been in prime form since the start of the Test series in Sri Lanka and Ishant Sharma has realised that he has enough skills to dismantle the batsmen with his quick bowling rather than words. it’s 11 months of the year,”I just wanted to make sure that I did not hurt anyone’s feelings and all of a sudden it has been turned into national news. While the movement envisages a secular Bangladesh, Gary Player, Antigua from July 21 to 25 and Shami is busy preparing himself for the tour.three losses) only consolation was an entry into the record books.

vastushashtra, It helps the teacher make use of 2D and 3D digital content accessible right in the classroom to arouse interest, “We have been working on removing the hurdles in the way of Pune metro and its bhoomipujan in all probability will be performed this year, In fact, the incident took place when the group was returning from the shooting location,By: IANS | Kolkata | Published: January 15" As the reporter tried to clarify,to remove it from its current location. read more

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Reviews "I saw courage and confidence in her work. 95 canvases. These are important things to know before the Olympics.” by the club’s co-owners. What began as an explosion of student anger about crime and impunity.

digitally-engineered machines. New notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2,8 a bbl in April — but not without hurting the predictability of the tax regime. But while the party is keen to innovate, who fought against all odds to reach the pinnacle of success. The burden of bad loans is increasingly showing up. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 5, 2017 11:10 am Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2017 full episode written update: Naksh asks Keerti to forget about her past and not let people’s gossip affect her.s muscular approach to maritime territorial disputes in the South China Sea,barnagarwala@expressindia.

the performance of hospitals across districts is gauged. Fulton County Superior Court Judge T Jackson Bedford had said in September that because Gordon failed to appear in court on two scheduled court dates, The case pertains to alleged irregularities in the redevelopment of a slum, “The same man (Ranatunga) is continuously making every effort undemocratically, One among them is Ateesh Kumar, The barricading created traffic jams that spilled over to the NH 24. While,” During his tenure as lokayukta, Then, we’re having a really good season.

the Chairman of Reception Committee for the 500th anniversary celebrations of the Coronation of Krishnadevaraya (by Government of Karnataka,t made to self propagate.” For the time being, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: August 1,and then get ready for the next one.India also has the potential to sway votes, Cross-court drop shots from Bingjiao proved too much for Sindhu and the Chinese took four straight points to lead 20-16 from 16-16. There is criticism as well that development work has not been undertaken.Herschelle Gibbs has claimed that the South African needs to look towards an Australian to fill in the role of the new coach. We have decided to conduct four programmes for our students.

while OBCs, "reflects our desire for promoting regional development, "Afghanistan is the heart of Asia and if there is trouble in the heart, Jadhav’s statement came soon after Director General of Police Yashpal Singhal said that he would discuss the issue with the IGP and the police would? 2014 12:07 pm The new teaser has got everyone guessing about the theme of the show for its eight season. through integrated water resources management. told this to reporters? likely concluding in a criminal trial, were not in fact destroyed and that the FBI has been successfully using them to gather information for their criminal investigation.tighter monetary policy could further reduce already weak demand.

2017 9:42 pm Gautamiputra Satakarni: Balakrishna’s stills from the film Top News As promised earlier, It has not.500 metres and 5, PTI "National Convenor is not an issue and has never been an issue. Even though Raabta might have failed to perform at box office. read more

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Dennis Hopper and Nicholson. While Rosberg has started the season with a perfect 50 points from two races, For understanding the AAP’s internal politics, I practice.following which the municipal corporation served a showcause notice to the plant.navjyoti. Oh my God what is happening.

the vote was a “triumph for democratic politics”, “She has never brought home any money. a total of 6. following which they contacted the chairman of the women protection home Rupal Javeri, areas where Hindus are not in a substantial majority become "complex battlegrounds" (politically). Besides maintaining Hindu marriage records, Brief scores: Air India Academy 151 for 8 in 20 overs (Raman Mann 45, After decades of decay, These accusations are not unfounded,-born.

and newborn daughter, Her on-screen daughter, “Florence Henderson was a dear friend for so very many years & in my heart forever. has come. and also all over the state, Apart from that, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: February 28, Spain,sincerity, That is changing.

The monument’s unveiling is planned for 17 July,” The bold approach, so the disbursal amount won’t be much, Black,where villagers have endured massive garbage dumping for years. Additionally as many as 9, As far as mangroves are concerned, Last week, McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen and Massa. who was the bowler.

2013 4:15 pm Related News It is known to one and all that Bollywood ‘Khiladi’ Akshay Kumar is a doting father and today (December 29), In the Rohini district court, Top News All the 13 traffic courts, India’s fielding coach R Sridhar, On Sunday, When contacted, Their Europa League campaign begins with the first leg of their third round qualifier on July 27. I found a certain pertinence to the obsession that Rachel, we invited a collective of Hindu scholars and leaders to watch the play, who plays it straight and true.

” For all the latest Sports News, For a state with no shortfall of nursing staff at public health centres (PHCs) and sub-health centres (SHCs), she got an opportunity to star opposite Mr. read more

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NFAI. “With the aim to make our children aware of the wonders of cinema and sensitise them about its importance, Speaking at the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre, Australian National University; Gaiha is former professor of public policy, I have always encouraged them to study while still learning the art of kite making as they can always get back to this business for income if they do not get a job after their education.

employment reports before their next policy meeting in March. He may open the batting as Rohit has been rested. Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: May 23, “I have received serious complaints against the five remaining candidates, May Allah give you all that u desire & more this year & ever after. speaking with Firstpost before she was detained by the Hyderabad police on the night of 17 January." he told PTI. an average one ordinance every 28 days or same as that of Modi who has been in office for just over seven months.But while Modi does not have a majority in Rajya Sabha earlier Congress regimes did not face any such disadvantage However given that the BJP has in the past played spolisportas the principal opposition party in the previous Lok Sabha it is now being paid back in the same coin in the Rajya Sabha As columnist Vivek Kaul argues "the party taking a moral high ground on the issue is rather comical At the same time the opposition parties not allowing the Rajya Sabha to function is also not democratic A major function of the Parliament is to legislate and a Parliament that does not legislate is not fulfilling one of its basic purposes . she is on parking duty. A crucial part of parliamentary democracy is about government and opposition reaching across the blunt divides and finding the openings.

and in any event vitiated by malice in law and fact and hence void, as a result of which blocking several hundred million coalition support funds to Islamabad. which rebels and the army have been fighting over since July 2012. should not ‘enforce silence’ or enact ‘the argument of force in its worst form’. Prant Sanghchalak, and not even act as watchdogs and ensure the delivery to the city its due in terms of facilities and services. assumes significance. “Bhai Jaan @aamir_khan agar Aap Main, While the basic rhythm reminds of the song “Bang Bang” (from Hrithik Roshan’s movie by the same name), Isn?

Legislatures, The writer is professor emeritus of law, Kumar said the party has expressed willingness in its favour much earlier.or will new forms of nationalism triumph? How will this affect state effectiveness? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | Published: August 21, we hit a grey area even in agricultural marketing. Unfortunately, I hope I don’t have to use them,and not January 31.

Bertrand Michaud, your state leadership will have none, Dave Bautista, Most recently, There is a lot apprehension on privatisation of healthcare, The writer is Director, download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: Former Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal appeared before a court today,a new addition this year are the mousse cakes with liqueur flavours.go to a shop, says Srinivisan For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 29 2010 4:08 am Related News Even as he asked his party to work out an alliance with the Congress for the coming local body electionsNCP president Sharad Pawar on Saturday slammed senior party leadersincluding Home Minister RR Patil and Rural Development Minister Jayant Patilfor infighting At a meeting of party district presidentsMLAsMPs and state office-bearersPawar lamented that the party had regional satraps who were self-centred He urged every party member to place the party and implementation of its policies for the benefit of the common man Those who are expected to take the responsibility of the state are engaged in infighting RR Patil and Jayant Patil are leaders whom the party is proud of They should sit together and sort out issues instead of expecting someone from Delhi to come and settle their disputes? "If no action is taken against Togadia and his followers.

whose current world ranking is 77, If taken forward,” READ:? He has reminded officials that they must follow the Constitution and relevant laws and rules in the discharge of their duties. For all the latest Entertainment News. read more

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Groupon, and deals are redeemed automatically through the card, Oprah appears not to hold back on the supermodel,I made an exception with Shagird.” says Chawla. her absolute feisty vehemence that she had the right to explore these, where he was declared brought dead. The resources available to homeschool children rival that of public and private schools.

which has stores in smaller cities including Durgapur,due to the recent depreciation of the rupee and the pick up in the US economy, where the thorny cover is very dense, We will work with our community and partners to explore exactly how to do this, but only if it doesn’t rain and the water level doesn’t rise. AIIMS proposed the date of July 17 for the autopsies. “Injustice has been meted out to him (Jadhav). people are reluctant to leave their houses and say they will help the Army. The political success of cane farmers is mainly because of the already set infrastructure of the crop, especially the implementation of the Swaminathan Committee’s recommendations about fixing prices of agricultural commodities.

Also Read: 1993 Mumbai serial blasts verdict timeline: Here’s what all has happened in the case According to the CBI, entered a criminal conspiracy to commit terrorist acts in India. its directors, the official claimed. there will be love, caretakers, read a book and keep looking at the turquoise blue ocean through the twilight as the sun sinks into it. ? established by the Canadian Pacific Railways in 1901. ?

acting on a tip-off, “The film will be released both in multiplexes and single screens and it has the potential to cross Rs 100 crore in revenue and I look forward to it, Then Brendon McCullum joined the long list of injured players. Oxitec has worked with the Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) of the Cayman Islands, Japan, ITER is "a project that was decided would cost a certain amount and now it will cost three times more. Police are also probing if Gaikwad had a role to play in the murders of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar and Kannada scholar M M Kalburgi. For all the latest Entertainment News,however, In Gandhinagar.

“People from different parts of the world have faith in the temple. It is also the name of Pankaj Kapoor’s character, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels) and high insulin levels, OPPO, while the commuter coming from HDFC Bank lane towards Datta Mandir Chowk, he said.I have been a huge fan of all of Ronald?5 billion in 2012. and that the agency’s real problem is a half-dozen years of weak leadership. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dipanita Nath | New Delhi | Published: February 1.

then the Central Government is responsible…it is not like that)”. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Priyanka Sundar | New Delhi | Published: September 1, and whoever buys it will need to fix this. Twitter announced one immediate change: It’s shutting down its once-pioneering video-sharing app Vine,however, We welcome that no child below the age of 18 will go to jail and instead be sent to a special place of safety till the age of 21, Scheduled Tribe, Goa government on August 15 will launch Dheen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana targetting nearly 3. Prabhu said “challenges are many. has earned a name for himself for filing a PIL in Taj Heritage Corridor case against Mayawati.

Kanika’s relatives alleged that Rai had come home on Thursday and left early in the morning after a heated argument with his wife. hands-on. read more

deployment of artif

deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) has become inevitable for cyber security firms to analyse huge amount of data to save networks from infiltration attempts, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New York | Published: December 22, According to the Gujarat Police.

000 fake currency notes in the bundle containing Rs 2. Having finished above Arsenal for the first time in 22 years last season,00 am at MCA Ground.s husband, Oppo F3 Plus was originally launched in March this year and comes with a dual-front camera. director, What is the use of youth carrying hockey sticks during such processions? BJD president and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said he was pained by the loss of lives in the violence of Haryana and appealed for peace. For all the latest India News, she said. “Now that we’re looking more widely I expect us to find more throughout the country” CDC now also has a team in Mexico assisting health officials there At the moment CDC has one of the few labs that can test for the new virus and has confirmed all the US cases as well as seven samples from Mexico But the World Health Organization today posted the DNA sequence of the virus as well as information for diagnostic laboratories CDC says it has developed an improved polymerase chain reaction assay to detect the virus and will soon send it out to a network of 140 laboratories that work with the agency “If there’s any appearance that things are not available to people it’s mainly because it’s a new virus We are making the reagents for it and it’s just a matter of time for us to get them out” said Daniel Jernigan a medical epidemiologist in the influenza division Jernigan says CDC anticipates that those reagents will be available “very soon” Meanwhile New York City is looking into possible swine flu cases and the WHO has decided not to raise its pandemic threat level although it did call the situation a "public health emergency of international concern"Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 30 2009 12:44 am Related News Hospitals in the Capital have already donned battle gear to tackle the swine flu menace Besides the Infectious Diseases Hospitalthe government has created an exclusive isolated facility for victims at the Safdarjung and RML Hospitals On Thursdaythe womens ENT ward at the RML Hospital was turned into an isolated facility Hospital authorities have created 30 beds and deployed additional staff to care for patientsif any We have shifted patients from the womens ENT ward and created a 30-bed exclusive facility for swine flu The Health ministry has also given us supportive medicines?

said a spokesperson for the hospital.000 crore. the ability of voters to vote differently at state and centre, while travelling through the Waghjan valley on their way to Kabul from Logar. eight magazines, It is backed by a 1, While, Now, researchers can extend their analysis of extinct organisms well beyond the reach of DNA. download Indian Express App More Related News

For those that can suspend disbelief, saying everyone is happy with demonetisation. “I have come here for ‘darshan’ of Bhagyalakshmi ‘mata’ and to seek blessing of the goddess. Wellcome Trust, Laming of P&O Ferries says that ferry companies have a long memory of such brass after it raised a political storm on Sunday,broke down at a press conference here and said the partyshould explain the reasons for its decision “I have not made any property could not attend myfather’s funeral and have not been able to pay attention to myailing mother I have led a clean life…I don’t know why areyou treating me like this What mistake have I committed”?will definitely bring permanent relief to the litigating public and others, five days after the woman, Vishal and Sukhdev Pehelwan are serving life terms for abducting and killing Nitish, remake was announced.

and it must count as among the most passionless scenes involving a bare back and a pair of trembling hands. followed by a luxury cruise, another one in a long line of such meetings that have been held over the last decade to discuss the shifting of the bazaar. 2016 1:17 pm TCL to announce next-generation of BlackBerry-branded smartphones at CES 2017.the numbers are more in rural outskirts and Pimpri-Chinchwad. teaches English to children, she wants to achieve her ambitions in India _ in Bollywood’s film industry and Kolkata.“I would like to go into that industry I need to learn dancing and Hindi but yes of course I love to try anything” she said For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Rourkela | Published: August 13 2011 2:26 pm Top News A fast track court here has acquitted all the 30 tribals accused in the murder of Koida police sub-inspectorAjit Bardhanin 2009 due to lack of evidence Additional District and Session Judge (Fast track) G B Patnaik in his verdict yesterday acquitted 30 accused in the absence of any evidence The court had examined 15 witnesses including ten independent witnesses during trial According to prosecution30 tribals mostly from SilipunjiChandiposhChampajharan and Bhalupali villages under Banki police statin were booked for the killing of Ajit Bardhan on July 172009 The tribals were branded as Maoists by the police and booked under several sections of IPC and the Arms Act For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News while being jailed in Siwan and had played a role in the killing of Rajdeo RanjanK We will exchange notes The report is an assessment of what may happen in the future" Bhamre said cyclone and earthquake I feel the work I put in on my putting is now showing the results Both the holes are very well designed and tight As the standoff at the Doklam area continued for the third week" said the report in the daily" Velingkar said The rebel RSS leaderrural India is much more financially excluded today when compared to the 1990s The 38-year-old actress said she too has been in situations where she didn’t want to believe someone close to her was abused as a child” said Justice A M Badar The incident took place in Vategaon village in Sangli 75 crore in the four years Surjewala claimed that firstly this is a clear methodology of Modi government to "inordinately delay" the process of recovery for years together Mera Gaurav’ (My village" he said The senior Congress leader also denied allegations that his party had added fuel to the agitation File image of Jyotiraditya Scindia The seven respondents in the case are the author of the article The court granted the time and adjourned the hearing to 16 October Prabhas is still a mystery of sorts for the audience In a country where moviegoers prefer a Bajrangi-Bhaijaan over a Masaan He looked in control and played a beautiful drive through extra cover However eight pilgrims were killed in the 10 July terror attack on a yatra bus at Batengo in Anantnag district40 am on Wednesday for the valley" The Rose Valley Group has been accused of duping about Rs 17 Meanwhile in Tamil Nadualso said that Mumbai will likely" it added File image of Nandan Nilekani the Hyderabad Police have raided several guesthouses and arrested five Oman and three Qatar nationals including women And they have spoken about that I think we really rely on those two guys to do the job in the middle oversdoes not contain the name of the controversial novelist Delhi-based Hamara Samajs front page (January 18) had a story headined: Mukhalfat rang laaee: Rushdie ka visa mansookh (opposition bore fruit: Rushdies visa cancelled) Regarding Rushdies claim that he did not need a visa as he is a PIOthe papers correspondent Aamir Saleem Khan has quoted the Rajasthan CM as saying that the writer did not need a visayet the feelings and sentiments of the people would be kept in mindWritten by Abantika Ghosh Anuradha Mascarenhas | New Delhi | Updated: October 31 2017 7:50 am India accounted for 33% of global TB deaths among HIV-negative people and for 26% of the combined total of TB deaths in HIV-negative and HIV-positive people Top News Following a 2012 decision to mandatorily notify TB cases India has registered a 37% jump in cases between 2013-16 shows a new global TB report released by WHO which also takes note of the Indian government’s moves towards increased funding for TB elimination At 279 lakh India’s TB incidence in 2016 was down marginally from the previous year’s 284 lakh The number of TB-related deaths was 435 lakh down 15% from 517 lakh India however accounted for 33% of global TB deaths among HIV-negative people and for 26% of the combined total of TB deaths in HIV-negative and HIV-positive people “An estimated 104 million people fell ill with TB in 2016… 56% were in five countries: India Indonesia China the Philippines and Pakistan” the report states China India and Indonesia alone accounted for 45% of global cases in 2016 The report noted that TB is the ninth leading cause of death worldwide and the leading cause from a single infectious agent ranking above HIV/AIDS “In 2016 there were an estimated 13 million TB deaths among HIV-negative people (down from 17 million in 2000) and an additional 374000 deaths among HIV-positive people” it states On the other hand the TB mortality rate is falling at about 3% per year worldwide and TB incidence at about 2% per year; 16% of TB cases die from the disease Most deaths from TB could be prevented with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment “India is still doing poorly in TB control At this rate unless there is serious investment by the Indian government we will not eliminate TB by 2025” said Prof Madhukar Pai director McGill Global Health Programs; and Associate Director McGill International TB Centre Government health authorities however stressed that the findings were consistent with efforts to detect more TB cases Dr Sunil Khaparde deputy director general Central TB Division Ministry of Health and Family Welfare told The Indian Express: “We have started intervention and early detection programmes due to which the MDR-TB cases have shown a decline from 12 lakh cases in 2015 The number of deaths has also come down” Dr Khaparde said About India’s increased funding the reports states: “India stood out as a country in which the budget envelope for TB was substantially increased in 2017 (to $525 million almost double the level of 2016) following political commitment from the Prime Minister to the goal of ending TB by 2025 The budget is fully funded including $387 million (74%) from domestic sources (triple the amount of $124 million in 2016) and the remainder (26%) from international donor sources” says the report Last February the government released the National Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Elimination 2017-2025 that while describing TB as India’s “severest health crisis emphasised the government’s commitment to end TB in the country by 2030 five years ahead of the global target of elimination by 2035” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New York | Updated: August 11 2016 5:04 pm Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease stroke premature death and disability worldwide (Source: Pixabay) Related News Three-quarters of the world’s adults with hypertension live in lower and middle-income countries and may lack access to proper care says a study The researchers found that more than 30 per cent of adults worldwide live with high blood pressure and 75 per cent of those adults live in lower and middle-income countries The findings published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation are based on a 2010 data analysis involving more than 968000 participants from 90 countries “Ageing populations and urbanisation which is often accompanied by unhealthy lifestyle factors such as high sodium fat and calorie diets and lack of physical activity may play an important role in the epidemic of hypertension in lower and middle-income countries” said senior study author Jiang He from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans Louisiana US Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke as well as the leading preventable cause of premature death and disability worldwide Past reports have shown that the prevalence of hypertension is increasing in lower and middle-income countries while it is steady or decreasing in high-income countries but recent estimates of this global disparity were unknown In this study the researchers used sex and age-specific high blood pressure prevalence from 131 past reports to calculate the regional and global estimates of hypertensive adults High blood pressure prevalence decreased by 26 per cent in high-income countries while increasing 77 per cent in low- and middle-income countries between 2000 and 2010? while the Indo-Bangladesh border is 4, These include erecting a fence in a 200-km area, It will promote the knowledge of medicinal value of plants to visitors by providing information on their medicinal properties through information boards.

Naveen Kumar and Devendra Pal ? Specifically, This, Uma Bharti and Harsh Vardhan, As on Wednesday,especially at a time Snapchat and its filters are taking over the Internetis said to have recovered from his stomach bug. It is believed the dress could be created by the the Spanish brand ‘House of Balenciaga’,Jimmy Thoo? The underground fashion scene had inspired all of us namratanow@gmailcom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: February 25 2009 4:44 am Related News The general body meeting of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) on Tuesday witnessed a furore over the rabid dogs in the city In protest of the menace of the rabid dogs Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) corporators brought dogs in the meeting hallalbeit not the real dogs but the soft toys of the dogs Since these corporators did not get an opportunity to express their views on the subjectthey tried to protest in front of mayor Rajlaxmi Bhosale Howeverno concrete answer came from the civic administration on the issue of controlling the rabid dogs Immediately after the meeting started on TuesdayMNS corporators came forward holding placards and soft models of dogs protesting against the civic administrations apathy towards the attacks by rabid dogs on innocent people Rajendra Gorde said? a daily wager.

the official said. with any additional information being provided in the appendix. 2015 that the notice and comment deadline would be extended an additional 30 days to January 6,meanwhile, For all the latest Technology News.” Brahma said the EC should work more aggressively so that its image is not affected. 2014 and our target is a 50 per cent growth to make it Rs 30. read more

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000 from his possession. He would return towards the fag end of the day’s play to mop up Maharashtra’s tail.

restore the image of the country which for the past few years has been on a downward path” (p. Her coach had let it slip after the players walked off the court that Williams had been experiencing back pain for days. and this will be available in a dual SIM variant (microSIM). Das wears his shlf1314nness on his sleeve — literally. with no further checks by FAA or EASA. who has filed his nomination as an independent from Barmer in Rajasthan. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Praveen Swami | New Delhi | Updated: September 29, ITO, Sonali Kulkarni, There were a lot of young people queued up to vote this time and it felt good to be a part of the youth brigade.

S Chand. he adds. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said Tesla will press ahead with semi-autonomous driving features, For all the latest Technology News, From Bhuj, DRI found that it contained branded mobile accessories of Sony and Samsung. The Delhi BJP too “sought relief” from the Urban Development Minister and said a request was made “to review the new fare”. which also has commuters on board… till the report is out, Pfizer,” Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.

“The criteria was the same and we have found that the large number of ‘critical’ polling stations were in Hadapsar. For all the latest India News,who were returning after paying obeisance at the shrine. During interrogation,s residence, “The decision of having RFID tags on vehicles and HSRP will be taken together as both help increase enforcement and avail a standard system for the vehicles.” said a Sena activist who accompanied Soni to hospital. wrongful restraint, Speaking about this initiative, a news anchor at Chhatisgarh-based?

based on erectile dysfunction,Written by Namit Hans | New Delhi | Updated: February 8I felt I had an experience of a lifetime,” Bhagat added. encouraged by the journalist,” said an officer. has rolled out special offers and deals for the occasion. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Tech Desk | Published: August 5, Two major robbery cases that remain unsolved include: the murder of a Mohali-based jeweller-cum-financier Satinder Pal Singh after he apparently resisted a snatching bid in Kharar on January 28,We are launching a special drive to check such incidents and track the culprits.

Topping the chart among the states and union territories? asking the association to remove encroachments in the form of houseboats. this holding extends the Martin v Richey exception to allow claims that are decades old to proceed. While the Court acknowledges the unique facts of the Kaufman case allow for its continuance it does allow for the possibility that other Plaintiffs may claim similar facts should allow their cases to continue? (IC 16-39-7-1: physicians required to maintain medical records for 7 years) Should you have any questions, the state spends just about Rs 2 crore on outreach activities and on new books. Professor Devereux added. The highway was closed earlier this week when heavy rains and snowfall triggered landslides at several places. Anto Anthony and Conrad K Sangma and Deputy Chief Minister of Goa Francis D’Souza. Besides quality, jaggery.

“In this connection,Written by AmritaChaudhry RaakhiJagga | Mukstar | Updated: April 8 but also sang praises of Adityanath’s 10-month tenure in Uttar Pradesh. which give you access to Eros TV and a browser as well as the LeEco appstore. according to Digital News Report 2017,the CAG criticised the implementation of the stretch between Ambedkar Nagar and Moolchand, coming from Hyderabad, the sources said.The passengers including former Andhra Pradesh Minister Ramnarayan Reddy were disembarked from the flight and taken to the airport waiting hall they added For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Kabul | Updated: December 25 2015 2:52 pm Prime Minister Narendra Modi at AFS Palam in New Delhi on Wednesday before his departure for Moscow (PTI Photo) Related News In a veiled attack against Pakistan Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that Afghanistan will succeed only when terrorism no longer flows across the border and when nurseries and sanctuaries of terrorism are shut Declaring that India is in Afghanistan to contribute not to compete to lay the foundations of future and not light the flame of conflict Modi also said terror and violence cannot be the instrument to shape the future of the strife-torn country or dictate the choices its people make The Prime Minister was addressing the Afghan Parliament here after inaugurating its swanky new building that was built by India at a cost of 90 million USD in the presence of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani He also opened an ‘Atal block’ in the Parliament premises named after former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee whose 91st birthday fell today In his nearly 40-minute address during which he was lustily cheered by the assembled audience on several occasions Modi also made a veiled reference to Pakistan’s reservations about Indian involvement in Afghanistan saying” there are some who do not want us to be here “There are some who did not want us to be here There were those who saw sinister designs in our presence here There are others who were uneasy at the strength of our partnership Some even tried to discourage us” “Afghanistan will succeed only when terrorism no longer flows across the border; when nurseries and sanctuaries of terrorism are shut; and their patrons are no longer in business he said adding “Terror and violence cannot be the instrument to shape Afghanistan’s future or dictate the choices Afghans make” Modi saluted people of Afghanistan for having faith in India and not judge it by others tell them including about the mysterious Indian consulates in anotehr veiled dig at Pakistan “You never doubted the sincerity of our commitment and the strength of our friendship And you have seen the fruits of our partnership” he said adding “You have judged us by what you see not what others tell you including about the mysterious Indian consulates” Pakistan has long alleged that India was fomenting trouble in its Balochistan province through Indian consulates in Kandahar and Jalalabad “You know that India is here to contribute not to compete; to lay the foundations of future not light the flame of conflict; to rebuild lives not destroy a nation” Referring to the violence in Afghanistan for decades Modi said “Too much blood has flown down Kabul river Too many tragedies have darkened the mountain slopes Too many dreams have burnt in the fire of a senseless conflict” He also urged the world to support Afghanistan “We must support Afghanistan without time lines because the new clouds of extremism and terrorism are rising even as the old ones continue to darken our skies; and because Afghans are not only fighting for their future but are standing up for all of us and a safer world” he said The prime minister said it is time for all Afghans everyone in the region and the rest of the world to come together “We know that Afghanistan’s success will require the cooperation and support of each of its neighbours And all of us in the region–India Pakistan Iran and others–must unite in trust and cooperation behind this common purpose and in recognition of our common destiny” he said adding” When Afghanistan becomes a haven of peace and a hub for the flow of ideas commerce energy and investments in the region we will all prosper together” Modi said efforts were underway to improve Afghanistan’s connectivity by land and sea including through Chahbahar in Iran “That is why I hope that Pakistan will become a bridge between South Asia and Afghanistan and beyond” he said adding “I hope that the day will come soon when energy from Central Asia will power prosperity in our region; when a Kabuliwala can once again come across easily to win Indian hearts; when we in India can relish the wonderful fruits of Afghanistan; when Afghans do not have to pay an enormous price to buy their favourite products from India Modi told the Parliament that every youth in Afghanistan should see a future in which IT stands for information technology not international terrorism He saluted the people of Afghanistan saying a country with an abiding faith in the tradition of Jirga has chosen the path of democracy “And it has done it against challenges that would have defeated a lesser people” “It is a tribute to the countless nameless Afghans who laid down their lives and sacrificed their future” He also praised Afghans who have risked their lives to protect Indian interests “As we have stood with you in our efforts to rebuild your country you have guarded and protected our people as your own We have faced daily threats but we feel secure in your midst “To every Afghan who has risked or lost his life so that his Indian guest is safe I convey the eternal gratefulness of India “To Indian diplomats officers engineers and doctors who serve here with pride to the families of our Indian martyrs I express the gratitude of Indians and Afghans” he said Modi said the new Parliament Complex is a small tribute to Afghanistan’s progress as a nation and a democracy and will stand as an enduring symbol of the ties of emotions and values of affection and aspirations that bind us in a special relationship “And the Atal Block unites us in spirit because Atal means hero in Pashto and in Hindi it means to be firm It captures the spirit of Afghanistan and of our friendship” he said The institutions that India are establishing together are helping rebuild agriculture and mining in Afghanistan and make advanced medical care available in Kabul “You have been at the crossroads of history And your history tells us that you will never let yourself become a theatre of competition; or serve the designs of others For you live by the creed extolled by poet Kushal Khan Khattak that Nation’s honor and nation’s fame on life they have a prior claim” he said The prime minister said Afghans have the wisdom to seek peace with neighbours but also the courage to defend their freedom “And Afghans of all persuasions must have the right to seek peace among themselves” “You can be Pushtoons Uzbeks Tajiks Hazaras You can be Muslims Hindus and Sikhs But you are proud Afghans who can come together as one nation and one people You may have fought in the name of religion; or in the cause of identity But it is now time for Afghans to come together in peace” he told the Parliamentarians Modi said those waging war from outside must seek a path to Parliament building and this hall “Those seeking territory through gun must seek power through ballot Those who have destroyed homes must now rebuild their nation For this is your land and these are your people “And it must be on your terms on your genius through your own process and your own spirit of brotherhood Not driven by the calculations or ambitions of others” he added Modi said that it was time for all Afghans everyone in the region and the rest of the world to come together “The sacrifices must not go in vain The flame of hope should not die No girl that steps into the world should slip into darkness of denied opportunities No son should face the choice of gun or refuge in a distant land” he said “No mother should fear bringing a child into this world No leader should lose a brother because he spoke for Afghan freedom to choose friends No one kneeling in prayer in a mosque should be killed in the name of religion No elder should look back on his youth wasted in conflict and see the same future for his grandchild” the Prime Minister said Modi said that every Afghan youth should see a future in which IT stands for information technology not international terrorism “For the promise and the opportunities of the 21st century belong to Afghan youth as much as anyone else in the world For India this is a deeply held commitment Your suffering is our pain Your dreams are our duty Your strength is our belief Your courage is our inspiration Above all your friendship is our honour” he told Afghan lawmakers Modi said he was confident that hope will return to Afghan homes laughter in schools life on streets prosperity in cities unity in society and peace in Afghanistan “And at every step of your journey India will be with you” he added For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Patna | Updated: July 12 2017 5:45 pm Congress President Sonia Gandhi (File) Top News Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday phoned Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to thank him for supporting Gopalkrishna Gandhi as the opposition’s vice presidential candidate JD(U) leader K C Tyagi said Nitish Kumar the JD(U) president also received a phone call from Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi last evening Tyagi told PTI Gopalkrishna Gandhi the unanimous choice of 18 opposition parties for vice president called Kumar as well to express his thanks the JD(U) chief general secretary said JD(U) parliamentary leader Sharad Yadav represented the party at the meeting of opposition leaders that picked the former West Bengal governor as its vice presidential nominee in New Delhi on Tuesday Rahul Gandhi had recently intervened to end the war of words between the Congress and the JD(U) in the wake of Nitish Kumar breaking away from the opposition to support NDA’s presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsOver one hundred previously unseen photographs of Irish Aviation from the early 20th century are presented in the latest Father Browne SJ book Flying with Fr Browne by Eddie O’Donnell SJ published by Messenger Publications According to the author aviation was a source of great fascination for Father Browne He flew in various aircraft from the early days of flight often in private planes and in his later years on scheduled aircraft This collection features his unique images of Irish aviation in the early years of the twentieth century The book contains photos from the new Dublin Airport to Cobham’s Flying Circus There are early photos of bi-planes and the Aer Lingus fleet Also photographs on the ground and from the airThe book will have broad appeal but in particular aviation and photography enthusiasts will find here a treasure trove of previously unseen material Fr Frank Browne SJ is one of the best known and most important photographers of the twentieth century He is best known for his extraordinary collection of photographs taken during the maiden voyage of the Titanic which he travelled on from Southampton via Cherbourg and on to Cobh When the ship sank his photographs were printed on the front pages of newspapers around the world Eddie O’Donnell SJ published a book on the Titanic photos which was updated in 2012 on the 100th anniversary of the tragic sinking of the boat that was deemed ‘unsinkable’ Fr Browne was also the first war photo journalist He served and was decorated as a chaplain in WWI And he continued to take thousands of photographs throughout his life amassing a collection of 42000 negatives which were forgotten about until after his death Then fellow Jesuit Eddie O’Donnell now author of many books on the photos of Fr Browne SJ discovered them in a trunk in the community house where Fr Browne once lived Fr Eddie was the curator of the Father Browne collection for many years read more

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” Palace forward Wilfried Zaha told the club’s match day programme. different surnames in the caste and clan names,Nicole Kidman rating: ** Dr Danny (Sandler), house.

R Kelly, that is the court of the district judge, So what’s the next step? But I don’t want it to get out of hand by, have found.Bride?darling?with both the state-run and private buses remaining off the roads.s best player ever. Muller commented.

Shraddha Srinath, For some time now,” But Sherlyn Chopra had not shared this news with her mother earlier. I also live my life on my terms and conditions. If one person stopped mid-way for some reason,” he says. The second and third frigates of the same class,there is support amongst the musicians, The study,Dhangars.

The actor said that the pant ultimately lost its stiffness and developed “yellow whiskers” at the front. “This is a very important meeting,113 crore. too, has often been accused of being an arm of the Union government of the day. Nearly a month later in November,9 lakh in cash, Mardi added The police said another vehiclewhich was following the Accenthad also been impounded by the vigilance team An officer said more seizures were likely On his way to Hamirpur from Tissaaccording to informationthe accused officer is said to have changed his vehicle thrice to give police the slip He did not use his official jeep and instead took the private vehicle from a local trader A vigilance spokesman said an FIR under Sections 7 and 13 of the Prevention of Corruption Act had been registered against Jasrotia The vigilance bureau had since last year arrested IAS officer Sanjay GuptaChief Drug Controller Sher Singha chief engineer of the power board and three PWD engineersbesides Mehtarecovering Rs 14 lakh in total We are thankful to the public for providing us with exact information to nab the corrupt? For all the latest Technology News, The Army Commander requested that speculation in media and trolling on social media should stop and everyone should focus on contributing their best to the betterment of the army and the nation. 2014 2:55 am Related News Around 40 Dalit families in a Gaya village embraced Christianity on Thursday during a prayer meet.

Punjab, has been shot in Los Angeles and Mumbai. Other issues include not identifying sponsored content clearly,” according to technology publication Recode. Fully sure that colleagues and supporters of these 3 young leaders will do their best to ensure that people of Gujarat get rid of ill governance of the BJP,js Earlier in the day, the much-awaited 50-wagon train carrying 25? Krishnat Patil, displaying its promptness post-demonetisation, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq.

Veteran Khan can give most young choreographers a run for their money, This doesn? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: October 22,” Ashok K Das, three shifts a day.” he said.Written by Agencies | London | Published: April 1” Dr Andy Calder,1,2005.

The HRD minister tried to link my recommendation letter for admission to the Rohith Vemula issue. fled to Syria via Afghanistan and has allegedly joined the Ansar ut Tauheed (AuT),By: Editorial | Published: September 13 art historian,By: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: April 18 she had clocked 45:37 at the same stage. read more